The power and purpose of the Master number 11 and 22

What the number 11 brings
The meaning of the Master number 11 carries with it a double edged sword. It involves the virtue of the double digit energy of the number 1, which has a primary focus on self-actualization within its environment, meanwhile the vibrational frequency of having it doubled carries spiritual power and responsibility.
The number one has an innate understanding and its primary function is to go toward new beginnings that clarifies its purpose and potential as a leader. When we look at this gift doubled we find that the number 11 and its energy becomes magnified in its goal. It takes the individual approach away and merges the need for self-actualization not only a goal  for self and OTHERS, infusing with that purpose a sense of deep spirituality and purity of purpose.

The attributes of Master number 11 are
·         Vision
·         Higher ideals
·         Balance
·         Invention
·         Refinement
·         Fulfillment

This Master number 11 brings with it the vibration of BALANCE which incorporates the Eastern philosophies of Chinese spirituality of the YIN AND YANG.  The double 1’s are both masculine and feminine, solar and lunar qualities simultaneously. Although both are individualistic in expression, together they merge when the master number 1q1 comes into play.  This is the perfection of cosmic balance.
In our personal lives we are reminded when this number impacts us of the innate need to FIND BALANCE every single day. If we do not we find ourselves hustling to counter what has become imbalanced, either in a healthy way and sometimes not so healthy ways. What do we often have to balance?

·         Balance of work and play
·         Balance emotions, thoughts and spirit
·         Balance of masculine and feminine expression
·         Balance of sexuality and love

This is a magical number that provokes us into constantly asking that question: “Are you balanced?”

In numerology we usually want to get numbers down to a single digit, however with a Master number we keep it doubled simply because it denotes a different kind of energetic expression. However, we also need to look at the how this double digit number breaks down to a single digit to surmise how it works with the master numbers qualities. You will see that when we add 1+1 (eleven reduced) we get number the 2 - which is also a number that is all about balance. The number 2’s goals are to incorporate:

·         A sense of calm
·         Understanding the act of duality
·         Seeing justice
·         Acts of kindness
·         Finding equality in life
·         Using the gift of being tactful

If you’ve had your numerology chart erected and read before you’ll probably know whether or not you’ve got this Master number in your chart. Not everyone will have it and that is not to say that’s either a good or bad thing. It is just what your soul needed to gain its experience in this life. Also keep in mind that these numbers also apply to astrological analysis. Many aren't aware that these two tools, astrology and numerology go hand in hand and to leave out one or the other in interpretations of these self awareness tools is in my opinion folly! I use numerology all the time when assessing my clients charts and it works beautifully. What does this look like? For example; I have a an ascendant or rising sign that is at 22 degrees. 22 is a master number therefore my Rising sign is "colored" with this energy and it provides me with a new meaning of expression. Don't forget you can look at ANY degree of a planet and sign and determine what magic numerology is offering you. 
I digress please allow me to continue on about the significance of the Master 11 in a numerology report, although you may not have it in your chart there will be days we encounter that will have 11 energies, when that happens, either on a birthday or a calendar day we will all be affected. These frequencies are very sensitive and show signs of increased intuition, a desire for inner reflection and altruistic and show signs of artistic endeavors.  For those born with this energy either on a birth day or in significant places within a chart, these are deeply intuitive and sensitive souls. These individuals are psychically connected to the universe and everything in it which includes the earth, plants, animals and people!

What the Master number 11 gifts humanity with

No matter how you encounter this number this is the message it brings
·         Maintain integrity
·         Encouragement to be in an open space of conscious awareness

·         Realign, reaffirm, re-establish (re-balance) yourself for your souls highest good

Symbolic meaning of the Master number 22

The energy and expression of the Master number 22 is considered the most powerful of all the numbers. This number carries with it the gift of success and the mastery of one’s expression and goals. This is the turning your “dreams into a reality” number and it provides great success that is, if it’s applied consistently.  This is the number of the “Master Builder” it carries within it the powers of the previous master number 11 AND the energy of the 4. Remember how we got to the single digit number? (2+2=4)  First let’s look at what the Master number 22 is giving us:

  • ·         Vision
  • ·         Intuitive insights
  • ·         Ability to turn dreams into a reality
  • ·         Create innovative structures that impact humanity

When we look at the single digit form of the Master number 22 we get 4 let’s see what the power of 4 provides the 22 with:

  • ·         Determination
  • ·         Stability
  • ·         Consistency
  • ·         Durability
  • ·         Solid foundation
  •       Authentic 

When we combine both the 22/4 attributes we see that one who has this placement either in their numerology chart or within an astrological chart has great potential to be of service to humanity by creating something that will stand the test of time and that will have a lasting effect on humanity or for those individuals that tap into this fountain of wisdom. This is why this master number is called the “Master BUILDER”, it is able to infuse those that carry it with a great purpose to “do” something and to “complete” something, not unlike a “mission.”  These goals are often innovative and progressive, not here to align with the expectations of society but not necessarily does it break the rules of society, it instead seeks to create a new paradigm where an existing one is currently in the process of crumbling. This requires tremendous courage and inner strength to find out what the collective unconscious needs and to provide that very thing, although they may be met with some resistance.

The pitfalls of the Master Number 22
The pitfalls of this number can be one that causes an individual to be overwhelmed by their gifts or potential and not have a sense of true direction.  They may in fact have many talents and gifts and often take most of their earlier lives moving from one talent to the next until they figure out which one is supposed to be manifested. Master 22 has a fear of failure, therefore if one does not build resolve they can find their talents, purpose and gifts unfulfilled. It is crucial that they keep trying again and again and seeking out those individuals who truly can and do support them as they fall and get back up. Lastly, 22’s are determined but when feeling less than confident can become dictators, insensitive and sometimes overbearing. When they find themselves back in BALANCE with the 4 in place, confidence reset they will usually drop these unfavorable tactics and show a sense of gratitude, universal love and usher in peace.  It is important to keep in mind that Master number 22 may not manifest any true results and/or resolve until they are into their midlife stage, they have to face many trials, defeats, and emotional pain as learning experiences, in this way they have become wise and mature enough to apply what has been learned into their life’s’ calling.

The Master Number 22 holds much  magic and power, not be taken “lightly” it provides anyone with this number an opportunity to create something on this earth that many humans need. Below are some phrases and words to keep anyone with 22 energy balanced and focused:

Merkaba represents 22 energy
  • ·         Understand you have incredible POWER BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PUT YOUR FOCUS ON
  • ·         You have the power to MANIFEST your THOUGHTS
  • ·         Material possessions are not your reason for being here, practice the art of letting go
  • ·         Organization of your goals is key to your success. Don’t procrastinate or get lazy
  • ·         Hire someone to go over or maintain any parts of your business; you’re here to build, you may need assistance with the management of it, hire those who are loyal to you and your cause
  • ·         Know that you are a TEACHER and active LEADER; understand the difference and lead by modeling
  • ·         You INFLUENCE PEOPLE and INSPIRE PEOPLE; you authentically model what you TEACH
  • ·         You are here to teach PEACE, MINDFULNESS, SELF AWARENESS, THE COSMOS

Here are other Key words for THE MASTER NUMBER 22

  • ·         Creation
  • ·         The ability to manage or organize a large number of people
  • ·         Implementation of projects and causes on a massive scale, global even
  • ·         You have outstanding management abilities
  • ·         You have unlimited power
  • ·         You are spiritually attuned with universe; it is your guide and support
  • ·         You are the inspiration for a holistic view of the planet
  • ·         You are to create grand achievements
  • ·         Master 22 is considered the “number of prayers”

My desire is that this mini explanation of both the master number 11 and 22 has been helpful and insightful. Please share your comments and concerns below! 

I wish you radiant  light and love from the cosmos

P. Moon


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