The Portal of Humanities transformation has been opened today, jump through! Total Lunar Eclipse in Pisces *sidereal

The souls transformation begins!

Today is an auspicious day for many souls on the planet. We are being showered with energy from the cosmos that is inspiring humanities evolution and our own very personal growth as we speak.
It’s true the planets, stars and our solar system DO affect our bodies, minds and our souls. It provides us with opportunities to grow, shift and change, and change is always inevitable no matter how hard many of us try and fight it.

Today we are experiencing a Total lunar eclipse in the sign of Pisces. This total lunar eclipse has left us with a very potent gift that is supporting our current planetary challenge, LGBTQ rights to equality in marriage, a recognition that love has no boundaries within the neat lines of gender that it pertains to all who have a heart and a soul that is full of love

Many of you may also feel and sense a very personal experience with this placement as it truly does support our own spiritual growth in terms of how we think about our convictions, our religious upbringing, we are being challenged here to put our sense of humanity, to not judge others and to allow everyone the same rights no matter our sexual orientation.   It comes down to breaking down and releasing the barriers of lies that we have been conditioned to believe are real and necessary, in fact we are being challenged to wake up and realize that these “conditions” were created to only support those who wish to continue pushing the agenda of fear and oppression, something that is not viable to the health and well-being of the human condition.

This is truly a time of spiritual growth and soul prosperity for those who are willing to come along for the ride and rethink or continue to embrace how we feel about humanity as whole, this means every single living being that is within the web of the universe, by allowing every human being to be who they are without limitations and restrictions, without violence, without the threat of diminishing their ability to lead healthy, prosperous and successful lives.

Although I typically stay away from political issues, I have been urged and poked by my “spiritual home team” to share these insights with compassion. I am by no means telling anyone what to do, how to feel or even how to weigh in, what my purpose is to offer support for those who are ready to evolve and move on from the dogma that has led to so much suffering.

In this blog I will speak from the larger perspective of humanities current lesson and a more personal one for those who have Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer in their charts.
~Persephone Moon* High Priestess

                SKY CONNECTIONS FOR OCTOBER 8, 2014
**For astrology students who are learning astrological symbols and terms, for those who are not astrology students a summation of these connections will be given shortly.
v Full I in Pisces at 22z (22 is a MASTER NUMBER) conjunct P in Pisces at 19z.
v We have alto both the Moon and Uranus *symbols above* to the planet Nin Cancer at 22z this creates ease of function. Jupiter represents the law and the zodiac sign of Cancer represents healing from the divine feminine.
v Nis making a n which creates opportunity to the planet Lin Virgo at 15z did you know that Virgo is considered the Vestal Priestess who is upright, dutiful and is fulfilled by being in service to others?

v The planet Min Scorpio at 22z is also creating a nLinfusing the cosmos with balance. Both the divine masculine and the divine feminine are at play here providing opportunity for more growth and expansion (JUPITER) in regards to our sexuality, its orientation and expression.

v Lastly we have the planet M making a l to the moon and Uranus. Again we have ease in transformation.


  Symbol Key:
      L the planet Venus
           M the planet Mars
           I the Moon
          N the planet Jupiter
           n aspect the Sextile
          l aspect the Trine

The expression of the Grand Trine are a necessary expression for the developmental growth of the ego, though necessarily and inherently pertaining to relationships.   With this understanding many believe that the trine is an aspect of ease, and while it is, it has to be looked at a bit deeper. For anything with ease to occur we have to have opportunity and that is where the sextiles come into play.  We must keep in mind that just because it’s easy, we have to actually get up and DO SOMETHING with the opportunities provided or the sense of ease turns into apathy, laziness and indifference. The individual (or collective in this case which is represented by the moon) is well engrossed and delighted with the concept of self-sufficiency, however one must keep in mind that there is still some work to do.  Thankfully the stimulation of new and exciting expressions within the identity helps motivate anyone with this aspect on both a collective and personal level.  However, the realization of tremendous growth and change although evident here sends a very clear message that for growth to truly be embodied, the old saying of “no pain, no gain” has to be applied.

Master Number
With the Master number 22 this the “God” energy brought to the material plane, put into form and because of that this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility.

The significance of this number holds the balance of co-operation and harmony, and gives humanity the opportunity to co-operate with “God’s” plan on earth through the divine energies of the masculine and feminine.

Number 22 offers the opportunity to manifest in a “masterful” way, this is the transient power of alchemy.

The number 22 holds four times the energy, four times the power, four times the responsibility. How? It’s quite simple: 2+2=4.  Any plan that is well worked out in advance is necessary for this energy to come into fruition.  Because of its final equation of the number 4, this energy is dependable, responsible and honest. Within it holds the foundation of integrity.  With this sacred number there is a need to build a firm foundation for whatever is required in a person’s life or within the construct of humanities lives.

The 22/4 creates sacred geometric shape of the square or cube, this is the symbol of 22.  It is the number that sees the whole picture, but also can work with the details necessary to complete the bigger picture/plan.  The vision of the completed project and the energy to see it through may not be everyone’s vision, but it is the responsibility of the 22 to bring it through to fruition anyway.


The element of WATER is the catalyst in this Grand Trine what does this mean?
Water is the most feminine of the five elements. To the Taoist it is considered yin.  In many spiritual traditions the energetic expression of the divine feminine is not considered weak but very strong. Water after all can wear away rock, mountains, and land with its force. Water is the most powerful element because it can move around, through and over any obstacle in its path without losing its essence or natural state.
Because of this, although water is usually considered to be yin in nature, it is also indicative of yang energy as well.  It is when water expresses masculine yang energy that it turns into tidal waves, tsunami’s and floods.  In Taoist tradition its color is black and is symbolized by a wave. When water chooses to express its form by feminine yin energy, its color is gray and is symbolized by a brook.
In all connections, even in astrological interpretation the element of water expresses qualities that considered to be creativity, sensitive, reflecting, persuasive, effective, and desirable for all forms and manner of life, including the expression of sexuality.
An individual with an abundance of water in their charts or a chart expresses the need for family values, intimate connectivity and possesses the ability to attract or pull to it what it desires (being receptive, water attracts, rather than pursues). The challenging or negative emotions associated with water is fear, indecisiveness, vacillation, and uncertainty. Water is also very creative, psychic, intuitive, empathic, expressing deep emotion, sensitivity, and emotional awareness. Many individuals who are born under the element of water can sense things within their environment without saying a word.

Today a portal of opportunity has been opened, one that creates a sense of ease within us and throughout the entire Western hemisphere. We are being called to go within, to seek understanding and compassion for those who are different from us, or who may be just like us, to infuse our sacred hearts with the love of the Christ Consciousness, spiritual consciousness that ties all of humanity into ONE. We are all connected. We are brainwashed under the hologram of illusion to believe we are not all one that we are not connected by blood or spiritual inheritance, but the fact of the reality is that we ARE. We ALL come from the same source, no matter what name or labels we give to “it” for our own understanding or selfish means.

Sexuality, sexual orientation and the expression of it has long been a thorn of ridicule, oppression, deception and a tool for direction used against humanity since politicians have were born. WE have been told by religious texts and philosophies that we are SUPPOSED to be a certain way, want a certain thing and any straying from those expectations cause’s one to be “abnormal”, “wicked”, “unholy” or even an “abomination” to our creator. The truth is all of these things are man’s doing, the mind cannot comprehend how and why we were all created equal yet so very unique in our individual expression, a part of the collective but that the same time, apart from it. Break out of the chains that bind you. It's time!

This planetary connections are infusing energy into each and every human being on this planet. We are transformation, living out an alchemical process that supersedes any religion, dogma, social expectations. We are being “called out” to revisit those skeletons in our own closets and examine how we may have been operating from a position of hypocrisy when passing down judgment toward those who are not like us or who do not believe in what it is we choose to believe in.

Change, transition, progressive ways of BE-ing, innovative acceleration to societal upheaval and cleansing is taking place. We are being challenged to rethink this entire process of labeling, judging, by fighting the laws or the powers that be, so that humanity has access to equal rights, rights that allow all to receive their dues, benefits, their share of the pie.  For many this transition does not and will feel good. Many will try to hold onto outdated concepts, religious texts and dogma, all created to keep humanity stuck. I choose not to be stuck in the mud of hatred, judgment or even self-righteousness. Do you?

The moon conjunct Uranus is stimulating everyone into respecting, choices, to break down the fabric of the masses, the collective in a way that opens the portal to a new way of living amongst one another in harmony. The moon provides nurturing in Pisces from the highest spiritual seat within the universe and Uranus provides the electrical stimulation to zap us off of our butts to get this new way of nurturing in motion. Virgo offers balance by serving the masses in creating new definitions of expression, through the heart, creativity and love. Of the highest order we are called to reexamine what love is and to stretch the boundaries of how it is expressed from an individual perspective. Society is changing rapidly to support this connection, more will come, and we are not finished.

Lastly, Mars in Scorpio is beautifully stimulating these unconscious, electrifying and serving energies with the energy of transformation, we all have the opportunity to either serve our own selfish concepts or to serve EVERYONE’S needs to freedom of expression and choice or birth right! Whichever. Remember Scorpio is about digging into the shadow to uncover pearls of wisdom about our sexuality and how we need to express it, realizing that it doesn't necessarily make up who we are in totality but individually. Scorpio is about what society considers “deviant” sexual expression, things such as BDSM, FETISHES, KINK and SEXUAL ORIENTATION, it’s time to take this knowledge, dig in our own closets and COME OUT in truth, while allowing others to live their own. The very expression of this energetic connection is seen through the now very popular book, now turned movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Although many may not want to see HOW the act is executed, the same attitude can be said of those who have a different sexual orientation, but the need to ALLOW it to be expressed is what’s in focus here.

The time is Now! On a 22 foundation the wheels are moving, everything being built and brought into fruition. Laws are being passed, done away with and reconstructed to benefit a very real segment of our population that deserves rights to equality, it’s HUMAN RIGHTS and for this total lunar eclipse the universe doesn't seem to want to settle for anything less.

Goddess Rising LLC
CEO Persephone Moon
Officiating High Priestess; B.a Spiritual Divinity Ministries

Do not share, copy materials without permission of Persephone moon. You may share this information only by providing proper credit for my work on your blog, radio show, book or otherwise. Thank you! 


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