Super, super Moon on August 10, 2014 in Capricorn (Sidereal) moving into Aquarius

How the Goddess moves!
I am often one to say that when the Goddess speaks I am swift to listen and if necessary to act. That saying has never been more powerful and present than at this present time in my life. I am currently undergoing a rebirth, an initiation that will change my life forever. Preparing for a literal initiation at the moment I never thought the Goddess would call upon me to share her wisdom as I am in the process of descending into the underworld, however, she has spoken through an unexpected way, through an individual who kindly inboxed me to share how much they loved my sharing about the previous super moons and loved to learn from me (the teachings).  
My life's mission is to lead, guide, minister, teach and spread the news of the practicality and availability of the Goddess mysteries to anyone who is ready to receive them. During my deep contemplation suddenly she whispered into my soul, it is time for you to share this message with everyone who has ears to listen and a soul that is ripe for evolving. It is true you are in the midst of great change but my words need to be shared for all to hear. Moments later I am here before you crafting this message. I am Grateful and humble for the opportunity to stay grounded in my purpose, all the while preparing to depart. I give thanks to the Goddesses who assist me and to whom I serve and walk with in this life for full and complete illumination. 
As above, so below!

Super moon

Super, Super Moon of August 10, 2014 will be in the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn is about building and crystallizing behaviors as we continue to grow and mature into who we are on an authentic level. Capricorn is a "mountain climber" it seeks to gain success by hard work. It's planetary ruler certainly supports this. Saturn is about slowing us down so that we can integrate what it is we need to evolve. 
There are no steps to miss here. What comes to mind is great planning, foresight and deep contemplation as to the direct you wish to take. Within those thoughts, patterns emerge and your feet will need to find the path that will bring about the success/victory you need to achieve and experience to go higher into your purpose and soul's mission here on earth. Your climbing will not be easy as the road to heaven's gate is wrought with rubble but if planned for, you can achieve what it is you seek in all divine glory and divine right.
THE MOON in Capricorn is about nurturing those things within that provide us with stability, integrity and things that will LAST. There are no short cuts here as we are meant to build our souls brick by brick from the ground up into the heavens, where we can touch the face of the creatrix force: Mother/Father God/ess. We need to pay attention to what it is we need to nurture within ourselves for this growth and building to take place. We are not here to throw our ideas, our thoughts into the wind, we are here to nail them down, to provide them with concrete form so that they can bear fruit. Without planting the right seeds (intentions) we will not bear the fruit we desire. Be mindful in your actions.

Capricorn/Saturn represents Mountains

This super, super moon that we are going to have is going to exponentially bring the Goddess to earth for her to "bless" us with our desire to manifest and create our lives in a manner that we see fit. It's about providing us with the illumination we need to SEE THE PATH before us, to walk clearly into our future in our NOW and build those structures we need to house our greatest treasures and teachings. Experiences, skills, lessons we've learned along the way that make us who we are in the NOW. WE NEED TO weather the storms that come to us during the climb but no if we push forward and do not turn back due to the limitations and fear we will experience victory! 
Climbing a mountain takes SIGHT. We have to see where we are going, what is the safest path to the top, moving obstacles (rocks, holders) out of the way, clearing a path to the left, the right, in the middle means mindfulness and sense of PURPOSE. There is THOUGHT behind our journey and the goal that we are seeking needs to be clearly defined and planned. 

The super, super moon will provide that clarity through the illumination of her light. Make sure you are seeing things as they are and not as you WANT them to be. We only need the portion of the ego that allows us to move in ACTION, RIGHT ACTION toward our goals, not the ego that is inflated with pride and prejudice just for the sake of GLORY and superficial accolades in achievement. These rewards come from "on high" not by man or woman alone.

Working with the celestial light of the FULL MOON/DIVINE FEMININE ENERGIES

Lastly, the SIGHT we are speaking about here does not only have to do with our physical senses, it also has to do with our PSYCHIC sight. The moon is a psychic energy and with her being extra, extra large on this day she will be washing the planet with her luminescence and giving us the support we need to connect to our inner KNOWING. When we connect to our inner knowing we are being led by the sacred divine, and this energy comes from within because we are all from this source.

Keep in mind if you choose to do a ritual, a prayer, send a petition.......
  • The focus is building.
  • The goal is walking the path that is illuminated before, clearing away inner and outer debris and trusting your gut to get you where you need to go
  • The gift is illumination of that path (mission) and purpose and the potential to see whose assisting you in this life (possibly past lives) to get the job done, in love and infinite support. This comes in when the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius: THE GREAT AWAKENER. Who could be assisting you? What Goddess? God? Ancestor? The awakener will show you if you only have the courage and the boldness to LOOK.

Love to all! See you on the other side!

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