A Ritual: Blessing a Mom whose depressed

From a spiritual perspective A " BLESSING" ritual can assist anyone someone who suffers from depression by breaking through the fog of despair and deep sadness. It's not always easy to move your body or minds when they just don't feel like functioning. This Mother's Day, I am paying tribute to the Mother's who may need some  assistance. We live in a world that seems to show a lack of support and provides very little exposure about mental illness and depression in women. This Mother's Day I wave a red flag and declare we look beyond all of the smiles, breakfast in bed, materialistic purchases and reach out to those moms who are in need of our support and help.

If you are able and know of any mother who is suffering from the debilitating dis-ease of depression or mental health, please take some time on Sunday to reach out and see if they may need something, maybe they would like to talk awhile?  How about a phone call? Go for a walk? or just a hello can do wonders to lift down spirits.

If you are a son or a daughter of a mother who suffers from mental illness or depression and are able to communicate and have contact, do the same. More often than not, just talking and sitting with your mother can do wonders for her spirit as she tries to make sense of the confusing and conflicting emotions, chemical chaos and personal confusion within.  To do this requires much effort and on anyones part. Mental illness and depression have created much fear.  After all no one said it was easy right?  A warm touch and a gentle smile goes a long way.  With that said, always remember your own self care.

As a Woman's advocate and Goddess Alchemist I am going to include some information in the state I am from. A link is provided for anyone who resides in Ingham county, within the state of Michigan. If you or someone you know needs assistance please connect to this website, the phone numbers and get someone you love or know the help they need.  http://www.ceicmh.org

Spirit Talk...

Now back to that blessing ritual....
A blessing ritual need not be complicated or expensive. It is something that doesn't necessarily "cure" or "free" the individual from depression but only assists them, or shall I say their souls from the fog that surrounds them. Coming out of a depression takes time, sometimes medication and lots of focus.

My soap box...

With women being busier now more than ever we have a lot of unrealistic expectations being heaped upon our shoulders. We are automatically made to feel guilty or shame when we seek to become educated, create careers, become single parents either by choice or by circumstances. We are faulted when we are competitive or go getter's.

 Society sells a double standard to women, on the one hand it supports and encourages women to become bread winners but then punishes us when we become too successful and excel in things such as business. Certainly for any mother at heart we all know that having children and raising them to thrive in every aspect of life is a gift and one that many women take very seriously, however, the reality of trying to raise children or a child in an economy that does not provide enough financial support to maintain a less stressed household is still not possible. It boggles the mind to know that even in 2015 many women of various ages are still struggling to make ends meet for herself and her children/child.

The stress doesn't stop there money is only one stresser that takes many women over the edge, struggling to stay afloat and in the end, the children are the one's who suffer.  Of course I need to disclose that these reasons alone are not ALL the reasons why women are depressed, why many suffer from mental illness, why many abuse their children, why some even kill their children. There are other reasons, such as genetics and individual trauma and childhood abuse.

Most certainly not, it is NEVER acceptable for anyone to harm another let alone their own child, but nevertheless it's happening at an alarming rate in America. Children are running away from home, being abused on the streets. The rate of homeless children in America has sky rocketed over the past decade!  Still other children are taken away from their mothers by the State and put into foster care of group homes, none of which are the best solutions. Are the States actively trying to assist these women and their children in reuniting, finding the root cause of the abuse or dysfunction and addressing it? Or are they only separating them so that they can move onto the next case leaving families, mothers, children forever traumatized and wounded?

 Yes, the reality is that the system, all systems are overwhelmed with cases that involve mother-child abuse and there are a number of factors involved, however, this provides America with an ever pressing need to accept and implement change that will lift women into a position of power instead of being processed through a perpetual cycle of helplessness.  Lastly, many children are shuffled between family members, leaving everyone wondering if they will ever recover, let alone heal and support the children.

That is why in my opinion other methods of support are needed to balance a worldly system that hasn't quite figured out how to assist women or their children in maintaining homes that are thriving, healthy and filled with love and joy. Spirituality can assist in providing a foundation that crosses the boundaries of this world and into the ether's, reaching out to their very souls, and its personal mission here on earth.

When we assist another spiritually we are allowing our own essence to send out a vibration so strong that it literally assists a soul or souls to "move" and "shift" and by doing so sets us free to explore our own depths of compassion and generosity.

For me there is nothing  more loving and uplifting than doing a spiritual ritual for another in need. It allows me to step out of my ego expression and tap into the reality of another, and therefore find my reasons for being grateful.

Below you will find a simple yet potent ritual called a "BLESSING from depression". This blessing again is to assist in supporting the soul who is depressed or suffering from mental illness with gentle release from the fog that surrounds them. Of course this is ONLY an aid of support. Hopefully they will have other support methods in place that can further push this fog out of the way so that they can begin to awaken and become functional. Goddess Bless!

**Keep in mind that when perform any ritual you should always cleanse and protect yourself before hand. Call on your guides/ancestors or deity before the ritual,  requesting their blessing and protection. ALWAYS give thanks and close any ritual you've created.

 To bless someone who is depressed....Lifting them up!

These are the things you will need......

1. A small white pillar candle
2. Dried sage leaves and Myrrh
3. One small quartz crystal and Rose quartz crystal
4. 3 cloves
5. One needle
6. A black cloth bag

Follow these instructions

Carve the first and last name of the person into the candle (if you don't know their last name then carve their first name and visualize the person in my third eye)

Place the candle on a fire proof (safe) surface, continue to visualize the person

Take 3 slow and deep cleansing breathes as you do

Then place the cloves, sage, myrrh, along with the rose and crystal quartz into the black bag and close it. *make sure the material is not plastic. Choose a mesh or cloth bag, something heavy like velvet.

Pass the bag through the candle flame 3x

Place the bag to the left of the candle (the left side is the side of the sacred feminine or Goddess) and allow the candle to burn out.

Now is a great time to speak positive affirmations for this person out loud, providing your prayers, you may use biblical scripture if you wish, Psalms works beautifully or you can create your own.

When the candle is finished burning out. You may place what's left in the bag. I prefer to sew it up so that the contents do not escape, either by curious eyes or the like. If you can give the bag to the individual who is depressed, if that is not possible, leave it in their home for 7 days, then discard.

If that is still not possible you can create what I call an energy "box" for someone. This is easy as using an old shoe box ( I save all of mine for this very purpose), cleansing it with sage smoke, and writing the name of the individual on the inside bottom of the box, place the bag into the box and close it shut. Then take red yarn, ribbon, your choice and tie it around the entire box 3x cutting and tying it off. Leave it on or under your alter for 7 days and then dispose.


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