Sidereal Virgo-Pisces New Moon (September 2019)


Fall is here and with it a new moon in Virgo (sidereal) this is the perfect new moon to focus on and reflect on old goals and set new ones. The fall ushers in a theme of death, the death of summer where the activity is high as the sun in the sky. Fall begins the descent into the underworld where we are encouraged to take stock of all of what we've engaged in during the first and middle part of the year. Shadow walking is what I personally call working on our "dark" side of the hidden aspects of our nature. This is a conscious effort to live authentically as we embrace parts of ourselves that we are not acknowledging out of fear, repression or oppressive states. The Virgo-Pisces axis is one of the perfect vibrations to utilize to begin the journey of self-love and self-acceptance. 

The Goddess Virgo provides the mental capacity to figure out what needs to be integrated from the mundane (everyday) expression (activity) to the healing vibration and compassionate expression of Pisces teaching us how to love ourselves so we can give that same unconditional love to others. The planet Mercury governs Virgo, the mind, our logic, while Neptune governs Pisces, our compassion and spiritual vibration. This is a balance of mind and spiritual consciousness, the perfect expression for spiritual growth. Manifest is the expression of this new moon in Virgo (s). 

What will you usher in for the full moon to give birth too?

Kali Het Heru
                                Moon Dragon


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