September 2, 2014~ First Quarter Moon in Scorpio and the magic gift of the Master number 11 *sidereal

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13 Moon Magic~ conjuring by the moon             
  by Persephone Moon High Priestess

First Quarter Moon phase is upon us on September 2, 2014

Duration is 7 days; time of ascension 11:11 AM

FOCUS OF MOON PHASE: Crisis in Action
What we want to focus on is the truth that in this particular phase mother moon in the First Quarter phase comes a pitch of increasingly organized individual activity. This organized, focused and forceful activity is necessary when we are confronted with a decision that calls for us to be focused. For whatever reason, failure to act clearly and forcefully now will have significant repercussions on the unfolding cycle of activity.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS MESSAGE: Purging what is no longer needed for our growth & Stepping into our Goddess energy

Planetary Ruler is Pluto
Scorpio energy seems to keep finding us again. This energy is one that can become obsessive with clearing out what is no longer needed to serve our higher purpose.  Many will become focused on cleansing our womb as Scorpio rules not only sex but our reproductive organs. Speaking of sex there may be an increase of activity or at least some intense sexual feelings during this time. Sexual desires that are considered taboo may surface at this time calling for us to step outside the “box” and try something new.  Scorpio energy is all about the “Shadow” work and when in the moon she calls for us to move into clearing out the old “stuff” we have with material figures in our lives, our mothers and with the feminine dynamic in general.
 On a collective scale how often do we find ourselves facing our shadow when we are confronted with a particular women’s right issue, or find ourselves being mistreated, disrespected or judged by someone who seems to feel they have a right to tell us about ourselves? Do we stand up and defend our honor or do we stand in silence and stew, dreaming up ways to get our revenge in a passive aggressive manner? Scorpio is definitely about power, control and fear. This phase can call for us to pay attention to any patterns that outline these energies during this phase. It’s crucial we tap into how we are feeling about these patterns and seek to gain a deeper understanding by either accepting them or banishing them from our experience.
PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION: Feelings of exhaustion, lethargy, dynamic emotional responses and reactions. Old stuff may come to the surface as we are called to focus on either healing particular issues or eliminating them entirely.

Magical Purpose - Between the new and full moon is a period of the Waxing moon. Used for constructive magic such as, inner love spells, protection and healing energy, wealth, success, courage, or health.


The vibration energy of a Master Number is more intense than a single digit number (1-9), and in fact a master number is the doubled energy of its consisting prime the number 1; in this case the energetic vibrations of the #1 are doubled. These vibrations can either manifest in the positive or the negative depending on the soul and how it’s used.
The master number 11 has a vibration frequency of balance: masculine & feminine, sun & moon energy, thought and spirit, work and play.
Master number 11 represents higher ideals, imagination, awareness, invention, sensitivity, the power of creative manifestation, refinement, balance, fulfillment, and vision.

When a Master number is seen along esoteric energies it’s a WAKE UP call from the cosmos, the creatrix force, a triggering of our DNA to awaken. By using these energies for 7 days we are in fact increasing our ability to pull in both the divine masculine and feminine energies, cultivate our higher ideals, our creative forces and align with our soul’s purpose.

Goddess Rising LLC
Author Persephone Moon
High Priestess

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