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New! Weekly moon forecasting! September 15-21st 2014 What's in store?

Goddess Rising LLC Astro update for Monday, September 15, 2014 & astro stuffs
Author: Persephone Moon*High Priestess
Blue oceans of love being sent to each and everyone of you! We've got some very interesting energies to incorporate with our Mother moon over the next few weeks. Some exciting things are going to be instigating some global and personal changes for us in our everyday lives. We’ve got some pretty powerful potential to make some necessary changes in our approach to life, in terms of money, love, spirituality and our sexuality (expression).  Over the next couple of day’s fertility energies increase and the work of womb cleansing and reawakening’s are definitely present. But first, let’s take a brief look at what we may want to prepare for in terms of future conjuring and personal impressions in the next few weeks! Cosmic power!!! ├śMars entered into Scorpio not too long ago ├śWe’ve got the planet Mercury going retrograde the first week of October until the middle of the mon…

Moon Priestess is a WESTERN SIDEREAL ASTROLOGER. When posting to social media sites my zodiac placements will reflect this.. but why?

I thought it would be beneficial to share with those who are my friends & acquaintances on social media outlets to understand what kind of astrology I practice. I have written about this before as I’ve either gone against the grain or with it. I sense that I need to offer a deeper explanation so that others can understand why my work is different from what they see in the media.  
PLEASE ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN WHY I AM DOING THIS:  I have had some challenge my decision in my usage of Sidereal vs Tropical over my 14 year journey with astrology. I have fully embraced sidereal at one point and then began doing deeper work using astrological concepts that provided even more accurate and plentiful information for those who are seeking to gain deeper self-awareness. Some astrologers will make the futile argument about the procession of the ecliptic shifting so many degrees per year that changes the “read” of sidereal vs tropical astrology and I have found with astronomy progra…

Moon Conjuring of our September 9, 2014 Super~Full Moon~ REAPING THE HARVEST

"Conjuring with the moon during a time when the energies are heightened and at there most potent is an advantageous time to do work.  This super moon promises a exponential return on any work we choose to do at this time.

This work can include inner work, work for others, your community, the earth, as well as love spells and banishment.  With 9 years of experience working with the moon and the divine feminine energies I have come to not only respect the power of the moon but have begun to enjoy the conscious rewards of finding my own power as a woman through her light, shadow and darkness. Now as a metaphysical teacher it is my honor and desire to share this knowledge and personal experience with both women and men who are seeking to reconnect to her divine and infinite power. Now more than ever before souls are seeking to reconnect to these ancient practices as the world around us continues to shift and change around us. I am a believer that although change is a good thing, by …

Last SUPER moon of 2014 *sidereal* Evolution of our ego into higher consciousness

The last Super Moon of 2014 offers us a promise of universal awakenings, personal progressive insights, emotional rebellion and an opportunity to align with our souls higher calling to achieve the goals we have set out to conquer!

*Note that all of the other planets and connections (aspects) have been removed from this chart due to them not having a direct connection with the moon during this super moon, full moon period.  

Super Moon on September 9. 2014 Full moon in Aquarius *Sidereal

This is the last super moon of the year! So far what a year it's been! We've had a lot of changes both personal and collective happening in just 9 months of the year and they have been INTENSE to say the least.

This SUPER MOON promises to bring about the same intensity as we are now undergoing a true purging and cleansing of our lower selves to make room for our higher selves mission in this life. The Full moon is ushering in some pretty powerful feminine energy while working in unison with the m…

September 2, 2014~ First Quarter Moon in Scorpio and the magic gift of the Master number 11 *sidereal

Goddess Rising LLC
13 Moon Magic~ conjuring by the moon                by Persephone Moon High Priestess
First Quarter Moon phase is upon us on September 2, 2014

Duration is 7 days; time of ascension 11:11 AM
FOCUS OF MOON PHASE: Crisis in Action What we want to focus on is the truth that in this particular phase mother moon in the First Quarter phase comes a pitch of increasingly organized individual activity. This organized, focused and forceful activity is necessary when we are confronted with a decision that calls for us to be focused. For whatever reason, failure to act clearly and forcefully now will have significant repercussions on the unfolding cycle of activity.
ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS MESSAGE: Purging what is no longer needed for our growth & Stepping into our Goddess energy

ZODIAC SIGN is in  SIDEREAL SCORPIO Planetary Ruler is Pluto Scorpio energy seems to keep finding us again. This energy is one that can become obsessive with clearing out what is no longer needed to serve …