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2014 an astrological year of GRATITUDE and GIFTS uncovered! You had some too

2015 is only hours away.... time to wrap up 2014's soul growth with astro talk!

Gratitude has become a word that has fallen from my lips and flowed from my soul many times in the year of 2014. This year was a roller coaster ride of tumultuous emotions, with rocky mountains to climb, deep hidden valley's of self understanding and acceptance to discover and an oasis of complete inner peace that still glimmers in the distance, waiting for me to enter.

Many spiritualists who are also students and teachers of metaphysics state that human beings are on earth to have a human experience.  They carry the notion that we are spiritual beings or light beings here to learn lessons and as we do we begin to truly understand the experience of having flesh and blood, lineage to other souls through ancestry, individuation and soul healing moments of potent clarification. I often like to think on this concept as we move through our lives day to day with the cosmos influencing and guiding us th…

6 Cosmic planets illuminated by Sagittarius *sidereal* Find out what it can mean for you! Also~ Uncovering Goddess Vesta and Hygeia

Astrological energies are extremely potent and induced with cosmic fire and light as we have a Quadruple influence of Sagittarian energy showering us from the heavens.
Many of you may be feeling a huge surge of fire energy at the moment? We’ve just entered the time of the Sagittarian in our cosmos *sidereal time line* and with that we should take a generous look at what gifts the heavens are raining down our way! I will provide a brief analysis of what we’ve got going down!
The themes of Love, transformation, emotions, what we seek to protect, our intellect and our ego are all in the wonderfully exuberant, bold and dynamic energy of Sagittarius! Whew on an astrological POV that would be the planet of love, beauty and balance VENUS making an impact on the planet of transformation dear Pluto (Hades) which is impacting our divine Goddess energy of the Moon who is at the same degree as our beloved Goddess Vesta, whose sharing much conversation with dear Mercury which is being impacted eve…

The power and purpose of the Master number 11 and 22

What the number 11 brings The meaning of the Master number 11 carries with it a double edged sword. It involves the virtue of the double digit energy of the number 1, which has a primary focus on self-actualization within its environment, meanwhile the vibrational frequency of having it doubled carries spiritual power and responsibility. The number one has an innate understanding and its primary function is to go toward new beginnings that clarifies its purpose and potential as a leader. When we look at this gift doubled we find that the number 11 and its energy becomes magnified in its goal. It takes the individual approach away and merges the need for self-actualization not only a goal  for self and OTHERS, infusing with that purpose a sense of deep spirituality and purity of purpose.

The attributes of Master number 11 are ·Vision ·Higher ideals ·Balance ·Invention ·Refinement ·Fulfillment

This Master number 11 brings with it the vibration of BALANCE which incorporates the Eastern philosophi…

New Moon in Sagittarius *sidereal* Fire magic, God & Goddess conjuring and the gift of the Sage.

This new moon on December 22, 2014 is particularly powerful.  We've come so far this year, embracing emotional waves of insights and empathy for ourselves but also for others, this is the practice of water magic.  In the mix we've come across some stubborn transformations but have endured them and gained a new sense of safety and security, this is under the magic of earth. To add more insights to our lives, understanding, intellectual and conscious clarity we've been endowed with the element of air and now we've been ushered into the power of FIRE.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is bringing us home for the year of 2014. Caught up in the whirlwind of jovial, adventurous, genial, fun and exploratory energies we may find ourselves truly relaxing that somber feeling that comes with winter and moving into new and exciting potential and possibilities. Sagittarius couldn't have come at a better time I see it as a gentle but energetic release from the bondage of delving de…