New Moon in Sagittarius *sidereal* Fire magic, God & Goddess conjuring and the gift of the Sage.

This new moon on December 22, 2014 is particularly powerful.  We've come so far this year, embracing emotional waves of insights and empathy for ourselves but also for others, this is the practice of water magic.  In the mix we've come across some stubborn transformations but have endured them and gained a new sense of safety and security, this is under the magic of earth. To add more insights to our lives, understanding, intellectual and conscious clarity we've been endowed with the element of air and now we've been ushered into the power of FIRE.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is bringing us home for the year of 2014. Caught up in the whirlwind of jovial, adventurous, genial, fun and exploratory energies we may find ourselves truly relaxing that somber feeling that comes with winter and moving into new and exciting potential and possibilities. Sagittarius couldn't have come at a better time I see it as a gentle but energetic release from the bondage of delving deep into our souls shadow, releasing all that no longer serves us and making space for the what does.

To provide you with an a bit of back ground in terms of how hard we've been working on ourselves, the sign that precedes this "happy go lucky energy" is Scorpio.  Scorpio has been super busy this year. Transiting Saturn entered Scorpio not that long ago, shifting us from Libra energies that allowed us the gift of learning about balance, cooperation and our own sense of how we see the beauty within and around. After that ride we got a free round trip ticket to the underworld. Scorpio is the key to transformation, the phoenix of change and illumination into the darkest parts of our souls. This journey is not an easy one, if one endures her lessons, we can find diamonds forged from the heat of Mars here, gems that we will have acquired to take our lives and the acceptance of our true souls identity to the next level. It should be noted that this astrological placement, Saturn in Scorpio is water magic.  Now it's time to dig into the gift of fire!

Water magic Priestess

This New Moon in Sagittarius is offering us the gift of intellectual abundance, optimism, it's straight forward approach to life (that's what that arrow means as it points to the sky, along with piercing the veil of the human intellect) and it's need to express a sense of joy and excitement toward all it shows an interest.

Saggy is all about fun! Ruled by the planet Jupiter and with it also carries the elemental signature of FIRE. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system it provides us with abundant energy, energy that can seem boundless in it's approach to how it takes on things, and when coupled with the Sun this can be quite expansive.

The sun and moon next to one another creates the NEW MOON and it's through this joining of feminine and masculine energy that we find this Sagittarian gift during a powerful time of the year. Yesterday gifted us with the first day of the Winter Solstice. This marks an auspicious and powerful turn of the wheel for pagans and others alike. Allow me to share what the energies of the sun are and the moon.  The sun is our ego, our spirited energy, it provides us with sustenance, life, and sense of "get up and go".  The moon is our emotions, our past, to mundane astrologers our personality and the collective unconscious. When the Moon and Sun join hands we are blending these two energies that naturally reside within all of us to allow us to align our chakra and to turn up the heat for our soul's purpose.

You are probably wondering at this point what does this moment have to offer you?  If you have Sagittarius in your chart, especially in your MOON, SUN, OR RISING SIGN you will greatly benefit from this energy directly. You may find a peaked interest in exploring new territories, foreign lands, higher forms of education (not just traditional institutions), religion or metaphysics will benefit you at this time.  Please understand that this energy will act differently in each of the above mentioned placements. In astrology we call these placements the "BIG THREE". These placements are the most important in a chart but not the only important placements. Allow me to show you what the energy expression would look like in these three. 

1. Moon in Sagittarius will experience a powerful surge of emotional energy that will make you FEEL exuberant, alive and desiring to be free or stretch the limits of your boundaries in some manner. 

2. Sun in Sagittarius will experience a surge of personal power and ego identification. You have the opportunity to boldly go out into the world and take on the task of experiencing something new in your environment, whether it be a relationship, taking on a new task, job or endeavor or even enrolling in a school of higher learning. There could also be some kind of interactions you have with people who are not of your culture at birth.

3. Rising sign in Sagittarius will offer you an expansion of your soul and it's purpose here on the planet. You will refine and embody Sagittarian traits and characteristics, fusing them into your soul as you continue to show this part of you to the world. You may find an opportunity for travel, learning a new language and higher learning.

Keep in mind that these are all in general. The house placement and other planetary contact can alter these opportunities but they will be felt on some level none the less. 

**If you have Sagittarius in other NATAL placements for example; Venus, Mars, Mercury you will have a different impact and expression, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct or next to these planets. Venus will experience a need for freedom in love or an involvement with someone from another culture; Mars will have a tremendous need to get and DO something with this energy as Mars is all about action; Mercury will want to TALK about what it wishes to experience and will find a way to do so locally, without the need for foreign travel, it could be it wants to read about it. 

Please keep in mind as always that as with any sign, it has its positive and challenging characteristics. Sagittarius with all of it's exuberance and qualities of fire (passion, heat, spirit) can overdo things at times, after all it is ruled by the most abundant and largest planet in the cosmos. Therefore it can be  tactless, overbearing, over confident and superficial. A gentle reminder is to make sure you harness this energy to benefit you and try not to allow it to become your undoing. With a concentrated effort you can have fun with this party time energy and not allow it to burn you.

Lastly, the NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS has a theme and that theme is important to those who may desire to manifest something during this time. Remember that the New moon is about creating and ushering in new beginnings and opportunities for great change.  It also should be mentioned that we are in a 22 (sacred numerology) energy during this new moon phase and this exponentially INCREASES the power we have at our beck and call. 

If you'd like to read about the meaning of moon phases please visit a previous blog here:

Conjuring with God and Goddess energy

I always like to pay homage to a Goddess that I resonate with that matches the energies of the moment. This provides me with divine feminine energies that give me celestial support when infusing my magic with meaning, purpose and a single minded path.  Since the moon is a divine feminine energy, it's crucial to keep in mind that it's a passive or Yin ENERGY. The moon derives it's light from the sun which is masculine energy or Yang. When the moon and the sun are in conjunction or in a new moon phase we have the glorious opportunity to FUSE these two powerful dynamics into ONE and gain an infusion of BALANCE. IN new moon phases a "God/Goddess" representation will be used.  I choose those that are in my circle of spirits.  

Allow me to clarify.  Each of us carries a team of spirits with us during each lifetime. Some from past lives and others from other dimensions. Some are ancestors and some are not.  Some have been in human form and some have not. Some of us have a lot of spiritual assistance and some have only one or a couple, no matter, they are here to provide us with support, lessons and protection on your journey.  The same with God and Goddess energy. Many people misunderstand the use of these energies thinking that at one point they may have walked the earth and in truth many have, were once human and became deified due to their potent modeling of particular behaviors and values that many deem worthy of edifying. But many have not had a physical experience on this planet but that in no way undermines their spiritual potency.  These energies are called archetypes and they have been infused into our collective unconscious to provide us with celestial energies to align us with our time here on earth. the infamous psychologist and astrologer, Carl Jung had a profound understanding of these energies and was the man that labeled these energies.  For me it doesn't matter if these archetypes have literally breathed Gaia's air or if they have been planted into our unconscious minds, since everything is energy, for me they all exist, just in one form or another. Therefore, in my opinion we all have them. In a birth chart I can find what Gods and Goddesses one carries with them through lifetimes and provides support from afar if you'd like to know what yours are please visit my website here to schedule a reading. 

For this occasion I have personally chosen (or did they choose me?) 

1.God  Apollo

2. Goddess Medusa

Both of these celestial beings hold potent spaces within my natal (birth) chart and offer me assistance in this life to align with my goals, lessons, and purpose. When using them I will infuse an affirmation with my intentions clearly set on what I desire to manifest as new energies into my life.  I will use the SUN (APOLLO) and it's heat, it's ego identification to bring me into my own sense of independence and personal freedom from the collective the moon. Using Sagittarius will exponentially increase the success of the outcome. By doing this I am incorporating my masculine energies for action and success.

Many don't know that Medusa is actually a SUN GODDESS not a LUNAR goddess. Her story certainly leaves one thinking she could be lunar because of the terrible act that was thrust upon her innocence and because she is a woman. However she is a solar goddess and with that knowledge we can begin to see her power in a different LIGHT. With Medusa's sun energy I can align with the virtues of femininity, sexuality and the presence of that expression in my daily life. Using the energy of Sagittarius will allow me to manifest it on a massive scale and to explore the possibilities of how I wish to express this dynamic energy of NO MORE OPPRESSION. This will align me with my goal of creating sacred balance in all things YIN/YANG. 

ON your alter have 7 candles ( I use tea candles for this) and light one for each day. Provide the same affirmations and focus for each day but incorporate a different gift of thanks in each prayer. It need not be complicated. For example: I will use a hot pepper for Apollo and snake energy for Medusa, this can be a picture ( I use adder's since they are sacred to me) and sometimes I do the sacral chakra dance which provides physical energy for the gift of reverence. Spice it up and make it your own. Each day I offer something associated with the God/Goddess or zodiac sign to show reverence and to keep my 7 day devotion fresh and new. After all that is what fire energy likes!

Give it a try with any god or goddess that resonates with you. Create your own intention and affirmations and see how you come out. Energetically provide 7 days of reverence during the new moon phase and then all the universe and your spirits to do the rest! 

Please share any outcomes you may have with us! I would be delighted to experience them with you!

IN radiant cosmic light I wish you well! 


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