This Virgo New moon kicks off our holiday's with THANKS & GIVING * 13 Moon Sidereal Astrology* October 22, 2014

Moon in Virgo is calling out for us to focus on our HEALTH in multiple forms. 
Virgo is ruled by Mercury and now is in control of our spiritual health as Mercury retrograde is now opposing Uranus in Pisces bringing into focus the need for balance of our physical health, mental health as well as our spiritual health. Virgo an earth sign and has a concrete say about our physical presence and well-being while occupying this planet, when she is in opposition to Pisces, it's a good idea to stand up and pay attention.

Virgo carries the torch of the harvest. The foods we grow and consume. It is of utmost importance that we are mindful of how we grown, prepare and consume all the food we put into our bodies. It's imperative that we care about the condition of the water we drink and our personal hygiene. Virgo is the Priestess of the hearth, the temple which is our bodies and a magnifier of what it takes for us to achieve the best results for our highest good.

Working with the moon energies right now as they are getting ready to shift from the waning moon phase to the NEW MOON ON OCTOBER 22, 2014 is holding the key to sacred geometry and our inner alchemist ability to build for ourselves the very foundation of life that we need to survive & thrive. Virgo is assisting us in achieving these goals. The ideal situation would have been for us to have seen all of these self nurturing qualities modeled by our mothers or our caregivers, however, in recognizing that not all children have had these beneficial experiences the universe is calling our attention on the simple ways we as adults can make the necessary changes.
Keep in mind that to sister Virgo our bodies are our temples. They are sacred and the only ones we have per lifetime, it has a warranty, as always we have the power of free will and can choose to ways we can improve our earth experience by extending our warranty with proper care all the while taking the time to be mindful to focus on the those things that make us feel good.

It's time to share a bountiful harvest with others. The New Moon is always about "New Beginnings" and it is through this portal that we can give back those very gifts we embody so that others can benefit. Although life should be a continued celebration of "Thanksgiving", for those in the United States, November is the month where we are inundated with messages of being "thankful", with Thanksgiving being one of our biggest holidays, sadly, it's focus tends to be one of commercialism and for many painful, forced family gatherings.  Why not turn those self serving energies around and give to those who are in need? The New Moon & Virgo offer us up a cornucopia of us reaping the HARVEST. Donating time, money or food to families in need, cooking and/or volunteering to participate in a food banks bagging foods for families, a soup kitchen feeding the homeless, or safely preparing food for friends, families and the less fortunate through an organization such as a church or local grocery store can truly elevate Virgo& the moon's need to feed the masses and nurture with sustenance.  It's not a bad idea to keep in mind with Pisces in tow this act taps into our spiritual bank account and levels out our karma on the plus side!

For own personal health it's crucial that we understand that although Virgo tends to seen perfection in anything it does it has an innate desire to do so out of a great need for proficiency when things are running smoothly the goal is expected to be reached with little to no interference. The reality is that as human beings we make mistakes and that is fine as long as we correct negative or challenging behaviors that may delay us or cause us not to reach our goals.

Therefore with the energy of self care being our focus making small changes in our diets, our physical exercise and mental health can be achieved with very little stress or anxiety, something that Virgo can bring about if we take on way too much and are not prepared for the road ahead to success. Making small changes such as excluding foods or reducing the amount of foods that cause us imbalances, upsets and excessive weight gain like refined sugars, processed foods, foods with dyes all of which cause brain fog, digestive disorders and other misdiagnosed illnesses. Watching our intake of “unhealthy” fats and incorporating more “healthy” fats into our diets works wonders for the body, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of spring water and proper exercises such as yoga, walking or swimming all positively contribute to our overall health and well being. Lastly, developing practices such as Tai Chi, meditation and acupuncture to relax the mind and to release the body of toxins are all extremely beneficial and create a well rounded body.

By no means is everything here mentioned the ONLY things we can do for better health or to provide outreach in our communities but it’s certainly is a start! This new Moon Virgo is giving you permission to tap into the Moons power of nurturing by giving yourself and others some TLC while Mercury the ruler of Virgo is in retrograde motion!

"Wrapped in the moons glow of infinite love and abundant light"
Persephone Moon
Goddess Rising llc©2014


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