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hases of the moon offer us insights into HOW, WHEN and WHY to work within a particular moon phases energy.  I will be providing pearls of wisdom when working with the moon and her phases (faces) and what you may want to focus on during a particular phase.

The astrological signs will be an addition that I will add so that you can begin to understand how the energy of a zodiac sign merges with a particular moon phase, seeing how it creates a magical elixir of potential and possibilities.

Please keep in mind that nothing I share is “written in stone”, as containers of divine light you carry within you your own creative force and may wish to delete or add things that will either benefit yourself or others.

As you begin to work with the moon’s energies more frequently you may find that it becomes second nature and that signifies a symbiotic conscious dance between your soul and the divine feminine, a container that you naturally carry within each of you. As you delve more deeply and frequently into her pool of light, shadow and darkness you can begin to do inner work, clearing, healing and experience personal illumination.

On August 18, 14

·       The moon is in a Waning moon phase

·       Zodiac Gemini*Tropical
·       Duration is 7 days

Last Quarter Moon Phase (also known as Waning)

he Waning moon phase carries with it the energy of RELEASE, BANISHING and REJECTING those things that have a negative influence over our lives.  Because the moon is the foundation or the “seat” of our emotions this can include things/people that stir up negative emotions, create diseases or dis-ease within our bodies, ailments and bad habits, emotional eating, anything that truly keep us from connecting with our needs and natural hungers (such as food intake).
Spells used for letting go of these negative influences, illnesses or bad habits can be cleared on this moon phase.  Negative energies from the physical body, either yours or others, your home (Moon rules the home), ritual circles and tools etc. can be performed at this time.

Keep in mind that when you remove any energy that you want to fill the void you’ve created with something positive. What kinds of things can be positive? For example, if you want to release emotional eating at this time you may want to banish that behavior over a 21 day period by replacing any triggers to eat when stressed with something else, like reading a book, going for a walk, taking a nice aromatic bath, meditation etc. After 21 days come back and assess how you are doing in creating a positive habit when you’ve been mindful to REMOVE the negative one.

Lastly, due to this being a banishing moon phase, we want to focus our energy and mindfulness (CONSCIOUSNESS) on what that replacement will LOOK LIKE FOR US IN OUR FUTURE. IN this way we are using the law of cause and effect. When using the law of cause and effect we can tap into the well of creative visualization to see our future as desire it to be. Using this technique during daily meditation, or upon going to sleep at night or waking up will set your REALITY in motion.

he zodiac sign of Gemini is an energy that is quite fast and mercurial. Ruled by the planet Mercury and intellect Gemini brings with it an opportunity to have our spells or conjuring sent to the universe in lighting speed. Gemini is the master of communication and as such has a desire and knack for relaying messages through the cosmos for all to hear and to receive what it is we need.

The sign of the twins Gemini can be about “two minds”, one being positive and other negative. In no way does this mean that one is either ‘good or bad’ but rather this energy works as one of constant questioning and query always seeking the most proficient and efficient means of communicating a particular message and at the same time, making us waver between what we are actually feeling and what we are THINKING. The moon remember is a FEELING light, and Gemini is of the MIND, therefore it may take some time to actually recognize what you are thinking from what you are feeling in regards to what you wish to banish and re-create.

When working with Gemini energy during conjure one must be ever mindful to articulate effectively what one seeks to request from the universe.  Very simply write down what it is you wish to achieve AND what it is you want to SEE happen.

How do you want your reality to change? How will it LOOK? What actions will you take to ensure it will get there? How do you FEEL about your new reality? These are just my questions, you may have some of your own, write them down and meditate upon them so that you embody what your intentions are. When doing so Gemini can work more effectively in sending your message from your higher self to the universe quickly!

Sidereal Moon in Taurus
or those of you who follow the sidereal movements of the cosmos such as myself this moon’s phase will begin here.  The moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus so this position is one of an advantage since Taurine energy is very much about grounding anything it touches. Working with the moon in this sign we are experiencing a higher octave of energy that is seen like a gift from the cosmos! Taurus grounds our emotions, making us very clear about what we are feeling, and why we are feeling it. This signs energy does not waiver in its approach and is seen as a dependable energy when coupled with the moon’s many different expressions. Again the theme stays the same in banishing, releasing and letting go. Being specific is always a plus as we are still working with cosmic energies that need us to be clear and concise.  Taurus will provide us with a stable, secure and safe travel from your higher self to the universe as it seeks to solidify what it is we wish to ground in our reality here on earth.

Tools for conjure
The tools you wish to use can be the ones suggested here or ones that you choose. Nothing is written in stone, be creative and use what resonates with you.

Ø Candle
Ø Container of water
Ø Incense (Gemini)
Ø Earth (Taurus)
Ø Pen
Ø Paper
Ø Music
Ø Your voice (speak your desires out loud)
Ø Representation of the Moon phase
Ø Your patron Moon Goddess (give thanks for her presence in your life)

Persephone Moon
High Priestess of the Dark Moon & Women’s Mysteries
BA.d of Spiritual Divinity and Metaphysics

Initiated High Priestess & Shadow Walker
*Please do not share or duplicate without my permission. 


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