2014 an astrological year of GRATITUDE and GIFTS uncovered! You had some too

2015 is only hours away.... time to wrap up 2014's soul growth with astro talk!

Gratitude has become a word that has fallen from my lips and flowed from my soul many times in the year of 2014. This year was a roller coaster ride of tumultuous emotions, with rocky mountains to climb, deep hidden valley's of self understanding and acceptance to discover and an oasis of complete inner peace that still glimmers in the distance, waiting for me to enter.

Many spiritualists who are also students and teachers of metaphysics state that human beings are on earth to have a human experience.  They carry the notion that we are spiritual beings or light beings here to learn lessons and as we do we begin to truly understand the experience of having flesh and blood, lineage to other souls through ancestry, individuation and soul healing moments of potent clarification. I often like to think on this concept as we move through our lives day to day with the cosmos influencing and guiding us through these lessons, experiences and soul growth opportunities.

Earth, so full of life of all kinds and rich with such a diverse population of animals, plants, insects, people, life in general, all moving and shifting in accordance with their own purpose but yet still apart of the collective thread of the universe.  I have begun to mediate on the vastness of time, space and how it's connected to our earthly experiences and even give thanks for that time since we are only here for a short time through each incarnation. Yes this life, this experience with all of its joy, happiness, pleasure, pain, heartache and opportunity is but a classroom.  I'd like to share with you what I learned in 2014.

Astrology offers us the tools and the maps necessary to see what those potential challenges, experiences, lessons, encounters and opportunities are year to year. With each ending of one year we are blessed to breathe new life into our lungs to navigate another one.  When we look back or reflect upon these experiences we can see what it is we've learned and therefore find gratitude from those lessons as we move into another year, looking forward to the new.  Day to day, week by week, month by month and even year to year star mapping are called TRANSIT maps.  Astrologers can take a look at these personal and collective star maps to determine the best course of action, what attitudes, actions and or false perceptions we need to get rid of to grow, health issues,  job opportunities etc. are and thus guide all clients down a path that will make them more victorious while transitioning from the current year to the next one.

I've ministered to many clients in 2014 and have gone deeper than I ever thought possible, exploring their personal lives, challenges, pain, healing and self awareness. I know that I was able to do this more profoundly because of what gifts I had laying in wait in my own star map of the year that enhanced my ability to tap into the collective unconsciousness and bring many hidden needs to light. Because of my own soul growth I always share with my clients how important it is for them to know that I am constantly doing my own inner work so that I can keep my chakra clear of any debris as not to taint what it is they are seeking.

I have to mention briefly that there are two different kinds of star mapping. There is another kind called SOLAR return star maps and they can be used every year on our birthday as our natal sun returns to the exact time and position at the exact time of our birth. By using this we can see what the universe offers us in terms of any changes that are coming, any plans we desire to make, finding out if the timing is advantageous to make any new moves in any area of our lives such as job, career, children, lovers, ovulation or many areas of life in general.  We can also use them to take a look at what things we may want to correct, change, transform or get rid of in terms of  behaviors, patterns, relationships, that may either be holding us back or be good for us. Not unlike transit mapping, solar returns are far more personal in nature as they move from our SOLAR energy (sun sign) and show us how to navigate our own inner and outer world.

For 2014 my SOLAR RETURN star map was not one that I would call a "easy one". No, there weren't any "free gifts" from the universe here, nothing but hard work and emotional awareness. I had many things that came at me unawares and caused me to have to either balance them out or be caught off guard, to be knocked down only to have to get back up and chart a course to success. I was supported by the mother goddess in her alignment agreement with me this lifetime as she ushered in more intense shadow work, had me focus on my own service to women, clarifying it, trying new things, seeing what worked, what felt good and what didn't. I also got initiated again this year, moving into an expertise level that I had been denying myself due to me feeling as though I needed to learn, know and live more! This year I took "old" information that I had stored away and got an "ah ha" moment when it all seemed to come together and truly allow another petal of my lotus blossom to flower and shake off some mud. Truly this year has been about movement, ebb and flow with intense and abundant breakthroughs and quiet, dark lows of contemplation and change.

 Did I engage willingly? Not always, there were a few experiences where I was kicking and screaming, crying, shouting and even had to put on my warrior gear, advocating for my own child's rights and getting my voice heard by those who desired to deny them to me. Not gonna happen but nonetheless it was a trying year just the same.  But through it all I am here, healthy, a bit scarred from battle but in the midst of it all healing well. Now it's time to bring up the rear end of the year ( birthday to birthday) as I continue to work on experiencing any additional challenges to finish up my solar year around May of 2015.  So you may be wondering WHAT was that gift the stars had for me in 2014?

                                 SR Jupiter conjunct (next too) Moon what happened??

It never ceases to amaze me how the moon always seems to play a powerful role in my life and always takes center stage in each of my Solar Return maps. After all I am a MOON Priestess and a Sol channeler, but that never ceases to amaze me how the divine feminine always seems to be telling me what she wants me to know. Having the Moon conjunct Jupiter may seem like a cake walk to novice astrologers or students, but it's not. This combination offers tsunami waves of emotional experiences that tap deeply into the element of water constantly. Think of tidal waves of emotional "stuff", whether dealing with the mama wound, your family, children, issues of safety and security and HOW ONE FEELS. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, it provides luck, a risk taking nature and is always ready to provide more, more, more! It is the largest planet in our solar system. When it connects with anything it offers much more of what the original planet's energy has to offer.  This conjunction on many occasions wrung me out to dry, I was running on empty many days, dazed by the sheer amount of emotional stuff that kept coming to the surface of my consciousness. Jupiter combined with the Moon is super consciousness. Jupiter is a powerful planet. It rules the pituitary gland and the third eye offering us a path to true mysticism and personal growth that largely affects our spiritual connection to earth but other worlds. I did experience more out of body experiences this year, astral travel, other worldly visitors via dreams (moon) and meditation ( Jupiter opens up channels) I also had no problems leaving my body (out of body experiences) with no prior preparation. I also experienced an influx of divine feminine energies with Goddesses making themselves present in my astrology chart that I had over looked before. I had these archetypal energies taking me deeper into their own inner worlds, their energy and understanding, all the long focusing and connecting these lessons of theirs with my own life's journey making them all applicable.

It was truly an emotionally cleansing year. One of the most important outcomes of this combination was me being able to finally reconcile many years of pain and misunderstanding between my relationship with my mother. I was led to some potent information that actually set me free from emotional bondage and guilt. It was truly an experience that I will never forget and will always be grateful for. I am now free to love more deeply with an understanding that our mothers wounds are their own and do not belong to the daughters. Consciously I let a lot of was NOT ME go! Lastly, I discovered new connections, gained new clients, supporters of my spiritual "business" goals, new goals to set concerning my emotional well being and even learned what it means to be an INFP and fully resonating with all of what is shared. This is the "ah ha" that I am an introverted woman who taps into the Sun's energy only when needed but it is not my main expression. How delightful when I discovered just THAT basic truth out. The fog had moved and now I understand my general disposition even more with astrology providing the strong foundation of authentic truths. If you are wondering what that is I encourage you to take this test and find out what your type is, it can assist you in finding your authentic self. Carl Jung "archetype" God and psychology astrologer assisted the Myers Briggs formation and to me it's a gold mine that beautifully connects with astrology is one knows how to make the correlations. Yes I do! I've been working with 3 clients with this connection and it's working out well. Next year I will be offering the 16 personality types with astrology readings, I am truly looking forward to it.
You can take the test here: http://www.16personalities.com/

So, what's in store for my 2015 solar return star map? You won't believe it! Saturn conjunct MOON. I won't write about how THAT one makes me feel at the moment. I will be honest it fills me with a bit of dread.  But I also realize that it's a true honor for me to have it as Saturn is the "Great changer", the "Wise teacher", the "Sage", for me she is the Goddess HECATE who is the Goddess of the crossroads and one of many that walks with me on my Goddess path.  Along and with this challenge I sense I will come out of 2015 a true sage, not only full of deeper rivers of wisdom but also brought into the fold and circle of women who will make me apart of their tribe, seeking the healing that their souls need. I am ready to build in 2015 and I am very excited about the possibilities and opportunities. I am a healer and one that ministers to women in need of deeper self exploration! I give much thanks.

                               I am grateful and filled with gratitude

I felt compelled to share my experiences with you because so many of you have been supporting my blog and my insights. I truly do appreciate you and want to build an even deeper connection with many of you in 2015 and beyond. My desire is to assist any soul that seeks deeper self awareness and understanding and I believe living that first is crucial to building trust with clients. THANK YOU for your support. When you read this blog and are interested in a reading please connect with me via email and share with me you read my blogs and you shall receive a 30% discount on a Natal and/or transit reading!! My site is located here: http://www.moonchildsdivinetemple.com/

Enjoy your pre NEW YEAR celebrations. Remember to drink and drive responsibly and to always if engaging in sexual activity ladies, have SAFER SEX!

See you in 2015! Health, abundance and soul well-being!

Persephone moon!


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