New! Weekly moon forecasting! September 15-21st 2014 What's in store?

Goddess Rising LLC Astro update for Monday, September 15, 2014 & astro stuffs

Author: Persephone Moon*High Priestess

Blue oceans of love being sent to each and everyone of you! We've got some very interesting energies to incorporate with our Mother moon over the next few weeks. Some exciting things are going to be instigating some global and personal changes for us in our everyday lives. We’ve got some pretty powerful potential to make some necessary changes in our approach to life, in terms of money, love, spirituality and our sexuality (expression). 
Over the next couple of day’s fertility energies increase and the work of womb cleansing and reawakening’s are definitely present.
But first, let’s take a brief look at what we may want to prepare for in terms of future conjuring and personal impressions in the next few weeks!
Cosmic power!!!
Ø Mars entered into Scorpio not too long ago
Ø We’ve got the planet Mercury going retrograde the first week of October until the middle of the month
Ø We’ve got a partial Solar eclipse
Please stay tuned! More information will be provided about these cosmic events in the weeks to come!
Moon Phases

Weekly astro weather on the Moon
“Understanding how the moon plays a significant role in our lives can increase our awareness and sensitivity to her presence. When we do this we are creating opportunities for growth, illumination, and emotional intelligence in not only our lives but the lives of those we interact with. Remember the moon is an unconscious energy, therefore I am of the belief that when we make our selves consciously aware of her gifts and opportunities we can increase our experience of obtaining victory while achieving the authenticity to express our true selves in our personal interactions.  One of the many tasks that a head priestess of any village would officiate is following the path, phases and energy of the moon for her clan/village and young priestesses. This act alone ensured the survival of her people and both her inner and outer awareness of the divine feminine to be lived through her, but to also be taught and shared to the village. That is why I have decided to provide weekly moon astro- forecasting.”
This is truly an honor that I receive this gift straight from the source! Mother Goddess Moon.”
~Persephone Moon2014

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Monday, September 15, 2014  (Moon Phase) Last Quarter Moon
We see the Moon at 29 degrees in the sign of Taurus. Here she’s in her exalted state and she’s offering us a last bit of this energy as 29 degrees is a “finishing degree”. What’s she finishing up for us this Monday?  The ability to feel grounded emotionally, to make plans for planting seeds for creating solid foundations in our lives concerning money, investments and the way we interact with women in our lives, especially our mothers.
Conjure alert!! Work your magic by releasing negativity from your life!
Tuesday, September 16th   (Moon Phase) Last Quarter Moon
Today the Moon is at 11 degrees Gemini! The sign of the twins! We may find our emotions vacillating today as we may not be able to dig too deeply on any given topic. The number 11 raises our intellect here in Gemini into the ether's of higher consciousness so be ready for some insights to come your way.

Wednesday, September 17th   (Moon Phase) Last Quarter Moon
Mama moon is bringing in the heavy hitter Saturn the planet of karma today. The moon will be at 23 degrees of Gemini making a square to Saturn in Libra. Saturn is all about working at something in order for us to get recognized or reap the rewards for it. The moon is still in Gemini so our emotions may not be too stable or easy to truly articulate, all the while Saturn may be causing some friction in relationships simply because there are things that need to be said that haven’t been. Because the moon represents our mothers this could be one of those relationships that is called for illumination. Check in and ask yourself if you and your mother or someone whom you look up to as a nurturer are being emotionally authentic with one another. Saturn initiates a time of maturation, is it time for you to grow up emotionally in regards to how you respond to your mother?

Thursday, September 18th   (Moon Phase) Waning Crescent Moon
Mama moon on this day is just beginning her journey into the emotional depths of the zodiac sign of Cancer and now connecting with Mars in Scorpio! Sizzling hot this one! This connection is a beautiful connection with these two as Cancer is ruled by the moon and governs our depth of emotions, while Mars is all about action and making things happen, Scorpio the sign of sex and transformation is offering up a plate of transpersonal alchemy and sexual union with a lover that will be intensely nurturing. Transpersonal alchemy you say? We have the power to transform ourselves through changing the relationships with our mothers or how we view our relationships with our mothers as Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio while Mars is also the ruler of this powerful sign. Oh without a doubt this is baby making potential in the making are you ovulating?
 Conjure alert!!! The crescent moon is perfect for using attraction magic!
Friday, September 19th & 20th   (Moon Phase) Waning Crescent Moon
The Moon is still in Cancer and she is partnered up with the planet of luck Jupiter also in Cancer. Beautiful combination as Cancer is ONE of the money signs and Jupiter brings money to whatever it touches in Cancer! Is there a promotion in the mix? Is there an opportunity to make more money working for a women’s cause? Something that supports humanity as this combination is connected to the Humanitarian planet Uranus in Pisces! Groups, organizations, Non-profits and networking can all lead up to opportunities for gain that not only serves and heals you but also supports the increasing vibration of humanity!

Sunday, September 21st    (Moon Phase) Waning Crescent Moon
The Moon has moved out of loving, nurturing Cancer and into the proud lioness, ruled by the Sun, Leo! The moon in Leo always provides us with plenty of warmth, fun and emotional drama! BEWARE! We’ve got an opposition with the Neptune exactly both at 10 degrees. Whew. There could be a lot of emotional stuff being tossed around today. Misunderstandings or conflicts between the ego (Leo) and the need to pay attention to others, more specifically humanity (Aquarius). Keep in mind that this aspect can be about increasing our own emotional vibration from the place of seeking love and adoration to KNOWING you are loved and adored by the prime creator and allowing the gifts you’ve been given to be of use to humanity in some creative fashion. This could be an illuminating moment to tap into your passion and share it with the world.
*This concludes the weekly moon forecast!
Please leave your comments and experiences on the blog!
See you next week!
~Persephone Moon
*Remember if you have any planets connected to the signs mentioned during this moon weekly forecast you will feel these moon connections more intensely, however, if you do not, you may not feel them at all or in a minor fashion, like a hiccup! 


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