Moon Conjuring of our September 9, 2014 Super~Full Moon~ REAPING THE HARVEST

"Conjuring with the moon during a time when the energies are heightened and at there most potent is an advantageous time to do work.  This super moon promises a exponential return on any work we choose to do at this time.

This work can include inner work, work for others, your community, the earth, as well as love spells and banishment.  With 9 years of experience working with the moon and the divine feminine energies I have come to not only respect the power of the moon but have begun to enjoy the conscious rewards of finding my own power as a woman through her light, shadow and darkness. Now as a metaphysical teacher it is my honor and desire to share this knowledge and personal experience with both women and men who are seeking to reconnect to her divine and infinite power. Now more than ever before souls are seeking to reconnect to these ancient practices as the world around us continues to shift and change around us. I am a believer that although change is a good thing, by tapping into our ancient DNA we can profoundly learn and make the necessary changes that are not only good for ourselves but for all of humanity.

Please take from this article what you will and discard anything that does not resonate with your soul. Remember these are merely MY suggestions and can be changed to fit your needs as you desire."
 ~ Persephone moon

The moon is the representation of the divine feminine and carries with her the energy and power to assist each of us in achieving our goals, desires and visions. When conjuring we can tap into these energies by using specific tools that magnify and support this energy for our well being and concentrated efforts.

Before I get into the tools necessary for this super full moon conjuring let me talk a bit about the signature of this full moon falls in the month of September.

In the Northern Hemisphere tonight there will be a Harvest Moon. This is the full moon that happens to be closest to the autumn equinox.  
Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon was given it's name by farmers for the extra light it provided during this time of year when crops were harvested. It allowed them to work longer to obtain their goal of reaping what they previously sowed, in this case the crops! The harvest moon is known by other names as well, such as the wine Moon, known for the plump grapes it yielding during this time of year to make wines.   It’s also called the Singing Moon as the festivals held to mark it would involve signing. This is also the last full moon before Halloween. The moon has been called the Elk Call Moon by the native American tribes. Other names by various cultures have been the Full Corn Moon and by some European peoples it's been called the Gypsy moon. The Chinese call it the Chrysanthemum moon because of the illusion of the color change. 
The Celts of ancient times used the harvest moon to mark the time before Samhain and prepared for it's celebration during which would be large parties, signing, dancing and drinking. Lastly the Norse called this full moon the first frost. They considered it to be the most powerful moon of the year and associated it with the trickster God Loki. The Norse noted that the was often the first full moon after the first frost of the winter seasons. They considered it to be the most powerful moon of the year and associated with the trickster god Loki.

Like our ancestors of old this moon holds a definitive magic and one that can be and in my opinion should be incorporated into our moon conjuring. By connecting with the message of the moon we can greatly align our purpose.  This moon supports the energy of reaping what we sow. So if so inclined ask yourself has there been anything you've planted over the course of these past 9 months in 2014 that you feel you are deserving of reaping? In collecting YOUR harvest? The work can be both personal or collective or both. 
Personally I've been working on changing and recreating my identity through clearing mother wound energies. These past 9 months have taken me on a wild ride through acknowledgement, pain, self discovery, understanding, loving healing, an literal initiation and sent me back to school to finish my masters and to prepare for  my PhD. All of this has been through moon work! What do I reap? The rewards of accessing my authentic identity and living that truth each day, providing me with the courage and determination to meet my goals and my mission in this life.
Now of course yours can be simple, not so heavy so to speak, it could have been acknowledging the need for new employment, a desire for greater diversity in your life, a new relationship, healing from a bad relationship or maybe it's been work you've done for mother earth or a loved one? Whatever your personal journey as been ask yourself if you're ready to reap it? If so, then let's continue with the our tools for our conjuring!

Drawing down the moon &Tools for Conjure

The full moon is the perfect time to do what's called 'Drawing down the Moon'. Here's how you can do so.
In this beautiful and powerful rite, the practitioner invokes the Goddess directly into herself (or himself). When involved in a group or sacred circle a High Priestess may go into a trance like state and speak the words of either the universal or her patron Goddess, it can also be a formal monologue calling upon the Goddess in her many forms. If you are going solo without an HP, then calling upon the universal goddess is fine.  Regardless of how you practice it, Drawing Down the Moon is best performed on the night of the full moon, or on the night immediately before. While it’s more suitable to be performed outside, if the weather is inclement or your neighbors are easily startled, you can hold the ritual indoors.

  1. Stand at your altar with your arms crossed over your chest, and feet together. Face towards the full moon.  You may recite these words by saying:
    Goddess of the Moon, You have been known by many names in many lands in many times. You are universal and constant. In the dark of night, You shine down upon us and bathe us in Your light and love. I ask You, O Divine One, to honor me by joining with me, and allowing me to feel Your presence within my heart.
  2. Move your feet apart to about shoulder width, and raise your arms up and out to welcome the Goddess into you. The next part is one that you can memorize and learn, or you can speak spontaneously from the heart. You will begin to feel a surge of energy, a palpable tingle – don’t worry, that’s the Goddess making Herself known to you. Feel free to change these words as you like. You are speaking for Her, in Her voice, so let Her say what She wishes. Say:
    “I am the Mother of all life, the One who watches over all. I am the wind in the sky, the spark in the fire, the seedling in the earth, the water in the river.
  3. Continue:
    "I am the vessel from which All Things spring forth.
    Honor Me from within your heart! Remember that acts of love and pleasure are My rituals, and that there is beauty in all things.
    Honor Me on this night of the full moon! I have been with you since the moment you were created, and shall remain with you always.
    Let there be beauty and strength, wisdom and honor, humility and courage within you. If you need Me, call upon Me and I shall come to you, for I am everywhere, always.
    Honor Me as you seek knowledge! I am the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, and I live within you.
  4. Feel the power of the Goddess within you it is helpful to take 3 full breathes, in through the nose and out through the mouth gently, this will center you as you feel her energy surge within you. When you are ready, conclude with:
    I look down upon the sands of the desert, I crash the tides upon the shore, I shine on the mighty trees of the forests, and watch with joy as Life continues every cycle.
    Be true to Me, honoring that which I have created, and I shall be true to you in return.
    With harm to none, so it shall be.” I also add: "As above so below."
  5. Take a few moments to stand and bask in Her glow, and to meditate upon that which you have just experienced. Once the energy surge has subsided, lower your arms, and proceed with your ritual.


Tools that can be used for your ritual can include the following:

1. An alter
2. a white cloth
3. water
4. Moonstone crystal or Crystal Quartz
5. candles (white, orange, or electric blue, silver)  these colors can be used in combination with the triple goddess energies (the power of three) white, silver and Orange or you can use just white. 
6. Incense
7. Photo or rendition of the full moon
8. your petition to the Goddess/ full moon request
9. Photo of your patron moon Goddess if you know her and/or a plate of fruit (sliced apples) as an offering *(if you choose not to offer food, offer a bouquet of flowers in it's place.)

The set up of this alter can very simple as stated by the items I've listed here. You can place the white or silver cloth on the table or surface, a small cup of water, the crystal and candles in the center of the alter or surface, incense such as frankincense and myrrh ( my personal favorite) off to the side, your photo on the other side and after you've recited your petition, place it on the alter for 7 days. Meditate on your request daily, believing that it will COME to you. At the end of the 7 days take your fruit or flowers off of your alter and bury them in your front yard. I keep a place near the left side of my house (representative of the divine feminine left side) just for offerings. It doesn't have to be large. If you can't bury due to not having your own home, then place the offering in a paper bag, put a heart on the front in red marker, place the offerings in the bag and then give thanks as you throw it away. As you do give thanks to the goddess and all that is for hearing your request. 

If you have any questions about this conjure please connect with me by leaving comments in the section of this blog! ~ Persephone Moon


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