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Meet Ol Serbon


 Ol Serbon is a pen name.

The names I have used in the past, the places that I lived in, the things I have done,

the little achievements I can claim, the degrees I have earned, and the titles I have held

don’t define me.

The truth is that none of it defines me.

I am an ever-changing, constantly evolving consciousness. This is how I perceive myself.


Originally from Russia,

l grew up behind “The Iron Curtain,”

dreaming about one day living a life in its fullest. At the age of 19, I came to America, 

thrilled about

finally reaching the ‘land of the free.’ 

I embraced the idea of an American dream with my whole heart and for some time I thought that I was living that dream until my reality began to show some cracks. 


On the outside, my life seemed perfect: I graduated from Tufts University Magna Cum Laude with the intention to go to Medical School, I got married and 

I did what I loved the most - I danced.


 After volunteering at a cancer research center 

my vision about western medicine began to fall apart. Things didn’t add up. 


Confused, I decided to take a year off to ponder upon my decision about going into medicine, and I continued dancing.

I never looked back.

 I travelled the world, competed, performed and taught dancing. 

I have built a successful business out of my passion - a rare blessing in the world where the most of us do what we dislike just to make ends meet.


 Soon, however, my personal relationships and my health began to spin out of control.

Devastated, I started searching for

the ways to heal my body and mind. 

At about the same time,

books by Carlos Castaneda appeared in my life. 


 After trying all conventional methods,

I decided to give La Madre Ayahuasca a chance.

 It was my last resort. 


Finally, in 2016 I found my way to the Amazon. The rest is in my book.

Thank you for visiting my page.

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