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A Ritual: Blessing a Mom whose depressed

From a spiritual perspective A " BLESSING" ritual can assist anyonesomeone who suffers from depression by breaking through the fog of despair and deep sadness. It's not always easy to move your body or minds when they just don't feel like functioning. This Mother's Day, I am paying tribute to the Mother's who may need some  assistance. We live in a world that seems to show a lack of support and provides very little exposure about mental illness and depression in women. This Mother's Day I wave a red flag and declare we look beyond all of the smiles, breakfast in bed, materialistic purchases and reach out to those moms who are in need of our support and help.

If you are able and know of any mother who is suffering from the debilitating dis-ease of depression or mental health, please take some time on Sunday to reach out and see if they may need something, maybe they would like to talk awhile?  How about a phone call? Go for a walk? or just a hello can do …

A Mother's Day to remember*Shadow* ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn*sidereal

Mother's Day conjures up all kinds of feelings for many of us, whether from a personal perspective or from our own relationships forged with our own mothers. Many of those said relationships that many daughters have forged with their mother's are upon superficial inspection, ones of love, joy, and immension pleasure. However, upon deep inspection we can also find that many relationships where daughters and mother relationships are wrought with pain, confusion, rejection and also abuse.  Keep in mind that I am not out to spoil this wonderful day of celebrating mothers, in fact without our mothers we just wouldn't be here, living, breathing, so this is to every mother whose kept herself healthy, emotionally and mentally, whose raised her children in a manner that they can respect, having been shown affection, love and given all the financial, emotional, and physical support each child needed to thrive, to those mothers I celebrate YOU!!

However, what about the mother's…