The Super FULL Moon July 12, 2014 in Capricorn~Aquarius *Tropical

We've got a power packed super moon extravaganza within our midst's! Three super moon's in a row for us mere earth dwellers to experience. One in July 12, during a full moon in Capricorn making the transition to Aquarius, August 10th, and September 9th 2014.   Get ready!

When there is a super moon this means that the presence and proximity of the moon is closer to earth than we normally experience, making it bigger and brighter! This extra magnetic pull of illumination and cosmic feminine energy brings forth many gifts for us to use for our own spiritual growth but also for that of others.  

The Moon is all about nurturing, feeding, supporting, shifting, transformation, magic, sexuality, mothering, life, death, needs, hungers, our desires and yes even the collective unconscious. She rules our very desires through the water and magnetic pull she has over our bodies, minds and emotions. When she is huge with LIFE as in the Super Moon PHASE she is offering up a banquet of lessons, messages and healing that we should not in my opinion turn away from or at the very least be aware of.

Keep in mind that Super moons are not that unique. They occur on average about 5 times within our calendar year, however, they don't usually happen back to back! If you'd like to gain a deeper insight as to what super moons are you can visit my prior blog on the subject from last year here:

In THIS blog I'd like to share the ENERGY of the July (2014) Super FULL moon so we can grasp the message fully and clearly, working in unison with the energies of the full moon ILLUMINATION.

Before us unfolds a story, a beautiful story that allows the energy of the cosmos to play out before us like a grand opera.  WE have here the opportunity to dip into the pool of moon glow so that we may piece together for ourselves the parts that play in unison within us, the song of this super moon phase calls out for our souls TO PAY ATTENTION so we can bathe in the illumination of her healing light.

For this full moon's message I keep hearing the word SYNERGY.  Two energies working in unison which are far more greater, powerful than their independent expressions. WE have a Capricorn full moon, Capricorn being ruled by the planet Saturn, providing us with the energy of studiousness, limitations, authority, perseverance, all those qualities that in the end, if we stand strong and put in the hard work brings about success and achievement. SUPER achievement with this super full moon. Climbing to the top, slipping and falling along the way but never giving up. The limitations of Saturn only superimpose upon the psyche our ability to put in the hard work to gain those things that are truly important. No fluff, nothing superficial, Saturn and Capricorn seek out those things that are concrete, solid, determined, dependable.  Not one for fun and games, Capricorn seeks to provide one with maturation from hard work given, deeds noticed and accounted for and therefore brings about the phase in one's life of taking responsibility for one's CHOICES and ultimately being rewarded for. On the physical plane this will take on the looks of material rewards, a raise, a higher paying job with that window office you've had your eye one, a bigger house, a more expensive car, you get the picture.  Along with that comes more RESPONSIBILITY.  Ah yes, Saturn/Capricorn provides and rewards but not without you delving deeper into your own well of power and having to share your resolve and determination with and for others. On the spiritual plane these rewards will look a lot differently.  Rewards may come in the form of finally reaching the mountain top, to create a deeper connection with the creatrix force, to "God" or "Goddess", finding inner peace and a level of skill and mastery that allows one to be considered a "Guru" or a "Master teacher."  After all, Saturn is either the Crone or Wise Man (Father time) esoterically, these rewards prove that one has put in the work that is needed to obtain and reap the benefits of hard work, soul work well done! This is the "mark" of the Master Teacher whose wisdom serves HUMANITY rather than itself or it's desire for material rewards for it's accolades.

Crone with her familiar the Raven

Traditional depiction of a Crone
Let's talk about the Crone briefly. The crone is often depicted in our Western culture as old, haggard, tired and broken.  Although she contains the culmination of all of life's experiences, wisdom and esoteric knowledge SHE is never young, vibrant or beautiful. Have you ever wondered why that is? Certainly there is nothing wrong with women coming into the age/stage of life were we are visibly elders, that to me is a form of high honor. If you are a woman whose reached this age/stage as the beautiful picture on the right, come into your Crone phase, I commend you! I embrace you! Those within your community and intimate circles should be honored to have you.

However, when continuously depicted in the phase of life where this society deems women worthless, used up, unattractive, is a disrespect that can and should no longer be tolerated! The reason why this image is perpetuated is due to the patriarchal cultural fear of women's power and all of our inherent gifts that come with that power.  Of course we SHOULD NEVER be able to carry this power young, vibrant and fully sexual and capable of forming life within our wombs!  We have to be DEPLETED to carry this signature, this my Goddesses is simply NOT TRUE!

Keep in your mind the TRUTH that the CRONE does not need to be an "elder" or literally old to carry the energy or gifts of a CRONE. In fact you can reach the CRONE phase at a very early age and carry her energy with you throughout your lifetime. Women who carry this signature young are often called "old souls", "SHE was born before her time", "SHE  is so mature for her age", "she is much "older" than she looks " or even statements such as "She's not from here."  These are all comments (there could be others) that women who carry the mark of the CRONE can hear throughout her lifetime. Wisdom gained is not only something we obtain as we go through the maze of life, it can also be what I call a 'MARK' from the spiritual realm that one is incarnated with.  Our past lives play a significant part in illuminating the story, your story in discovering the CRONE within, she can appear at any age/stage in life, please don't allow the matrix of confusion to blind you of your POWER if you carry this mark.

Capricorn synergy of the Crone working with its polar opposite Cancer

Dancing back to the Capricorn synergy with this super full moon I am called to look at the opposite sign of Capricorn which is Cancer.  When speaking about Saturn/Capricorn responsibilities, limitations, wisdom, mastery were all discussed. Taking the example of the mother whose been there raising her children, watching over them, experiencing restrictions in a particular phase of her life due to the rearing of her brood are all within this theme.  The sign of Cancer has a part to play in the scheme of things due to her being the archetype of the MOTHER symbolized by the energy of the planet that rules her the MOON.  The MOON is the MOTHER of ALL of creation. Within your creative force she encourages you to create something that is OUTSIDE of yourself, to nurture the world with its presence.  This is WOMB energy and without it, all of those examples listed in Saturn/Capricorn responsibility wouldn't have been made into a reality. The moon provides each of us with the NEED to nurture SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. Either of our own creation as in a child, a project, a dream, a lover, your mother, a pet etc. or someone elses, as in a family member, stray animals, friends that become like your family and your intimates.  With this need we find ourselves giving of OURSELVES TO PROVIDE something that someone else needs. In order to provide a proper current for this sensation we need stability, dependability and a plan something that Saturn/Capricorn provides effortlessly.

This super full moon is asking you to discover, uncover and utilize your own WISDOM CENTER. It's located in your WOMB.  What I call women's power centers.  You have a need, desire, a hunger to create something that stands alone, although receiving your support, your nurturing, it's a task that requires your full attention and your focus so that it may grow and blossom under your direction and intent. Does it have to be a child, no it doesn't. It can be whatever it is your soul wishes for YOU to create and to share with the world. It will be hard work, it will take discipline, it will create obstacles and limitations, set backs in whatever form Saturn/Capricorn creates HOWEVER, though those challenges arise you will experience triumph and glory as you begin to see the fruits of your labor bring rewards and gifts to YOU for hard work done! What does this look like?

Cancer full moon opposite of Capricorn

  • A new job
  • A new lover
  • A place of travel to gain global experience
  • Healing either yourself or through another
  • Releasing of old patterns and emotions that no longer serve you
  • Children
  • Pets
  • A spiritual or esoteric reading for greater clarity
  • Spiritual counseling from a Seer/Crone
  • A new responsibility
  • Supporting and mentoring a Family member (a girl or young woman)
  • Seeking support from the community in a specific area 
  • A project, dream or vision that is calling to you to begin, nurture it
  • Working on bringing Shadow aspects of the self to the illumination of your consciousness
  • Taking back your power as a woman and living your truth by standing strong in that power all the while keeping your femininity (Moon) intact. 
These are only examples you may discover others on your own journey........Share what yours are!

Wait there's a bit more...... 

The super full moon moves from Capricorn into the zodiac sign of Aquarius! 

Although we begin the Super full moon in the sign of Capricorn/Cancer synergy... the signs will change in the midst of this full moon phase. I could not ignore this truth. Therefore allow me to provide you with some synergy in relationship to the zodiac signs of Aquarius/Leo believe it or not this is perfect in relation to Capricorn/Cancer. 

Native Aquarian water Bearer *air sign

The energy of Aquarius is one of a pioneer, it takes us on a journey to delve deeper into humanities waters and seeks to instigate some form of great change that will benefit our evolution on a collective level. A high octave sign that is coupled with an equally high octave planet Uranus, we are provided a gift of genius, a stroke of innovative, unique and potent ideas that bring about radically and at times unconventional changes.  Because we are connected to the moon's energies these changes will be felt on a personal level.  An infusion of highly intellectual power is on the tail end of what we build (Saturn/Capricorn), take responsibility for and how we nurture that which we need to assist in growing (Moon/Cancer).  If you created a list like I did above, you can infuse this genius energy into it.  Remember that Aquarius is about community, friends, groups, and organizations it very well could be a portal to assisting you to manifest your intentions. For example you may meet someone at an event (new lover) or you can sign up to volunteer for a cause to save the whales and go traveling to Alaska during their migration to see them give birth, it could be that you learn that you want to adopt a child or even begin a new business and find a community organization that offers grants! Whatever form it takes it's all about abundance coming into your life.

Goddess of Leo the Lion

The opposite of Aquarius can not be ignored as the Sun is the ruler of Leo and it seeks in this regard to provide divine masculine energy in alignment with the divine feminine. Solar energy is powered by the EGO and this is certainly "get up and go" energy as I like to call it. Infused with this energy brings a dance of the love of ROMANCE, children, and CREATIVE FORCES at PLAY.  LEO will provide you with the fun and creative juices one needs to truly embody this super full moon focus.  The key with this energy is HAVE FUN and don't deny whatever messages you are getting from the Moon! These messages can assist you in giving birth to whatever it is you need to nurture, grow, and build over the next few days. 

**note** If you have either Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius or Leo in your chart (Sidereal or Tropical) this SUPER FULL MOON EFFECTS will be felt!

All of my writings on Goddess Rising LLC site are Copyright protected and as such require my permission to re-use in any form. Please e-mail me, leave me a comment, or visit me on Facebook. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld. Thank you for your consideration~Maia Moon High Priestess of the Pleiadian High Counsel of earth bound renagades.  


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