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July 2019, Ayahuasca Retreat Center, Sacred Valley, Peru.


Voice:  “Write this!” 

Lolika: “Write what?”

Voice:  “Just start writing whatever you are experiencing now…”

Lolika: “But … it is impossible to describe in words what I am experiencing now!”

Voice:   “Stop whining and start writing.”


What you are looking at now is the product of a conversation that started during one of the ayahuasca ceremonies that I was partaking in 2019 in the Sacred Valley and which continued for several months after I returned from Peru.


No, I wasn’t planning to become a writer… It just happened to me. The story started coming out of me like a purge, until there was nothing else to say. Once it was over, I knew that it was the end of that story. As the result, I has been transformed. I purged the need to blame others for my own misfortunes, and seeing myself as a victim of circumstances. The plant taught me that we are the masters of our own reality - we create our reality one thought at the time. So think wisely, I was told because every thought is a new beginning. 

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