New Moon in Aries~Taurus *sidereal* UPDATE on Lunar Eclipse energies of April 5, 2015

Welcome to a New Moon! This new moon is significantly important as it marks the 2 week mark since the Lunar Eclipse in Virgo! 

How are you feeling? I know many of my clients and friends have been just drained, including myself. If you have any placements in Virgo you felt this one pretty strongly. That includes any houses with Mercury on the cusp or in the actually 6th house which both Mercury and Virgo rule.  

I've noticed I've had to meditate in a more lucid state, provide myself with extra down time and relaxation and give myself permission to not fuss over things and resist the urge to be perfect! Not really "perfect" but almost perfect!

During this lunar eclipse I've seen shadow pieces rise up concerning all Virgo~Pisces related issues. Exercise, nutrition, and how I used to perceive myself on the job, all revamped on a personal and spiritual level. I've actually redefined personal goals, discovered a whole new house system in astrology that I'll be using as it seems to be the most accurate as well as ancient, what our ancestors used, realigned myself in my service to the Goddess teachings with practical application and daily devotion! Whew... yes that shadow is a tall order but one that can be mastered if we are only conscious when it arises.

From an astrological point of view......

New Moon in Aries/Taurus is about reclaiming our own inner power and strength after we've gone through whirl wind of dissecting a variety of needs that we've been ignoring.  There is something that we need to focus on in the area of health, fitness, the work we do, the service we provide. As we flow into the energy of Taurus we're provided a sense of down time to reflect on the action we've planted! Its time to revel in all of those 5 sensory pursuits that allow us to feel good in our bodies afterall Taurus provides structure. But before we take that journey, let's not forget that Virgo is about daily tasks and how we go about getting things done in our everyday lives. Not only that but on a higher plane she's all about that sacred priestess energy that provides us with an inner "knowing" of who and what we give worship too. After all Pisces is the natural opposing sign of Virgo, with Pisces it's always about committed, compassionate devotion to some aspect of spirituality or higher consciousness. 

Aries brings forth feminine power in the form of:

  • Warrior
  • Pioneer
  • Adventurer
  • Trail Blazer
  • Fire 

We have the opportunity to work with the energies of this lunar eclipse now that it's moving into it's shadow and dissipating. Mars the ruler of Aries is about movement, aggression, anger, assertion, even our sex drive. Aries is about getting things done and meeting any need for change with single minded focus. After all it is the glyph of the ram! 

So how do we use it? By seeding the desire to apply what we've learned in the last 2 weeks. Have you experienced any reoccurring themes in your life over the past weeks?  Things that may need tweaking or changing? Virgo rules nutrition? How about any new exercise routines? The goal is to allow your body it's natural rhythms and movement through proper nutrition. Keep in mind that what Virgo is NOT is a diet! Virgo is about natural alignment and diets are unhealthy! They focus on starvation and denial and that is not within the natural rhythms of the human body.

In the area of service have you felt a desire to be more available and integrate new ways of organizing, filing, or creating new ways of getting things done more efficiently? Saving time and money? Maybe how to use your personal energy more wisely!  The Vestal Virgins in ancient times were adept at using their time in worship, temple up keep, devotion and duties as a daily practice.

Lastly, in terms of what you are servicing in the form of worship, what calls to you from a spiritual point of view? 

All of these are questions that can assist you in honing in on those shadow pieces gifted to us from this lunar eclipse. 

As the New moon transitions into Taurus we find relief from all that intense fire energy and movement and relax into the energy of earth and stability. 

Taurus brings forth the feminine nurturing.....

  • 5 sensory delights
  • Sensuality
  • Focus on our finances
  • Grounding/support
  • planting
  • Earth
From my perspective Aries is the seedling and Taurus takes that seedling into the earth and nurtures it while it grows. 

This time speaks of rest and contemplation from all of that hard work! Taurus kept in focus can assist us in cultivating self worth, finding ways to earn more cash flow, provide us with a renewed sense of beauty and pleasure! Taurus also teaches us that it's okay to relax sometimes and smell the flowers. Revisiting those questions earlier in the blog we can see how Taurus can solidify anything that we set into motion through Aries and reap what it is we've sown. 

Remember the New Moon is about the darkness, seeds being planted, germination, cultivating what it is we need or desire, it's a time of hope and new opportunity. Aries and Taurus are offering much assistance through incorporating the lessons learned while the Lunar eclipsed moon was in Virgo. This is a new beginning, after each little soul death we experience, we are reborn and renewed.


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