First Quarter Moon Magic in Taurus~The universe creates a portal *sidereal

First Quarter Moon fall on February 25, 2015 offering us gifts straight from the Goddess

We’ve got some Goddess goodies flowing our way on the 25th promising us that the portal of divine feminine power is available to each and every soul who are plugged in consciously. The moon, which is our focal point, is cavorting with other celestial planets bringing us words of wisdom, down to earth nurturing, opportunities for personal and collective evolution and ushering in the dance of sacred sexuality.  I’ll begin breaking all of this down into delicious bite sized pieces so that we can digest what messages and opportunities are coming our way.  First let’s begin with the meaning of a First Quarter moon phase shall we?  I’ve provided an article I wrote on the FQ moon in 2014 below.  If you’d like brief descriptions of ALL the moon phases you can click on this link to this blog ---->

Goddess Oya of storms that bring transformation

First Quarter Moon

Different moon phases carry different energy markers. These energy markers provide us with the opportunity to understand why the moon and her energies so powerfully influence us. We are well over 70% water, and the moons gravitational pull affects our emotions, our desires and our ability to align with our intentions. Understanding each phase, as a conjurer will allow you to balance, counteract or join forces with the cosmos and focus your intentions.

The first quarter moon is typically a moon phase that ushers in some sort of chaos. This chaos is not quiet or subtle by any means. More often than not, a few nights of a first quarter moon will awaken any town, or slower moving cities into an eruption of chaos and crisis.

It is not uncommon to hear stories of emergency rooms getting backed up from gunshot victims, shootings, bomb threats, deadly traffic accidents, domestic quarrels that exploded into a murderous rage! No this moon phases energy is not an easy one or it is “fluffy” it is chaotic and rooted in an energy very much aligned with the Goddess Kali Ma or Oya. All of this chaos believe it or not ushers in transformation, and it teaches us to be MINDFUL of what KIND of transformation we both want and need in our lives.  This moon simply put is about us growing up or evolving, moving out of ruts and into new territory to further or growth and development.

It is at this moon phase we decide our futures at the quarter moons. We get “coaxed” into the wheel of change and transformation.   We have the choice of success, fulfillment or failure. It is here when we can see all of the possibilities, as they shake us awake in their push for us to SEE our reality and it is here we find ourselves confronted with our truth. When we are able to take an honest look at what we’ve seed in the new moon phase, we can then see that we’ve been confronted with these choices all along, we just chose to ignore them.

The First quarter Moon offers each of us the opportunity to both dig in and encourage ourselves for forward movement, drawn by the promise of new revelations at the Full Moon. Or we can drown under the weight of our cluttered pasts, finding ourselves at the Full Moon with nothing to show for our efforts.

The First Quarter Moon can provide inspiration like the soul of a child but it can also ignite a child's immaturity. Our insecurities might flare, so can our defenses. Bill Tierney describes a common First Quarter blunder: "Our typical manner of confronting stress patterns here is through the building of protective blockages, barriers, shells, and shields (all involving introspective focus) which in themselves, only further jeopardize our attempts to establish lasting inner security."[4]

We will often talk ourselves out of taking action with this moon phase. We blame someone or something outside of ourselves.  WE resist the future and turn away from opportunities that will help us to grow because it requires we do something different or try something new. Opposition may appear in the outer world, but the greater enemy is often our own inner timidity. Because of this, it draws from so deeply within our psyches, our First Quarter anxiety is elusive and tough to confront.
In truth, few of us choose the First Quarter action that's genuinely required for our development. No matter how much we dare ourselves, try to convince ourselves, the very thing we often choose consciously is often more in the area of our comfort zones than what unfolds as our destiny. I’ve always sensed that this in quarter moon phases: IF it feels easy or comfortable, it's probably not worth taking the first step!

It’s vital that when working with this Moon phase that we cleanse and release what’s holding us back from truly growing. This action requires that we look confidently or honestly within, once we can do this, we will find that when conjuring with this moon phase energy, we can reap fantastic results!

~Persephone Moon

Now let’s tie in how this Moon phase connects with the planets and signs to deliver us a banquet of soul growth and wonderful opportunities for spiritual attunement and advancement.

Taurus the bull~Gaia's earth Goddess

First Quarter Moon in Taurus @ 13 Degrees
One of the most intriguing aspects of this moon phase is the number 13. For any of you Goddesses who are not aware of the TRUE meaning of this number and not what we’ve been taught, please visit my blog here---à & Here----->

Simply put having the Moon at 13 degrees is a portal from the universe providing us with access to the sacred divine feminine energies, allowing us to be successful in our connectivity concerning all things wombyn. Remember the Moon is NURTURING, EMOTION, our PERSONA, our UNCONSCIOUS, she also relates to what we NEED.  In the sign of Taurus our needs are pretty basic, earthy and practical. Taurus is the ultimate earth GODDESS; in fact for me she is GAIA.   Taurus represents are consciousness on the level of connecting to our ROOTS, our ancestors, our SHADOW, our PAST.  With the moon ruling being a direct representation of mothers, we are in fact connecting to our maternal lineage and therefore seeking what it is we need for our benefit. Taking a look at this however, may not be an easy task, as we may be confronted by the First Quarter energies to look at things we’ve deliberately not wanted to see in terms of how our mothers may or may not having provided us with the “food” we needed to access our true authentic expression.  Looking into this shadow will be disturbing at times and require a soul that is ready to make peace with those shadow pieces that keep us stuck. Keep in mind we are not “mommy bashing”, what we are doing is looking at how her perspectives in life and who we are may not be us at all. Tapping into that programming, erasing what doesn’t work and adding in what does, will go a long way in providing you with the nurturing you need to live a fully healthy life.

Understand that Taurus is about FOOD, food for our bodies and the the food figuratively that feeds our souls when coupled with the moon.  
**ASTROLOGY FUN FACT! In astrology the moon in Taurus is considered to be what is called in “exaltation," simply put this means the Moon in Taurus acts as a higher frequency for us getting what it is we need without any negative vibrations getting in the way. Of course accessing that pearl is going to be determined by your level of spiritual awareness and consciousness but it’s still available nonetheless.

Even still you may be wondering, what kinds of foods does this moon position encourage? Let’s keep in mind its not Junk food. It’s whole foods, straight from the farmers market, home cooked and prepared with the finest ingredients so that our bodies and our souls will benefit graciously from the vitamins and minerals that the earth has to offer.   Lastly, it’s important to look at another aspect of this Moon/sign combination as Venus rules Taurus. Venus is always about the physicality of women.  With us looking at how we are feeding our bodies, we have to also look at how we (moon) FEEL about our bodies. Are we sending ourselves positive body affirmations, weeding out the negative mental messages/images from any society in terms of what makes a woman look good, sexy, and appealing? Remember Venus is all about the APPEAL.  Taurus is often thought of as a "lazy" sign, liking to take things slow and not rush into anything. Although this is true, it doesn't mean that Taurus is doesn't like to exercise, not like Virgo another earth sign that makes it apart of it's daily regime, thinking each process through to the finest of details, but more in a relaxed kind of way, like walking, tai chi, swimming, biking, things that connect us with the earth and elements some how. How could I forget gardening, yard work, these are all Taurus energies. Doing something you LOVE while working out, cause you won't look at it as exercise.  Keeping in mind it's about how we LOOK, if exercise, a healthy diet is what we need to nurture our well being then this celestial timing is perfect for us to get started!

Set some realistic goals for yourself in terms of what you would like to change about how you’re feeding yourself, how you want to feel about yourself and take a good look at how you view your body. Are there any changes that can be made naturally just through positive emotional connection?  Remember we are getting rid of what holds us back here, and if your self-talk is negative, Venus is not going to be happy! Start off by making a list about how you feel about your body, do some positive affirmations if you find negatives, and seek out what makes you feel sexy and appealing in your own way! If you do that, then you’re on the right track during this Moon phase.

Moving onto celestial connections this 13 degree First Quarter Moon in Taurus we’ve got Mercury in Capricorn connecting here in an aspect of ease.  Mercury is about the mind, intellect, how we process, think.  In Capricorn we are asking that our thoughts align with our higher purpose.  This connection with the moon may bring about a desire for ceremony or some kind of ritual, even if it’s just yourself lighting the candles and feeding your ancestors, this is higher thought taking place.  Capricorn is about right thinking and right action, seeking integrity through its process of practical approach to whatever it takes on.  With the Moon requesting that we release and let go, Capricorn is sure to bring what we don’t want to think about, handle or deal with the forefront so we can make sense out of it and gain wisdom. Mercury is the vehicle that’s pushing all of these thoughts and bubbles of higher consciousness through the filter of our emotions (the moon) so take the plunge and receive those messages from our ancestors directing us toward the resolution!

We’ve also got ease in the with opportunity for collective evolution through the north node in Virgo, connecting with both the Moon & Mercury!  Virgo, the Vestal “Virgin”, that seeks right action, propelling us to exercise and take care of our bodies. Yep, here is that comment about leaving the exercise part of “feeding our bodies” to Virgo! She’s offering the ability to be healthier in mind, body and spirit.  How does this look? Mind=Mercury, Body=Taurus and Spirit=Moon. 

Virgo is tying it all in.  Providing organized thoughts as Mercury in Capricorn sorts it all out with us, seeking understanding and ultimately wisdom, while Moon in Taurus gives us the desire for good home cooked food, directly from the earth, stabilizes our emotions while we sift through all of the “junk” our mothers and possibly her maternal line feed us as children. It just doesn’t fit, but Virgo is going to sort it out, categorize it and file it away.  Now that sounds good!

Virgo is not the "Virgin" you've been told she is! 
Lastly, the energy of Virgo was nothing close to the word Virgin. In fact these Vestal Virgins were quite sexually active known as "sacred sexual priestesses" through Goddess worship. This was of course until the church began demonizing them, calling them whores and sacred prostitutes. Now for the next 7 days, we have an opportunity to usher in healing that can electrify our lives. Keep in mind that the original word "Virgin" doesn’t mean chaste, unspoiled, or pure! The true meaning is that of a woman who had the power and the right to choose with whom she desired to join with sexually, in the name of the Goddess.  Be it man or woman, it meant she was unmarried to man but in service to the Goddess.  These sacred sexual acts were dedicated to the Goddess and ushered in as healing and acts of directly connecting to the divine. Have you ever wondered by many of the Greek, Roman, African, Sumerian, Norse Goddesses are called Virgins?  It is because they would not be controlled by any man, nor their fear of feminine power or the expression of their sexuality. These women had rights to their own freedom, power and expression separate from what they were told they were supposed to be and do. These sacred priestesses held a spirited nature that could not be quenched by any one man or societal expectation. 

What's the ultimate gift here with the North Node in Virgo connecting to both Mercury in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus? We now have the opportunity to express our own truth in terms of how we wish to be women not “cleaved” to any mans or societal expectations of dependency, chastity or moral code. Sexually we can tap into our own primal sexuality and allow our bodies to express and experience pleasure without guilt or shame! This ushers in healing from the cosmos as we enact the reality of the sacredness of our own bodies and sexual expression. Unlock the lock of chastity and allow your sexual vibe to come forth without guilt or shame. 

Lastly, this triangle of energies offers a PORTAL into the divine feminine’s core, finding a way to tap into it can only benefit never hinder. Remember that any moon phase lasts roughly 7 days! You have time to engage these energies with simple or elaborate prayers, alter work and meditation. Then put it into action, whether through journaling, self-pleasuring, sex magick, going to whole foods and preparing a delicious meal, reading erotica, exercising by doing yoga, Tai chi, swimming, walking, no matter how you choose to engage these energies allow the Moon as Goddess to take up resident and cleanse you!

Scorpio originally called the "Serpent" was the DRAGON in ancient times. 

Fun fact:  The first quarter moon in Taurus is making an opposition to Saturn in Scorpio!  Sacred Sexual energies are upon us which creates a powerful and potent time of sensuality and sexuality.  What are your needs sexually? Do you find yourself needing to express the primal parts of your sexual expression? Do you need to release negative and confining sexual experiences that are holding you back from fully being a functional sexual being?   Do you desire to explore your sexual bliss with another or in the present learn how to pleasure your own body?  Are you desiring to tap into your bodies sexual vibration?  The theme for this opposition is intensified with the North Node In Virgo, with the Moon. Remember that an opposition requires BALANCE between the two polarities. Sensuality and Sexuality.

As in all that you do, be safe, be gentle with yourself and use DISCERNMENT if exploring sexuality with another.
~Persephone Moon


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