Welcome to the Ophiuchus Rising Inner Circle


Ophiuchus Rising 


is a private membership association  – meaning, you must be a member to receive services, including but not limited to any advice.


Memberships can be applied for online prior to your initial consultation in person, via phone, or via other forms of telecommunication.

To decide if this is right for you, we invite you to schedule a free initial consultation. 


 Zen Therapy 

We believe that we all have power and ability to heal ourselves, however, to develop those powers it takes time and consistent effort. We offer Zen Therapy sessions to assist you on your journey to healing your body, mind and soul.  What is Zen Therapy? Schedule your free initial consultation to find out. 



Yoga is one of the paths to becoming a master of your own destiny. Join us for our weekly online Wednesday practice.  Every Wednesday @ 9:30 am

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Escape from the Matrix

Sometimes we need to step away from the Matrix of our everyday reality of living in the western word, to regroup and rejuvenate, so we come back and fight another day. Costa Rica for a week? We invite you to join us for a week in our casita hidden away in the hills of Costa Rica, just 10 minutes away from one of the best surfing beaches of Costa Rica - Dominical.


Conversations with Ayahuasca

This is the story of personal transformation and connecting to our own power to create the world we want to live in. 


 Hundred Percent Human

Looking for the tools to become the best organic version of yourself you can ever be? So are we.  Here are the tools that we tried and tested on OURSELVES. 


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