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Hatha Yoga Classes

Suitable to all levels

This class is offered online.


What does Hatha means? Hatha is a sanscrit word which means 'willful' or 'forceful'. Also, it can be broken down into smaller parts

Ha - means 'sun'

Ta - means 'moon'

 Hatha yoga is a tool used for physical and mental transformation. It is a branch of yoga primarily focused on mastery of the body through balancing the polarities like sun and moon. 

In this class, we'll be using specific postures 'asanas' in conjunction with controlled breathing to keep us present at the moment. Hatha yoga classes are a happy medium classes compared to fast-paced Vinyasa- style classes or slow-paced Yin-style classes. We'll be moving through some 'asanas' and hold other 'asanas' for a few breaths.

What do I need for the class?

We recommend several props:

  • Yoga mat: 1/8-inch yoga mat with a grippy texture—which keeps your joints supported and slip-free—will be perfect for a Hatha yoga class. 

  • Yoga block(s): If your hand can’t reach the ground while you’re in a pose, you can use a yoga block. We recommend foam yoga blocks that can be also used as cushions for your knees. Buy it on Amazon:



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