Last SUPER moon of 2014 *sidereal* Evolution of our ego into higher consciousness

The last Super Moon of 2014 offers us a promise of universal awakenings, personal progressive insights, emotional rebellion and an opportunity to align with our souls higher calling to achieve the goals we have set out to conquer!

Aspects to this Super Moon 
*Note that all of the other planets and connections (aspects) have been removed from this chart due to them not having a direct connection with the moon during this super moon, full moon period.  

Super Moon on September 9. 2014 Full moon in Aquarius *Sidereal

This is the last super moon of the year! So far what a year it's been! We've had a lot of changes both personal and collective happening in just 9 months of the year and they have been INTENSE to say the least.

This SUPER MOON promises to bring about the same intensity as we are now undergoing a true purging and cleansing of our lower selves to make room for our higher selves mission in this life. The Full moon is ushering in some pretty powerful feminine energy while working in unison with the masculine energy of the sun. More on what that's all about a bit further on in this blog.

Moon conjuring & Divine feminine work is one of the best ways to reconnect to our divine feminine centers. It provides each of us the opportunity to live our emotional and psychological truths in a authentic manner when we decide to tap into our reserves. Emotional, receptive, intuitive, hyper vigilant in tapping into our most sacred centers the womb and our direct connection to all things feminine and the collective unconscious energies.  Not always working alone the moon needs the energy of the sun to project light through her consciousness and therefore share it with the world, in various phases she is either working intensely with the sun to project these energies or some what passively. The only time she is not working with the masculine energies of the sun is when she is DARK or void of course. This is when she is truly using her cosmic shamanic powers to cleanse, release and thus transform.

Sun illuminating the moon~Full Moon

What this connection to the sun teaches us is that everything within our solar system and the universe with our bodies, carries the celestial map of balance, through the archetypes and avatars of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. During the FULL MOON phase this truth is powerfully present. In order for the moon to be FULL and ILLUMINATED the sun has to be at her polar opposite radiating his intense light onto her orb. When this happens we see her in all of her fullness and glory.

If you look at the astrological chart I've provided you can see at the bottom of the chart in the 4th house the SUN is currently in the zodiac sign of LEO and is sitting directly across the MOON in the 10th house currently in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The RED line shows an OPPOSITION which means balance is required in order for the energies to align and work in unison with one another. Sound familiar? Even in the cosmos we've got lessons in working as a team, balancing relationships through the work of empathy (the moon) and our sense of identification (the sun).

The sun

It should be duly noted that the light, the SUN represents our ego, our consciousness, the manner in which we display our goals, and identity. The sun is assertive and direct, not passive and receptive like moon.

When looking at the energies we presently have with this particular Moon in Aquarius in opposition to the Sun in Leo we've got some balancing to incorporate into our lives on both a personal and collective level. Personally we may find ourselves being challenged by someone in our jobs, our personal relationships, our higher consciousness to take a good look at how we define ourselves, how our identity is wrapped up into others or in our jobs or in a cause. There could be a lack of self confidence or self understanding in terms of what we need to identify with in order for us to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. Leo rules creativity and the sun provides us with the energy and the confidence to step out and do what we came here to accomplish. If we are unsure about which path to take, what to remove from our ego's we may find ourselves in for quite a shock when someone or something outside of us challenges us to take a deeper look. When we are challenged we will FEEL IT, like an electrical current moving through our veins, it can not be ignored.  What this energy is that is moving through us is the avatar of higher consciousness, through this higher consciousness we are being challenged to incorporate some new ideals, progressive thoughts, innovative ways of making change not only within our selves but somewhere else in the world that will have a strong and identifiable impact on someone or something else. The whole goal here is to remove our egos perceptions, it may be holding onto dear life to an outmoded idea, expression that needs to get a radical "face lift", one that will usher in a new way of doing things and throw out the old way of doing things for the good of all.

What we are actually doing is merging energies of the divine feminine the receptor with the divine masculine the initiator. WE don't necessarily need to throw the baby out with the bath water, but we may certainly need to CHANGE the water! How do we do this? By becoming aware of the lessons being presented to us, through the act of humility, grace and gratitude something the sun certainly needs from time to time. When we are able to incorporate an idea, perception, suggestion from another and merge it with our own vision of ourselves it's a win/win scenario.

What does this look like? I've had many individuals message me about starting new jobs, getting fired from jobs, quitting jobs, ending relationships or changing relationships (abusive), clarifying their own self expression by reclaiming their independence, building an identity and recognizing their own self worth, at best through radical and emotionally charged situations, this is all representative of the OPPOSITION with LEO AND AQUARIUS in this last super moon!  The key is always to stop, wait, listen, integrate and make the necessary changes that will benefit all and not just one.

Now let's look at the other two aspects in this chart for September 9. 14. 

You see a "KEY" symbol sitting next to the Moon this is CHIRON the wounded healer. This wound is a collective wound but one that will impact many of us on a personal level, especially if you have LEO OR AQUARIUS in your chart. The wounded healer is one that represents a deep pain or insecurity in our lives. In Aquarius is signifies a sense or feeling of detachment from our CREATOR. Through this sense of or FEELING of "NOT BELONGING" to the collective pool of creation, we may also feel alienated from our brothers and sisters in humanity. When this wound occurs we often feel a sensation of being alone, not connected too others and a deep sadness that we are not divine within our own right. When this happens we feel lost, a lack of desire in connecting with others on an intimate level and aloof, cold and withdrawn. Having this dynamic so close to the moon our emotions may be running a muck or be intensely potent and volatile at this time. We do not feel connected to our creative output, our energy may be zapped and even depression can "kick" in, getting our attention that it's time to put our creative juices and collective inspiration from the divine into practical and dynamic use for OTHERS.

Leo is here to create, to share that creativity with the world or the public in some way, Aquarius is here to uplift, heal and to radically shift the status quo within the infrastructure of society, merging these too offers the gift of belonging to something outside of ourselves, such as a cause, an example would be to become apart of a community of women (moon) that strives to offer a service that will change the manner in which people experience life, like providing organic food markets in neighborhoods that otherwise wouldn't provide access to single low income mothers who desire to feed their children healthy foods but are not in proximity to let's say a Whole foods market. This aspect allows for CREATIVE thinking through Leo and the Sun, while providing a radical change for women in a community that they can benefit from, the Aquarius Moon.

Lastly, let's take a quick look at Saturn in the 6th house in Libra making a sextile to the Sun in Leo.

What does this mean? Saturn is the task master and one that signifies an energy of hard work and determination through the development of discipline, planning and right action. When in sextile to anything we have an a GIFT of OPPORTUNITY presenting itself! Opportunity that once the ego has been healed, innovative and potent changes have been sort forth through action of some kind, we have the gift of opportunity through victory! Saturn although a task master is one that offers rewards for hard work done! If we pay attention to what needs to be let go of through the illumination of the sun via the full moon we can heal wounds, regain connectivity by giving to others thereby feeding ourselves and receive accolades from our peers, authority figures, bosses, supervisors, teachers in the process. I don't know about you but that sounds amazing to me! Stepping up and stepping OUT is the gift of this planetary connection.  This can occur in our personal lives, our jobs, our careers, our destinies and our souls.

What does the SUPER MOON have to do with this potent configuration? It magnifies the energies 10 fold!  Super moon powers intensify the MOON'S energy 10 fold. Therefore anything that we put into motion from the lessons that are revealed, we benefit from in so many ways. Like those electrical currents flowing through our bodies, seeking to initiate awareness, this super moon promises to DELIVER the rewards of our efforts, growth, creativity expression and radical sharing with all of humanity through the avenue of our communities.


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