6 Cosmic planets illuminated by Sagittarius *sidereal* Find out what it can mean for you! Also~ Uncovering Goddess Vesta and Hygeia

Constellations of the zodiac

Astrological energies are extremely potent and induced with cosmic fire and light as we have a Quadruple influence of Sagittarian energy showering us from the heavens.

Many of you may be feeling a huge surge of fire energy at the moment? We’ve just entered the time of the Sagittarian in our cosmos *sidereal time line* and with that we should take a generous look at what gifts the heavens are raining down our way! I will provide a brief analysis of what we’ve got going down!

The themes of Love, transformation, emotions, what we seek to protect, our intellect and our ego are all in the wonderfully exuberant, bold and dynamic energy of Sagittarius! Whew on an astrological POV that would be the planet of love, beauty and balance VENUS making an impact on the planet of transformation dear Pluto (Hades) which is impacting our divine Goddess energy of the Moon who is at the same degree as our beloved Goddess Vesta, whose sharing much conversation with dear Mercury which is being impacted ever so slightly by our Sun. Wow! We’ve got A LOT going on.
We’ve got some potent connections to other planets, points and asteroids that will make this movement of energies a bit of a challenge, however, with all of these planets making such an impact with Sagittarian energy I had to share with you what this may look like.  Please let me share this with you as well, the impact of these configurations will depend on whether or not you have Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Cancer in your natal (birth) charts!  If you would like a mini reading on this configuration alone I am offering them at the love donation for $33 along with what you can look forward to for the duration of these transits to your natal chart.  Please connect with me on my website to set up a reading! www.moonchildsdivinetemple.com

Without further Aude here is the general illumination of these configurations!

With Venus being conjunct Pluto we are in for some hot and exciting romance with both in Sagittarius. Here we can have an almost obsessive attraction that takes place carrying the themes of dominance and submission.  Now I know what you just thought, BDSM right? While that can certainly be the case here, it’s not necessarily how it may manifest. I am speaking more about the patriarchal views of dominance and submission, Venus aims to please and Pluto, well seeks to control and here in the area of romance and sex this can certainly happen. Sagittarius may be able to lighten up the energy though as it loves adventure, trying new things and ushers in a lot of excitement but be aware that it may not last long and this configuration does not promise longevity but it can promise new adventures in sexual expression and romantic expression, Sagittarius is known to be fickle in both.

With Pluto and the Moon making a connection we have some pretty volatile expressions in store. Pluto is about controlling things, power and definitely others submission to that power, the moon is feminine energy that seeks to be fluid, and with Sagittarius in the mix things are apt to get pretty hot and angry. Sagittarius is not known for being emotionally solvent and seeks to leap before it looks therefore any emotional upsets can cause it to run away at full gallop, thus enters Pluto and you’ve got some “squeezing” going on to pay attention to what it feels. Sagittarius needs freedom, the right to explore and to go where it pleases, with whom ever it pleases and when expressed with Pluto and the Moon, along with a minor influence from Venus, we are apt to see some fights break out, promises not kept and emotions that are expressed in a powerful and non-committal kind of way. This combination can call for partner changes, exchanges and maybe even sharing!

Asteroid Goddess Vesta is carry a pretty hefty responsibility right now. She’s now in the sign of Sagittarius (yeah I have keep repeating that sorry!) and is nestled in between the Moon and Mercury. Vesta often coined “the sacred whore” by religion eons ago carries with her the hearth and you may have already guessed it, sacred sexual energies. The hearth is the sacred light that is kept burning to always bring one back to center, to the “heart of things”, this is our core, our foundation. She is represented by the Olympic flame, and fires being lit in homes of the soldiers who’ve gone away to war in ancient times so that they could find their way home.  Priestess were created in her honor to never let her light go out and were provided with the opportunity to serve and service the goddess by having the right to choose with whom they wished to have sacred sexual expression with. Often times the results of these unions would create future kings and queens, these priestesses were treated with respect and honor, that is until the church started to rise in power and influence, then all the ways of the mother goddess was destroyed or went underground. Hence the title “sacred whore”, but whores these vestial virgins were not. Vesta next the divine feminine energies of the moon denotes a desire to link our core, our sexual sacredness to our emotions, to the collective unconscious as well. There may be a need to explore our sense of individual sexual expression and therefore heal any oppression that we may have encountered during our lifetimes by a unforgiving and hypocritical society. Vesta offers emotional healing through the sacred act of sexual union or personal service.  Mercury provides us with the gift of THINKING about it all. How we feel about it (MOON) and how desire to move those thoughts into action (Active thinking).  With Sagittarius being an influence of fire we may find ourselves in a tantric work shop, or speaking and learning some form of sacred sexual healing, or the practice of an art form that involves it such as sacred massage. Whatever it is you may be called to do, this is a combination that screams to reintroduce or embrace your inner sacred sexual self through the act of healing yourself and or others.

The Sun is an integral part of our life force and with its influence we are seeking the expression of our soul’s inner light and fire. Sagittarius’ influence provides us with the courage to step forth and experience all that life has to offer through its energy. Exploration, divine devotion, self-awareness through discovery, the involvement of others are all Sagittarius’ gift to us.
Lastly, I want to provide a bit of information about the asteroid Hygeia since she is involved with the Grand Square that I mentioned with the mutable signs above: Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces.

Hygeia is worth mentioning since she is such a powerful influence on humanity and our lives. Please keep in mind that this my opinion and not all astrologers may co-sign to my way of interpretation or even bother to interpret Hygeia at all. I personally work with the asteroid goddesses because they speak to me in charts and the divine feminine energies are manifested through them, therefore I am including this goddess in this transit reading.

Hygeia is a Goddess of health, her father is the Greek medicine god Aklepios. The word “hygiene” comes from her name and her themes bearing down upon humanity are the acts of cleanliness, health and well-being. Illness and disease fall under Hygeia and the healing process required for restoration to wholeness and harmony. This asteroid seems to act as a cleanser and provides potent energy that can activate transformative processes that produce a “new and improved” version of some aspect of an individual’s life.  The concepts of purity and purification also seem to be very important to this Goddess and Hygeia can help people to “clean up their acts” on multiple levels.

glyph of Hygeia

The glyph of Hygeia resembles the caduceus or Rod of Hermes (a staff entwined by two snakes) which is also the well-known and recognizable symbol of the American Medical Association.

Hygeia governs the following:

  • Dietitians
  • Physical fitness educators
  • Teachers
  • Dental hygienists
  • Mental health workers that combine the mind/spirit/body 
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Sanitation inspectors
  • Environmentalists
  • Ppreservationists who strive to keep the earth clean and pollution free

It’s important to note that many astrologers will assign these same virtues to VIRGO. However, it is of this astrologer’s opinion that Virgo which is also another version of VESTA does not hold these attributes or qualities, Virgo is very different. But that’s a debate for another day. 

Hygeia is currently transiting in Gemini. Hygeia is currently involved in Grand Square in transit and will usher in some difficulty for a native with Sagittarius and Gemini placements, in a part of life that needs to be purified and cleansed on a health level OR an environmental one. It could be that you need to readjust something in your life.  If you are wondering if you have Hygeia in your chart (birth) the answer is yes you do. What sign she is in will determined by the time of your birth. Any transits to your natal (birth) Hygeia will trigger some kind of transformative healing or a cleaning of things in your life).

Please share your thoughts, experiences and concerns below. Thank you for visiting and good luck with our burst of Sagittarian energies. 

In love and abundant light 
P. Moon


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