Astrology Arena: Venus-Midheaven Aspects: The Work Of Art

Astrology Arena: Venus-Midheaven Aspects: The Work Of Art: With Venus conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine the Midheaven in your birth chart, you are becoming a real work of art. The Midhe...

This author has done a magnificent job of reading this aspect. This one is very personal to me. I was not able to publish this comment so I will place it here. Tell me if you have this aspect and your experiences with it and how have you overcome it and worked it in your life's success!



"I'll try this again! I tried to publish this and it did something "funny." You nailed this for me and I understand so much now. As a pro astrologer, it is challenging when discerning your own chart. This article was a lifesaver for me who never understood the "celebrity" appeal, the failed romances and love, the angst at work from other women (ugly) now I understand I need to cooperate and use kindness to smooth it over instead of going straight warrior mode. (Aries sun, Scorpio Rising, Leo moon). 

I have sustained and am healing from abuse from childhood and coming into my own. Now 48 yrs young, I keep getting compliments on how young I look and beautiful I am. Wow. I get it now. I strongly desire success and I love working with people and desire a successful romantic love (soulmate). Power couple huh? I've been told that by psychics too and yes people always think I should be in a commitment and are suspicious or disbelieving when I say I am not. You nailed me! Venus trine ascendant; Venus opposition Midheaven.

I'll see you and the rest of the world at the top!

Be well!"


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