BLOOD MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE April 5, 2015 ushering in the polarity of Virgo~ Pisces*Sidereal

"Both woman and man are being prepared to enter into higher states of consciousness. Therefore no lower emotional issues can remain. There is no lower energy holding you back.  Clearing of the emotional body is humanities greatest lesson. Many whether knowing it or not are traveling this path." ~Persephone  Moon

April 4, 2015 or April 5, 2015 depending on which hemisphere of the planet you live on will mark a lunar eclipse!  This Blood Moon which is another name for a Total lunar eclipse, like so many others always carries with it a message from the universe as it aligns with our personal and collective soul's purpose, catapulting us toward evolution.  It's imperative to keep in mind as you read this blog that any lunar eclipse is a direct projection of our inner shadow, as the moon represents this part of ourselves. If you want to understand what our shadow is please visit my blog here:

This particular message is a potent one as it creates a polarity of Service to self & Devotion to humanity.  This access of polarity of this lunar eclipse falls under the power of Virgo~Pisces and promises to ask a variety of questions, one or  more of which may resonate with your present state of being.

Authors note: Please keep in mind that as you are reading this blog you'll be constantly reminded to recall that I am not a tropical astrologist therefore my zodiac signs will fall into the PREVIOUS sign, not the sign that many tropical astrologists are more than likely blogging about, Libra. I use the real sky for my astrological practice and when looking at my astronomy program, I find that the constellation of Virgo, not Libra, holds the spotlight for this lunar eclipse. Anyhow, if you continue to read this, please keep an open mind and see which energy applies to you! Just a friendly reminder, DO NOT comment on my blog stating that I am incorrect in my "zodiac placement" it really annoys me when people don't take the time to READ! Thank you!

So, what messages is the Virgo~Pisces polarity teaching asking us to take a look at during this  total lunar eclipse? There are several themes at play here. 

  • Service to the mind vs. Service to the spirit
  • Concrete logic vs Empirical spiritual or religious experiences
  • The Sacred Priestess vs The Nun
  • Holding onto vs letting go

Ever since we crossed the threshold of 2012 humanity has been on the upswing from humanitarian depravity. This axis of energy allows us to dig deep into our shadow on a personal and collective level so that we can carefully how we can take our evolution higher, this lunar eclipse will assist us in doing that. 

If you'd like to understand what energy the lunar/solar eclipses provide us please visit my blog here:

I want to explore these themes with you briefly to show what it will look like if you are working on these shadow pieces.

It's important to note that Virgo is a direct representation of the Vestal Virgins of old. The ancient sacred sexual priestesses of the Goddess who were in charge of the temples, who were care givers of the body and their high Priestess. When we speak or think of Virgo we are speaking in terms of excellence and within that realm of excellence we are choosing to be devoted to something or someone. Virgo an earth sign, not unlike grains of sand, provides a foundation that must continuously be questions and reevaluated. After all when we walk upon sand we automatically check to make sure we are secure. This is done simply to ensure that the service it is being provided is leaning towards the goal of "perfection" and that all matters are being taken care of. If we flip to the other side of the coin we notice that this service can and often includes some kind of spiritual or religious devotion. This devotion as seen in the example of Goddess worship can hold personal and collective reverence that is shared on a massive scale. Pisces is a water sign and represents all things ethereal, deeply psychic and emotional. These attributes provide this energy with the vibration of compassion, self-less service and gratitude toward the 'ALL', which represents not only humanity but from "whence we came". When experiencing this shadow aspect from Virgo/Pisces we are being called to discover what is it we are either being called to serve or to provide service too a concept or belief. That may sound confusing but truly it's not. Virgo serves on higher principles. Pisces is always in service to HUMANITY through institutions such as religion or spiritual concepts. 

Sacred priestess
Please stay with me and allow me to break this down for you......

Virgo during this lunar eclipse is battling some intrinsic need to be of service either to itself (you) or another (humanity) through this spiritual struggle our outer world is reflecting some kind of internal conflict. This conflict is coaxing us to take a look at what's NO longer serving us so that we can make room for what we NEED (Moon) to serve. Trust me, this is all for our higher good. Let's flip the coin. Pisces is a direct representation of two things, either spirituality or religion. Both are important, it just depends on which one you believe in. Pisces can get so caught up in serving others that it forgets the bliss is should be feeling, when it pays attentions to the details (Virgo) of the experience. Pisces shadow is nebulous, it chooses to usher in experiences that leave us feeling as though we are immersed within the deed, an act, a belief and therefore we find ourselves floating in an experience not really paying attention to where we are going and forgetting along the way, why we are here in the first place.  This shadow piece asks us the questions are we blindly believing in someone or a part of our humanitarian service? Are we putting too much faith in religion? Are we allowing the institution of church or even state dictate to us what we THINK we should be feeling or experiencing in terms of our own reality?

What ends up poking us is the prick of the very real percetion that we should be engaging in some form of active service to something or someone, usually ourselves so that we can have a clear focus on engaging in compassionate devotion that is not mindless but very clear in its intention and how it serves YOU. Please understand that servitude flows both ways, it's not one sided. Society on the other hand teaches that the pleasure and rewards are not to be had now but in an "after life', through this belief we are stuck in an unconscious cycle that we must cater to every desire and whim without any thought or concern of consequence or through religion, we must deny ourselves every desire or whim to be allowed to receive the gifts and pleasures of an after life. That is a very confusing dichotomy indeed. 

So, on this axis we can either experience the bounty (Virgo) and destitution (Pisces).

Practical questions you may ask yourself are: 

  • My question of focus would be What and whom are you serving? 
  • What are you devoted too?
  •  What no longer serves you? 
  • What are your beliefs? 
  • What do you worship? 
  • Is it time to change your devotion to either religion or spiritual concepts?

Astrologically speaking:

This lunar eclipse will affect those who fall within the Virgo/Pisces access most powerfully. Look at which houses in your birth chart have this axis to see what area of life will bring up these shadow pieces. 

      Goddess reverence: Hecate
Goddess Hecate

 Hecate is the goddess that holds reign over lunar eclipses. Since she is my patron goddess, wrapped up into the triple goddess aspect of Kore (Persephone), Demeter and Hecate I am led to show her reverence here. 

In her lunar eclipse aspect Hecate takes the form of Hecate Chthonia, her colors are midnight blue and she is cold as ice. When she breathes you can see her breath in the air. She is Hades priestess and grants access to the underworld, hence our shadow. Hecate holds the key to spiritual advancement and allows us passage into healing our own shadow pieces. During lunar eclipses she is said to roam the earth and be the governess of untimely deaths.

Show her respect by setting out honey, eggs, fish or garlic. Her symbols are dogs, snakes, and crows.  You can place this on your alter if you wish for 3 days as her number is 3. Light a black candle in her honor and give thanks to her as you light it. Ask her to reveal to you your shadow and allow you to heal it during this lunar eclipse. By setting out this offering you are allowing her to take your petitions seriously thus sparing your life. 


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