Introducing Sagacity 9

Kali Het Heru
Sagacity 9
September 13, 2019
It has taken me more than 13 years to embrace my truth as a growing and awakened consciousness full of sovereignty, one that is directly connected to the divine or shall I say sacred feminine. Authenticity, truth, living, breathing electrical life full of my consciousness and not the false self-created by outside influences. Influences such as the ones we get from society, family or any other groupthink, institutions or socialized programming. You know, the NOT you. The you that has been engineered by others according to their vision, purpose or will. The authentic YOU is your power, it is your truth, it is also mine, something that my ancestors have taken me on a journey of sovereignty, finding my own divinity for well over 20 years now. Saying this may not make many of you feel good. I am in NO way being arrogant, not at all when studying ancient texts, religious texts, having studied esoterics with its tools, the occult I have concluded that there is much more going on here (on earth)than we mere humans (with spiritual souls) have been told, and this is not just in this generation but millennia.  For me asking questions about everything in life, either experienced or sought after has been my reality. As a child, my nickname was ‘but why.’ 

I question everything and research every curiosity to the depths of consciousness until I am satisfied, or the search takes me in another direction.  I seek answers to relieve myself of the dysfunction, abuse, tyranny in my personal experiences with familial mental illness. My abuse started in utero and has continued until my earlier 40’s.  I am blessed not to have these mental illnesses that have tortured me all of my life but make no mistake, I bare the scars.  Ever since I was a very small child I have been asking; what is wrong, why is this happening, and why doesn’t this feel “normal”? I have been shedding and dismissing the NOTME and actively building my true identity while relinquishing the idea of the false me molded by ‘others’.  The very real truth is if we don’t look at our shadow, we will undoubtedly repeat the same patterns, behaviors and possess the same attitudes and thoughts all of our lives. A lack of true happiness, prone to depression, anxiety and at times low self-esteem caused me to ask many questions concerning one of the most things important things to human beings: relationships. Relationships with ourselves and with one another, the planet, animals, and dare I say spirits?

 I have come to realize through my journey in the underworld ( I have a penthouse there) and back toward the light that I AM a divine lightkeeper, transmuter of energy (life path 9-The Hermit) a healer, seer and proficient in 4 of the Clairs’,  a divine blueprint holder, dreamer, and messenger! Whew! According to, there are 11 different kinds of lightworkers. This site is worth checking out there is a whole e-book dedicated to the subject of lightworkers and a test to see if you are one.  To be honest, didn’t solidify those truths for me, only confirmed what I have been told throughout the years when I began to awaken after the birth of my daughter at 27 years of age, she set this illuminating healing journey in motion around 1998 and I’ve been going strong ever since. Fast-forward 20 years later leads me to Sagacity 9® and you!
sa·gac·i·ty/Noun: sagacity
-the quality of being sagacious.
" A woman of profound and great wisdom."
synonyms: wisdom, (deep) insight, intelligence, understanding, judgment, acuity, astuteness, insight (...)
- Webster’s Dictionary current edition 2019

Esoteric tools are the gifts that we can utilize as spirits in human form, from the study of esoteric or metaphysics we can learn about the self. One of the most powerful tools to have in this or any life on this planet is about knowing thyself, it builds a firm foundation of inner trust (the gut), clarity (how do we see life and ourselves in it), confidence (supports a healthy expression of the ego), and allows our own beauty, personal frequency to aid oneself and others. If we do not know who we are we cannot stand firm in our truth. We can be easily manipulated, molded and controlled. My passion, my drive, and my vision are to assist others in finding their authentic expression and living that truth via the mind, body and spirit paradigm.

            For 9 years I have reawakened gifts from past lives, one of my favorites is astrology. I am now a 9-year veteran of intuitive astrological interpretation. I have briefly studied under Kenneth Bowser the only Western sidereal astrologist master I know. By incorporating the Vedic timeline, a professional and proficient astrologer can ascertain deeper truths than found in the tropical format alone. However, that is not to say that tropical astrology doesn’t have a place, it does, we are after all living in a false paradigm, not one that is truly suited for lightworkers, with that said, tropical astrology should never be discarded, it holds a purpose for what we are here to do as souls, our mission, or purpose. Lastly, Draconic astrology is also my forte with a penchant for illuminating your soul’s culmination of all the lives you have lived here on earth and other planets (I do believe we are not alone), to discover who we truly are and from that point of reference it is when we can begin to live in our light instead of darkness.

             Other tools I utilize are the tarot as a spirited storyteller, numerology, visions, and dreams. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it, I am a shaman, a high priestess of the sacred feminine, a Dakini and I am in the service of the mother while holding space for the father. I have been initiated twice, one in an African spiritual practice and as a Shaman from my native bloodlines. I am a daughter of Oya and Kali Ma, daughter to Osiris and Isis, sister to Ishtar and Oshun (Het Heru who is like Venus). I am a child of light, shadow, and darkness.

            So, you may be wondering what this Sagacity 9 is all about. Well, I’ve been told by a few gurus over my 20-year journey that I am a woman of wisdom and I will be of assistance to others. Ironically, or not, my life path number is 9 which is upon deep study, Seshat (Egyptian God Thoth’s daughter/spouse and student), Hermes Trismegistus, or Mercurial in energy and expression. According to numerologists the number 9 is ruled by Mars on a mundane level on an esoteric one, Uranus. To the Goddess/angel Oya, 9 governs her consciousness, again my life path number. I am also born under the Egyptian God Horus & Goddess Het Heru. I will always find it fascinating how everyone’s soul’s story has deep connections to many seemingly different facets of the occult which leads me to believe our ancestors original way of connecting to source. See below according to the vibration and meaning of numbers blog:
Goddess & Mother Kali Ma-9

                                                Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism, light working and lightworkers, leading by positive example, the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character. Also, the qualities of the number 9 are those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spirituality, last symbol before return to unity, ability to understand, inborn talents, introspection, personal integrity, truth, the Seer, artistry, high moral sense, good advisor perfection, concord, dissolves ego attachments, challenges faced in looking for your own wisdom.

-       The vibration and meaning of numbers;

Picture from Alana Fairchild: Isis Oracle

Sagacity is a SAGE. The hermit in the tarot is a SAGE. I am a SAGE. Sagacity 9 is the vibration of a sage, one who seeks to bring wisdom to others through my own personal experiences and study. In short, Hermes T., and Thoth are my mentors due to the link in vibration.  I seek to teach, guide, learn from and assist anyone who is serious about evolution, healing and living authentically. That is what Sagacity 9 represents. Evolution of the soul (human), healing past wounds, illumination of the self via personal truths, and transforming pain into love and living a loving authentic version of yourself.
            Mind you, I do not and will not have all of YOUR answers, but I do have abundant wisdom and hopefully, I can provide a nugget or tool that can assist you on your own journey.  Keep in mind: Not all who try will experience victory, this lifetime may be for you to awaken, to learn more about your true self, not to “finish it.” With that said, there are others who are ready to tie things up and move onto the next plane or level of existence when engaging their souls this lifetime, I honor wherever you are on your journey in a multitude of ways.

            Sagacity 9 ® is my foundation along with it you will find a plethora of occult, esoteric tools, personal talks (such as my life long abuse stories and subsequent healing) and experiments discussed on this blog, also, as a Dakini (sacred sexuality priestess) I have Sacred Yoni ®, and as a creative soul, I have Kali: The Nail Hobbyist®. 

I will connect the first two, the last will not be included under the moniker Sagacity 9 ®. I am currently creating content for two YouTube channels to reflect the above, forthcoming will be social media outlet connections and websites. This is all a work in progress, and I want to thank you for taking this path with me, and your continued patience as I step fully into my destiny and grow each step of the way to ensure you receive a pleasurable and affective journey toward happiness, healing, and longevity.

Yours truly,
Kali Het Heru
-Dragon Heart.



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