Working with our Shadow: What it is represents & how to work with it

Woman meeting her shadow
Shadow. All of us have it. Not the ones that cast a shadow when the sun illuminates us at the right angle but the shadow that comes from within us. From a metaphysical or spiritual perspective the shadow plays an important part of who we are, especially for those souls who desire to evolve, gain self awareness and live an authentic life.  

The discussion or the work of defining our shadow is never easy. As a "Shadow priestess aka Spiritual Alchemist" I personally work with shadow and assist my clients in doing the same. Therefore I tend to attract, rightfully, so those who are in need of some kind of purging, a cleansing, a deeper understanding of themselves, others and their lives by assisting them in finding out who they truly are. 

This is not easy work but it is, for me very rewarding. As a spiritual minister the greatest joy I receive is by integrating my skills and light essence with my clients shadow, I am able to successfully assist them in acknowledging, understanding and integrating their shadow pieces and thus ushering in a vibration of  healing by applying practical work, concepts and tools to their eveyday lives. 

You must understand that this process takes time. I have a handful of clients with who I have been working with for years now.  They're dedicated to the process of releasing their shadow parts and no longer allowing their "knee jerk" reactions to life, cast a dark and ominous reality.  I am awarded the gift of watching their lives unfold blissfully as they reclaim their truth and are living empowered lives. In case you're seriously wondering, this path takes years to accomplish results, not get well quick schemes to band aid our wounds and make us feel better in the moment, that is the ego talkingm not our souls. 

When we seriously heed the call of the Dark Goddess who is the keeper of our shadow, the Queen of our own personal underworld, we discover many riches, jewels, and truths about who we are, what and whom previously shaped our shadow and what our true purpose is, in so many ways it's like taking out the trash, and replacing it with things that are good for us on so many material and esoteric levels. Any woman that chooses to recognize her fear in conquering this part of herself but who moves forward anyway, and sticks to her process of being reborn, will be immensely empowered to live her life as she chooses no longer being enslaved to live how society or anyone else has told her too! When we do this, we can create the web of eternal life by teaching the same concepts to other women who are seeking the same truths, whether they are consciously aware of doing so or not. 

Don't just take my word for it, many of the worlds mystics understand the same concepts and teach this evolutionary concept to the world

When we allow the shadow to take hold in our lives we are not living our truth. We are in fact living a lie.  We are in fact relying too much on our egos and our persona which we create and project onto the world to keep us feeling safe.  Unfortunately, a large portion of society is doing this, living by the ego, which is why we are having such a challenging time creating, sustaining, and interacting in healthy, loving relationships that feed us instead of deplete us. If you are a psychology student and know the teaching of the infamous archetype "God" Carl Jung then this concept will sound familiar to you. Carl Jung's gifts are in acknowledging and integrating our shadow, making friends with it so to speak, so we can better understand the role it plays in our lives and thus become the master of IT, instead of it mastering us! Carl Jung says it best here:

"The shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about him/herself" and represents "a tight passage, a narrow door, whose painful constriction no one is spared who goes down to the deep well". If and when 'an individual makes an attempt to see his/her shadow, he/she becomes aware of (and often ashamed of) those qualities and impulses he/she then denies in him/herself but can plainly see in others — such things as egotism, mental laziness, and sloppiness; projection, unreal fantasies, schemes, and plots; carelessness and cowardice; inordinate love of money and possessions (end up becoming)— ...[a] painful and lengthy work of self-education".

One of the most important points of this quote is that in order for the shadow to manifest it needs OTHER people to feed it's expression. Since we live in a world with many different kinds of people and interact with them on a daily basis, it's important to know what's yours and what's not yours.  The only way we can do this is by learning ourselves through tools that provide us with that awareness. Like Carl Jung the tools he chose were astrology, the archetypes and psychology. Similar to the tools that I use for example are astrology, metaphysics, psychology, the Goddess archetypes and spiritual life coaching/ministering. As a Spiritual Alchemist I am a Shaman, a cultural gift passed down to me from many generations of Celtic and African bloodlines, I also make frequent visitations to the underworld on behalf of myself and others.  It is good to note that other spiritualists and people may use different tools to work with Shadow. 

Keep in mind your shadow doesn't necessarily want you to get to know it's even there, this way it can feed on your ego and false persona, projecting your fears, desires, anger and pain unto the world. Let's briefly look at cultural icons of the shadow. 

There are many archetypes for the shadow. The underworld, The lower world, our unconscious minds which is represented by the Moon in astrology. There are also Gods and Goddess who ARE the shadows such as Hades, Hecate, Osiris, Anubis, Oya, Morrigan, Persephone, Ereshkigal, Hel. Many cultures all over the world have their own God/Goddess who presides over the dead and shadow aspects of individuals and humanity.

From an astrological perspective the moon carries the energy of our shadow by being......

  • Our "inner-selves", subconscious; like our dreams and secret emotions. 

  • The moon also governs our instinctive knowing and actions, as well as our patterns of behavior, ones we learned through interaction with our mothers or early childhood caregivers, this can include our grandmothers as well.

  • The Moon reflects the light thereby showing how the emotional reactions of others toward us can be reflected upon our moons energy.

  • In our natal or birth map the moon stands for our sensitivities, our impulse to nurture, maternal instincts, fertility, pregnancy, delivery, and raising children. 

  • The Moon governs the state of our household and particularly disclosing our connection with our mothers, grandmothers (maternal) aspects are used to determine this.

  • The moon can also shed light upon our romantic relationships due to the moon disclosing what is required for us to feel secure.

  • In a man's chart the moon can show what kind of woman he's emotionally attracted too or needs in long term relationships as the moon is the governess of marriage.The moon gives an indication of what a person’s parenting style will be like by sign and aspect and what kind of relationship they will have with their own children.

  • Lunar eclipses are directly associated with the shadow as each lunar eclipse uncovers part of the collective and personal unconscious that needs to be worked on for further evolution

All of these things that the moon signifies carries with it our shadow. It's imperative that we understand this part of ourselves, our human nature so that we can live authentic lives but also have authentic, healthy and nurturing relationships. 


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