Twin Flames, Karmic, Oshun oh my! Friday the 13th is ushering some serious potential for love that can ignite your soul

Twin flames in Ancient Egypt

In honor of these current energies we've got swirling around us in the cosmos, I thought it a good idea to practice what I teach in terms of suggestions for this particular Moon Phase.  Full Moon is currently is in Sagittarius.

Being the creator and teacher of a Goddess Moon Conjuring group I often assist my goddesses in a deeper understanding when it comes to conjuring by the light or darkness of the moon.  After all the Moon is the Ambassador to the divine feminine and a portal to our souls that awakens and enlivens our DNA as women.

As an Oracle of the Moon I often use the power of astrology to assist my clients in every area of their lives and will coach them if it's advantageous to conjure during specific moon phases.

When looking a clients chart today I noticed something very interesting. Venus is currently transiting in Taurus, Venus rules Taurus. In opposition to Taurus is Transiting Saturn in Scorpio. Right now we've got the full moon in Sagittarius opposing a Gemini Sun at 22 degrees. Wow! Now that's power, the cosmos right now is setting off bolts of electrical impulses that that has inspired change in ways that will move us forward in our own evolution on both personal and collective levels.  Double punches of opposing energies always brings a need for balance.

Sagittarius is offering us soul expansion with Gemini infusing Saggi and the Divine Moon with communication, ideas and the gift of some kind of expansion. Will you meet more than one love interest during this Full moon phase? Could be! It's all about the expansion of opportunities.

22 in a sacred number in numerology analysis and is providing us with the opportunity of creating something from this union that will last. 22 is the MASTER BUILDER. What opportunities are you experiencing that will allow you to seed the potential to build something of use for others? Higher mindedness of Sagittarius along with the savvyness of Gemini to take all of that education and put it to practical use.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius need people to assist them in their need for exploration, curiosity and the exchanging of information. Jovial, upbeat, fun, talkative, social, party hardy types, all kinds of people from all walks of life, Peter Pan kind of excitement about life in general is what these two energies carry!
Pay attention to your social calendar if things have been quiet for most of the year, and seem to be picking up then I'd go for it! You never know what opportunities could be coming your way.  With Gemini being the TWINS this brings forth the energy of the potential for TWIN FLAME loves to find one another, so if you are able to available and socialize.  

How does this work? You being out and about at social situations, online dating, social media outlets! It's all open, yes even with Mercury retrograde! These relationship potentials are being fed powerful cosmic energies that will allow seeds to be planted!!!

Why don't we bring our attention to the Taurus and Scorpio polarity which just as powerfully potent but in a much different way!

Taurus Nymph
Scorpio Tantrika

When you get both Taurus and Scorpio together we've got a primordial soup that will utterly blow your mind and set your soul on fire and only once it's been on fire will you be allowed to be set FREE. Taurus and Scorpio are one of the most potent sign combinations in the zodiac! Taurus is sensual and Scorpio is Sexuaity and the expression of those sexual desires which can be potent and intense indeed.  These two signs can be insatiably attracted to one another like bees (Scorpio) to Honey (Taurus). Once they connect it can turn into an obsession and a constant desire to experience cosmic bliss!  Saturn in Scorpio opposing Venus in Taurus right now is calling for some kind of karmic connection. This connection can be considered a twin flame union because of the beauty that is infused by Venus. However, limitations can be infused in this union simply because of Saturn's desire to take its time and build a solid foundation, something that will last. This will definitely slow down Venus but infuse this union with the love, desire and sexual juiciness it can create with one another for the long haul.  As a Taurus woman (tropical) who has embraced her earth realm sun sign in this lifetime,  I can attest to the passion and connectivity between the Taurus & Scorpio polarity, I've ben infused with it almost to the point of loosing consciousness whenever I came into contact with this soul, it is truly a karmic union but one fraught with twin flame potential if one stays around long enough.  Do I miss it? Hell yeah, but don't judge me! :)-

The challenge with polarities is that they are seemingly on the opposite ends of one another's consciousness and at times can have a difficult time understanding one another's intrinsic needs and direction. However, as with all polarities, the gift is in integrating the opposite signs energies into the psyche as this is the KEY to success simply because we already possess that opposite signs energy within us, it's just lying dormant and the job of the other sign is to bring it to our awareness like a mirror!

Did I say a Mirror?  Yes, a Mirror, reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Justin Timberlake "Mirrors" I did a blog on that song as my soul was set perpetually on fire when it came out, it's truly a Karmic/Twin Flame song, one I fell in love with during my connection to one of the most beautiful Scorpio souls I've ever met about a year ago. In case your wondering if it lasted, it didn't but I am forever impacted by the experience and this souls presence in my life, if I had a chance to try it again, if the smoke has cleared that is I would! I learned so much about my needs, released fears that were hidden subconsciously within my soul, and allowed myself to FEEL passion again, I couldn't have done that alone if Scorpio had not entered into my life.  That's what these kinds of unions will do for you.

I encourage you to allow the Saturn in Scorpio polarity with Venus in Taurus work with you to solidify areas in your life that need to be infused with love, passion, sexuality and sensuality. Lastly, let me not forget to speak about the gifts of other peoples money (Scorpio) and your money (Taurus). There could be opportunities for you to either come into money or an increase in making your own. Saturn is asking that by whatever means you receive this gift, you must handle it and spend it responsibly, RESPECT IT,  if you don't you may find yourself either loosing it or put on some kind of spending restrictions as in a budget or as in owing a financial institution.

Paying homage one of my patron Goddesses OSHUN, Friday is one of her day's.
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Oshun is one my patron goddesses, she is lover, she is seduction, she is power, she is infused with the power of attraction, counsel and with the gift of mediumship, creativity and a psychic oracle. Oshun's energy is infused with the healing waters and honey that she represents that soothes and teaches us to take in all that is sweet in life, to enjoy it, to bathe in her healing waters and to be mindful of what it is we create les we experience bitterness.  Most often I find that we create situations in our lives that take us away from the sweetness we want to experience in our lives. Oshun behooves us to search our hearts as to what it is we seek to covet and to make sure we truly want that thing, person, or situation that we are attracting to us. If we foolishly move forward with our desires without truly thinking of the consequences that possessing the object of our desire will bring, she will grant it and we'll be left with the fall out, this includes love. I have found this to be true in my personal life.  However, Oshun has placed souls in my life to receive an abundance of love and to swim in my waters of healing that will uplift and empower, if those souls are paying attention Oshun will provide them with the medicine they need to move forward in their lives and leave behind that which brings them pain, to truly see and open their hearts to real love. Thank you Oshun Ase' You've been a gift to me.

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