Our last Mercury retrograde of 2014

his is the last Mercury retrograde of the year! The lessons we’ve encountered throughout the year of 2014 have been tumultuous, life changing and soul forging.
When Mercury goes retrograde this provides each of us the ability to tap directly into our own power and seek what needs to be shifted, changed, redirected so that we can correct anything in our lives that no longer serves, because after all what we are here for is to learn, and let’s face it, there are far too many distractions we are bombarded with that do not serve our souls purpose.

This last Mercury retrograde will be in the sidereal placement of Libra, the zodiac sign of relationships, marriage, partnerships and union.  This focus is again on how relate with one another, not necessarily in love or romantic relationships, although Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love and attraction, this retrograde dives beneath the surface and delves into the matters of the heart chakra and connected it to the mind and not the loins, the sacral chakra.
It’s no secret that we’ve been inundated by the media, social media outlets, our personal relationships, friendships, business partnerships, yeah you get the flow, with challenges, important issues being raised and patterns of behaviors being questioned here. You see although Mercury is about the mind, Libra is about US, WE and OUR. So, what we are being confronted with here by Mercury universe is the ever deepening question of how do we communicate with OTHER?

Twin flames

Earlier in the blog I shared that this Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be the primary focus on romantic relationships, and to a degree this is true, there are many kinds of relationships, but I do not want to diminish the very real possibility that this retrograde period very well COULD be about twin flame unions coming into fruition or false ones coming to an end. Yes, TWIN FLAME unions can be sparked by this Mercury retrograde simply because of the many  planetary connections it will be making to the Moon, Venus and to the signs of Aquarius and it’s polarity of Leo, which is romance and creative expression. I also have to mention that Mercury will also be moving “backward” into the sign of Virgo. This will bring about detailed mental analysis of this question and seeking a manner in which we can actively put our insights and options for change into motion once Mercury goes direct in 3 weeks.

This retrograde period kicks off with a BANG! Mercury will be making an aspect to both the planets Neptune and the Moon both in the zodiac sign of Aquarius signaling the arrival of the “Christ Consciousness” energies supporting our inward movement through our soul in terms of relating.  The moon is a Goddess of divine feminine energy that supports our needs and our survival triggers to be mothered/nurtured in so many way. With Neptune being present at the very same degree (10) we are being supported by the God particle through the sacred number of 10 (1=us/0=God/esss).  Lastly, having Mercury connected to these two is an opportunity for us to think about what we are experiencing and FEELING during this transit.
Going a bit deeper into this analysis, we can go a bit higher and see that our communication skills with our higher selves is being cultivated here. Mercury in Libra in a trine with Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius gives us the opportunity for some radical and innovative insights to connect to the universe through our higher selves. What does this do? Increase our evolutionary process exponentially. This is something that will need and can definitely use as Mercury goes through its retrograde period, and use the insights from the communication with spirit, to engage it, literally use it so that we can become more effective and efficient souls in relating to others outside of self.
Take no fear in these retrograde periods as they are stepping stone for us to continue to evolve.

ending you love and supportive light on your Mercury retrograde journey!
Your astrological Goddess & CEO of “Goddess Rising LLC”
~Persephone Moon High Priestess


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