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Conversations with Ayahuasca


I wasn’t planning on becoming an author, but a writing spell suddenly kicked in during an ayahuasca ceremony that took place at one of the spiritual retreat centers in the Sacred Valley, Peru, in 2019. 

Voice:  “Write this!” 


Me (under the influence of ayahuasca): “Write what?”

Voice: “Start writing whatever you are experiencing now…”

Me (uncomfortable since I am taking to a voice in my own head): “But … it is impossible to describe in words what I am experiencing now!”


Voice:  “Stop whining and start writing.” 


What you just have read is an excerpt from one of a series of conversations I had with a guide named Aya that began during my last ayahuasca ceremony at the retreat center in the Sacred Valley and which continued for several months after I came back home from Peru.

Upon my return, a strange story started flowing through me that I recorded on paper. At first, it seemed almost like a dream. The writing turned into a mental and emotional purge, which continued until there was nothing else for me to say. Once it was over, I knew that it was the end of that story. As the result, I felt transformed. I had eliminated the need to blame others for my misfortunes or to see myself as a victim of circumstance. In the process, I learned that we are the masters of our own reality. We create it one thought at a time. 

Conversations with Ayahuasca, is a unique blend of a memoir and ayahuasca-induced visionary experiences that began with my rendezvous with la Madre Ayahuasca and resulted not only in a complete transformation of my everyday life, but also in developing an ability to tap into what seemed to me as a different reality system, one where I perceived myself as a Lemurian girl. If this perception of me being in a different body in a different time-space reality was indeed a window into a past incarnation in Lemuria or if it was just a figment of my imagination is for you to decide.

 This Book is for you if


*  You have an open mind

*  you want to transform your life

*  you are looking for ways to heal yourself

*  you have existential questions

*  you are interested in ayahuasca

*  you need help with YOUR ayahuasca integration


 You don't need any Kindle device to read the book. You will only need the Kindle reading app which you can get for FREE from Amazon app store. It can go to your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. It is transportable from device to device.

You DON'T need to purchase a Kindle device.


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