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Welcome to the hidden Paradise! 


Our story


For seven years we have been traveling to Costa Rica to unwind, unplug and reset. We noticed that as soon as we would get out of the airport all of our health problems seemed to vanish. After observing the magical effect that the trips to Costa Rica appeared to produce on our wellbeing, we started coming to Costa Rica more often, then we purchased a land simply because we couldn't resist the intoxicating beauty of Costa Rican nature. As silly as it might sound we fell in love with the land, the waterfalls, the rivers, the butterflies. You know? It happens.


Our casita was built when we landed in Costa Rica two days before the lockdown hit the shores of the United States in March 2020. Faced with the choice between running back to safety or staying in Costa Rica, we decided to look at the bright side of the lockdown and instead of returning to US, we extended our vacation and started building a shelter for ourselves… just in case. At first there were only legs and the roof… until our tiny guest house appeared in the shade under the cacao trees, hidden on the hills of Puntarenas, just ten minuses from one of the best surfing beaches of Costa Rica in Dominical. 

We believe that there are no accidents and that you are reading this page for a reason. We invite you to stay in our guest casita to explore the life outside the Matrix of western civilization. Give yourself a week or two or three to give yourself a chance to rejuvenate.

We picked this place for ourselves, so we could detox from the effects of our current western civilization: the pollution, the stress, the 5G... and the rest of the package. 
Many organic farmer's markets are just 15 minutes away.

10 minutes away from one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica 

20 minutes away from the best walking beach of Matapalo with the best sunsets you could wish for.


30 minutes south you will find Uvita National Park and driving 40 minutes north will get you to Manuel Antonio with its white sandy beaches, world-famous national park, restaurants and shops, in case if you are missing the civilization.

Whether you are looking for a deep sea fishing or snorkeling, you can find it nearby. But after all of that, you can return to our casita for a perfect night of sleep. 


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