A Guide to the Metaphysical Meaning of LUNAR & SOLAR ECLIPSES

Lunar & Solar eclipses offer a time when we have an opportunity to take a look at what's going on in our lives or to assess where we are at emotionally.

Lunar and & Solar eclipses all though a physical phenomenon do affect us on many levels. After all the planets do influence us here on earth and  also provide us with blueprints and maps of who we are and who we can strive to be on a evolutionary level.

Many people don't really have a clue as to HOW these natural phenomenons called eclipses affect us here on Gaia so I thought it would be awesome to share that with you since we've got a rash of eclipses coming our way in 2015. Traditionally I want to put out the alert that because I am an ambassador of the divine feminine I ONLY write about LUNAR eclipses, this does not mean that I don't find value in Solar eclipses but only because Solar eclipses carry a different energy and therefore typically do not impact us on a personal level like the moon.

Metaphysical Meaning of Lunar Eclipses (power days are 2 days before & 4 days after, however the build up lasts for a few weeks)

Typically  a lunar eclipse is an energy of beginnings, endings, the illumination of our emotional lives that can produce major changes within us that can affect our lives profoundly.  This eclipse has to always do with relationships and our place or role within them. Now these relationships can be about US or us with THEM it all depends on the theme.  As with NEW MOON message that carry with them the theme of new beginnings there is a chance that changes can be made under this eclipse that bring utter and profound awareness and because an eclipse is  about "covering or hiding"  you can bet our shadow aspects can be revealed. Therefore our emotions can run high, causing major or minor upsets that leave us often feeling disoriented however these upsets can always bring us the gift of self awareness and enlightenment. Along with the astrological sign that can be seen in the REAL SKY (Sidereal) we can get an idea of what area of our lives will or can be affected.

Astrology alert! 

 *For example: If you are an Aries sun sign and a Total or Partial eclipse is occurring the house where your natal Sun is located will be affected and that theme in that house will be amplified, including YOURSELF.  If it falls in your 7th house, relationships will be the theme. Keep in mind that the tension here will be felt in the need to be independent as the 7th house is about US not I which Aries represents.The sun represents our ego self, our spirit and in Aries is ruled by the aggressive, high strung, independent, assertive, sexual, passionate planet of MARS. 

If you do not have any planets in Aries you may not feel this influence too strongly! However, it's always advantageous to check to see which "gateway" of a particular house that Mars is sitting to see what area of life can still be affected by the lunar eclipse AND if any of your natal planets/asteroids/points are making contact with it.

What does the lunar eclipse bring us?  The lunar eclipse is basically asking us too........

  • Be present
  • Reveal something that was hidden (Shadow)
  • Emotionally engage another or to be emotionally honest with ourselves
  • Gain a new perspective on an old situation from our past
  • Make some effort to connect with our unconscious "knee jerk" reactions to life's circumstances
Not engaging a lunar eclipse can also make us feel.......

  • Restless
  • Put us in a state of emotional agitation
  • Have us feeling pressured into something by another usually emotional blackmail or manipulation
  • Put us in a state of crisis
  • Cause a build up of emotions that need to find a positive release

All in all when looking at the energy of a lunar eclipse we are in fact looking at a super charged full moon. Although we've got many new moon "tags", the manner in which it's expressed reveals that we are more about creating "NEW BEGINNINGS" through a process of buildup, tension and the need to give birth or release. We will or can feel like somethings pressing in on us and that is to bring utter awareness to us being human beings having a spiritual experience and for us to be MINDFUL through the pathways of our FEELINGS to make the necessary adjustments, changes and growth we need to GROW which is what the full moon represents, GROWTH, FULLNESS, COMPLETENESS that is triggered by giving birth, letting go, release.

Goddess representation: Conjure with Care

Because the moon goes "dark" during an eclipse it is of my opinion that the Goddess Hecate holds the key to this moons energies. After all she is the Goddess of the underworld and the Dark Moon phase. Hecate is my moon patron and is meshed with the 3 fold triple goddess representation of Kore; Demeter; Hecate therefore I know here energy very well.  To connect with the Queen of Witches is a life transforming experience and one that should not be taken lightly After all it is she who guides us to the gates of the underworld as we leave this physical body to move our consciousness beyond. This "Silver footed Queen" can offer many gifts during a lunar eclipse.....

  • Release
  • Wholeness
  • Illumination of our shadow pieces
  • Prophecy though dreams or visions (past, present, future)
  • Vanquishing fears
  • Rebirth
  • Opportunity to experience magic

Solar eclipse

Metaphysical meaning of Solar eclipses *( can be felt 2 days prior & intensely up to 3 days afterward but can be felt as much as 6 months after the event)

Solar eclipses by many astrologers/astronomers are seen as triggering collective effects that shift humanity in some fashion.  After all the Sun/Sol is a direct part of life on this planet that governs everything from the food that we eat, heat, our psychological well being and so much more. The Sun and the moon are aligned during a Solar eclipse and this creates the potential for personal and collective magic. Our sun represents our vitality and personal will in astrology, it carries our ability to get up and move the entire energy of our charts, to put it in motion! Therefore the sun in large part is our identity and how we share our most intimate side of ourselves with those we seek closeness with. 

Typically months in advance there is some kind of change that is churning within and is building up prior too the actual solar eclipse. It's when the NEW MOON shows up and sets the stage you are confronted by a need for something to shift in your life and you more than likely won't have any issues in doing so since the Sun is going to push us in the direction we need to go in.  However it should be noted that this "shift" will NOT be comfortable as the solar eclipse is not about feelings but about DOING. Remember these are events that come out of no where and take us for a loop! We aren't expecting it! Be ever watchful during this time to get a grip on what the lesson is.

Astrology alert!

It's important to check out what house the new moon falls into during a Solar ellipse as this is where you need to implement a change and new beginnings, have a ritual or maybe relax and meditate to usher in the new energies. In ancient times due to the potent energy of a solar eclipse many cultures, Roman, Greek, Mayan and Egyptian performed rituals to release negative energies that can come with this occurrence. Ghosts were smudged back to the ethereal realm and meditations were performed en mass to align the consciousness of the tribe, villages, cities and homes. Often times Solar eclipses can bring about life shifting world events, catastrophes and upset due to the power of the sun and the affect it has on all of humanity.  The house in which the new moon falls is a HUGE signal to be paid attention too as it brings about opportunities for change, cleansing and revitalized focus. 

The zodiac sign taken from the real sky (sidereal) can tell you what the theme of a solar eclipse will bring. Like the Lunar eclipse you will feel this more personally if you have any planets connected to this sign in your natal, progressed charts or even past life charts! 

Goddess connection

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor is connected with Solar Eclipses according to ancient Egyptian texts. She is associated as a fertility goddess whose primary function was the protectress of women who were pregnant and children. What's interesting to note is that in the legends of Hathor and Ra she is referred to as the "Eye of Ra" with Ra being the Sun God. 

Hathor can revitalize such things as....

  • Justice into your life
  • Love
  • Dance
  • Beauty
  • Motherhood
  • Music
Conjuring this Goddess can connect us to the Solar energies of life changes and shifts that accompany any solar Eclipse. 

I hope this edition assisted you in gaining deeper understanding of the eclipses! 



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