Moon Priestess is a WESTERN SIDEREAL ASTROLOGER. When posting to social media sites my zodiac placements will reflect this.. but why?

I turn all negative and confusing situations into LIGHT!


I thought it would be beneficial to share with those who are my friends & acquaintances on social media outlets to understand what kind of astrology I practice. I have written about this before as I’ve either gone against the grain or with it. I sense that I need to offer a deeper explanation so that others can understand why my work is different from what they see in the media.  

 I have had some challenge my decision in my usage of Sidereal vs Tropical over my 14 year journey with astrology. I have fully embraced sidereal at one point and then began doing deeper work using astrological concepts that provided even more accurate and plentiful information for those who are seeking to gain deeper self-awareness. Some astrologers will make the futile argument about the procession of the ecliptic shifting so many degrees per year that changes the “read” of sidereal vs tropical astrology and I have found with astronomy programs this very small “shift” has no true weight in trying to denounce the validity or accuracy of sidereal astrology.  Therefore I continue to find immense value in its interpretation.  I believe that astrology is a multi-layered mandala that can assist us in so many ways. In its use of the planets, the elements, the stars, fixed or otherwise, constellations, etc. It’s truly demands a lifetime of study.

Aside from being challenged by some who are emphatically determined that THEIR way is the right way, I have tried to be gracious enough to combine both sidereal and tropical charts for clients who are either confused by my zodiac placements being “off” or not what “all of the other astrologers” are saying it’s in, to keep them comfortable and aligned with this mindset.  I’ve even successfully used sidereal astrology it to determine past lives vs this life tropical astrology which I affectionately call the “matrix” and given very accurate readings. Whenever someone comes to me they passionately disclose how they’ve never fully felt like their chart was interpreted in its fullness due to a piece “missing”, I believe this piece is the format that is being used. However, that is in my opinion and from the comments I’ve gained over the years. I’ve had other clients who hold on tightly to their tropical placements not willing to let go in favor of another interpretation, during those experiences I realized that this is THEIR truth and they have a right to it!
 Lastly, I’ve experienced those very same clients who never thought they’d release the tropical interpretation come to me and want to try sidereal again because they’ve had a soul epiphany and are ready to move in another direction, and guess what? It resonates 100%.  I had a wise mentor spank me by saying that “Those who are brave enough to make waves are doing the right thing when they find themselves going ‘against the tide”, in life it is not meant to always flow with it. In other words I am NOT HERE TO APPEASE THE MASSES.  To say the least that can be frightening at times when we are generally socialized as women to constantly seek approval.  I now accept it and stand strong in that power. I have come to the conclusion that myself, along with a small group of worldwide sidereal astrologers to gently pull those “who have ears to hear and a heart that is ready”, back to the astrology of our ancestors. My lesson has been learned. I am still evolving and learning my own lessons, this one has been a major one for that I give many thanks.

Being playful is healthy! :) and I've earned it! 


I have been a practicing astrologer for over 15 years this spring (2014). I’ve been a lifelong learner of this art and science and have literally elevated it from the mundane to the esoteric or spiritual realm. I’ve been told on numerous occasions by various seasoned astrologers that I have a “natural gift and affinity” for this use of divining and as an Oracle I skillfully have used this gift to assist not only myself in healing and self-awareness by many clients whom I still actively have and still do guide on their journey. I combine my gift, degrees and experience as a Spiritual Minister with astrological interpretation and powerfully assist women in gaining a deeper connection to the powers, motion and flow of the moon/Goddess energies coupled with the zodiac so that they can practically connect to these ancient practices in their own lives. I do so with all humility and grace. Therefore I find it a bit disconcerting to still be sieged by those who desire to discredit my choice in astrological interpretation.


My mission upon this planet holds many functions. But my MAIN function in all things is to bring together, combine, and unite women with the divine feminine.  This is my passion.  Astrology is my most favorite tool to use in assisting any woman who desires to go deeper into her own web of soul energy as it provides in my opinion the most accurate and detailed information that one can be provided with to live a truly authentic life.  My gifts using this tool provides extensive detail to what a soul is trying to convey in this life, not only to the person whose living it but for the rest of the world and the people that individual comes into contact with.  It should be noted that since the MOON moves so fast within our solar system that it frequently changes signs within a particular MOON PHASE. Therefore we gain the benefit of experiencing the sidereal and tropical interpretations, the universe is all relative.


I tap into all facets of a person’s soul. I do so with their permission. AS I am allowed by both my spirit guides and the clients. Astrologically I tap into the Fixed stars, asteroids, planets, constellations, points, nodes, decans, Vedic nakshatras (signs behind each zodiac sign), mansions of the moon, Sabian symbols (clairvoyant interpretations of astrological degrees), lastly I use a astronomy program to chart the actual placements during your time of birth in the REAL sky. Maintaining this practice leaves NO confusion as one can see where the planets and constellations fall along the ecliptic. I leave no path uncovered! My purpose is to align each soul with who they are at the moment of them requesting that I assist them on a particular part of their journey.  I truly believe that tapping into one’s own shadow (unconscious) is a powerful way to heal the self and to drop the fa├žade of the “not self.” Authentic living is the key to a truly present and joyful life.

astrological mandala


Please keep in mind that the placements I provide astrologically when posting information about the Moon or any other planet, may not be the sign you will frequently be seeing or hearing on other social media sites. Notice I will place *sidereal* in the headline or the message to inform you of this difference. If you have any questions about the placement I’ve provided by all means please inbox me, I am open to those who desire to learn and seek understanding.


Lastly, we all have the power of CHOICE! I am by no means perfect nor do I have the audacity to even think that MY way is the ONLY way. Therefore I do not take kindly to others who seem to think or believe that their way is the ONLY WAY.  That to me is small minded and arrogant.  We all have the right to choose what is best for us. Whether you desire to learn more or if my sidereal posts resonate with you and you embody them is entirely up to YOU and that should be respected by myself and anyone who sees you sharing my posts, however that would be in a perfect world. I completely respect anyone’s choice and decision to use tropical astrology as their truth, let’s encourage anyone who challenges YOUR truth to have a seat and allow your flow to JUST BE.

I respect the divine in you as it is a reflection of me!


I feel the need to apologize to anyone on any social media site that I may have engaged in immature banter with someone whose commented about my work, with me defending myself concerning my skill set using sidereal astrology.  While I know that when sharing information with the public will and can always open one up to criticism I do not suffer fools gladly, a lesson I am still learning to embody (ARIES SUN) and I know that not everyone is evolved enough to be open to reason, to ask questions before making sweeping assumptions and have the desire to truly engage in knowledge filled, respectful discussion. Therefore my taking part in this debasing activity is not acceptable nor will it ever happen again. :)

I hope that my sharing a bit about my choice in using sidereal astrology vs tropical has been beneficial for you!  I truly appreciate your support and sharing! I feel a deep sense of gratitude and very much enjoy being of service to you and humanity.

Persephone Moon * High Priestess
Founder & President of Goddess Rising LLC


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