The Many faces of the Goddess is present in the epic film: Maleficent! *spoiler alert*

There aren’t too many movies in my lifetime that have moved me to tears and caused my soul to squirm or wriggle out of my body. I can recall as a child that Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” was one of them, as a child this movie had me in its clutches and kept me in fear of the “Dragon lady!”  so much so that I had night terrors it’s no wonder that in this version my inner “Buddha” was unleashed.

This film has the amazing Angelina Jolie who as its executive producer tells the tale of “Sleeping Beauty”, from a place of women’s empowerment and not disgrace that ultimately ended in Malficent’s death in the original version.  This rendition seized my heart chakra, connected to my third eye and illuminated my attraction to this story that I had been exposed too so many years ago as a child.  Angelina Jolie is known all around the world for the active work she does in women’s empowerment, saving the environment, being a catalyst that supports the healthy development and welfare of children and women, is it any wonder that she has a potent Moon in Aries the warrior Goddess who must fight through fear to gain courage, making her the ambassador of the divine feminine whose energies represent war to gain it’s spoils?  Don’t be mistaken, this is not mindless bloodshed, this is all about claiming her identity through her experiences! Angelina pulled no punches as she nailed the Queen Fairy’s energy and brought her to magically and powerful life on screen.

 The impact was life changing for me as I found this to be a refreshing and soul inspiring tale so much so that I finally “grew up” watching Maleficent as I found myself boldly and passionately connected to her character, rooting for her, crying with her and fighting for her redemption.  After all her journey was my own.

* SPOILER ALERT* Maleficent tells the tale of a Faire who is betrayed by someone she loved, devastingly betrayed, and through that betrayal breeds greed, contempt, anger and vengeance but from vengeance warms the heart turned to ice, and love permeates the soul and heals the wound that was dealt by the betrayal and thus fear is conquered, acts of courage are forged through, demons vanquished and love blossoms again, powerfully and magnificently, to show the wounded reborn.

This movie shows the epic journey that many women embark on at some point in their lives.  I am not exempt from this journey, it’s what opened me up to my power, at one point in my life embraced in the gentle warmth of innocence, feeling nothing accept the powerful force of love that moves through me, having experienced many betrayals, felt life’s bitter response to loss, thus being filled to the brim with the desire for vengeance, finally letting go and becoming healed by the living sacred waters of the Goddess and thus experiencing the gift of rebirth.  Maleficent is a journey on the “Women’s wheel of life”, as discovered and coined by Elizabeth Davis & Carol Leonard, this film encourages us to take a deeper look at our own shadow, through betrayal from others, and asks us to both feel and experience how the reality of that betrayal can morph into pain so severe that we allow it to transform us, we are often at this point misunderstood, enticed by our pain to seek revenge from the one that meant us harm, filled with a poisonous rage, we strike!  Many of us stop here and recycle this experience over and over again until we are an empty shell.  We continue to allow the pain to fill us, move us in ways that are not meant for our higher good, it no longer serves us.  We find ourselves sheltered in darkness of our own making, never comforted by our own pain. What we don’t realize is that sooner or later we will become blinded to the light that is within our grasp to transform that darkness and pain into potent medicine to heal our very souls and those around us!

Maleficent is a tale of that journey, except she triumphs!

It’s crucial to understand that every woman’s journey into the abyss may look very different than her sister’s, or another woman’s.  It’s not so much what the journey looks like but in my opinion that you took it.  We don’t want to stay in the darkness all of our lives, there is a time, a moment when we are given opportunities to vanquish it and rise to the light, it just takes courage to do this, however, it’s within each of us.  I won’t share here on this blog the specific trials that Maleficent went through, however I do want to point out the Goddess archetypes that poignantly stood out in this film, those that are on the “Woman’s Wheel of life” and therefore are attributes we are all capable of manifesting.  If you are involved in the “Conjuring by the Moon Facebook group”, this directly connection to the Moon and her many energies and thus brings us the gift of deeper understanding in relationship to the many different psychological and emotional connections we have in common with this divine mascot of feminine energy.  Below you will find a general description of the phases of the Goddess archetypes in relationship to the movie.

The Journey of the Goddess in Maleficent

Beginning of the story:         
In her faire form Maleficent was the
The Maiden~ The Maiden Stage carries the implication of innocence.  It implies an untouched sexuality: literally unknowing and unschooled in any way. This is the essence of innocence and in this innocence everything is fresh, new, and full of excitement and expectation.  The lesson? Age has no significant time line in relation to when we experience the maiden phase of life. It’s truly all about the newness of something. Whether we are 13, 23, 33, 44 etc, it doesn’t matter, this archetype floods us with the inspiration that life can always be renewed.

As she grew
The Lover~ This phase of life shows the power of love and the union of opposites in such a way as to amplify a sexual experience with another. In this regard both man and woman is the key and the keyhole to the portal of the cosmos, this is also known as the “sacred marriage.”   This is the beginning of maturity. The lesson? Embracing the power of love is a journey that keeps us thriving on this planet. Love is the only true emotion that creates and sustains all others. Everything, including spiritual beings having a human experience returns to this source.

She experienced betrayal…..

The Amazon~ This is instigated by the need for survival, the unleashing of unabashed passions either experienced or not experienced. This is the warrior who fights and who also stands her ground.  This is when we take the throne, we gain our Queendom and rule from on high. This particular stage often holds the dichotomy of the daughter whose high-spirited intelligence, playfulness and need for autonomy takes control.  Therefore, it is in my opinion that these two energies blend very well together.  The Amazon stands tall and strong in her quest for a vision, a principle, a moral standard and does not back down until the fight is won. This lesson shines light on the need for women to at times fight for what it is we believe in.  Exercising this truth is crucial for our emotional and sometimes physical survival.

The Sorceress~ This archetype Maleficent kept all of her life as she naturally possessed the power of alchemy. She used it to take care of her kingdom with a loving and just heart but also when in pain turned that very same gift into a thorn of power and control that she wielded at her discretion.   The lesson? The key is to use your power in a manner that supports yourself but everyone else that comes into contact with it as well.

The Mother~ This archetype is the caretaker of children, a nurturer, creative and potent in her expression of life, in all forms and colors of creation. The mother nurtures whatever it is she seeks to bring to life. In this case it was a literal child in the film, however, it can also be a creative project of some kind that we begin to nurture here.  The lesson?  No matter the stage of life we have the innate power to create something out of nothing and to feed it the food that it requires to grow and blossom into something we can be proud of because it was our blood, our intellect and artistic endeavor that made it what it becomes. Nourish something and take the joy of it blossoming into your soul and heal.

The Crone~ This archetype shows the culmination of wisdom through experience.  It can also denote growing up, coming of age, and old age.  Here all of the other phases of the moon or archetypes have been experienced at one time or another and this one is the combination of every single one of them.  This is a deep connection to the primordial energies of the divine motherhood. The impression of the universal mother that now is residing fully and potentially within our own cells. When this stage is before us we become the matriarch, the wise woman, the crone and have gone through the valley, the fire and come out victorious. This is when we are ready to give up the throne to another, as we stand strong in our counsel to the new generation. The lesson?  Contentment in our gaining wisdom from lessons learned. Keep in mind that anyone of us can hit the Crone phase very young therefore the life on the throne can be a very long time indeed.  Embrace your life lessons, don’t stay stuck there, and become victorious in moving throw the process of life.

The story of Maleficent is a journey that encompasses all of these archetypes! She hits them at various points in the film but often will hold onto one while experiencing others simultaneously.  I loved the films lessons in regards to how we as women can benefit from it’s messages and it’s obvious stance in giving us permission to have been innocent, loved, experienced loss, feel the pain, regain the act of loving, and thus to heal and become redeemed and renewed.

This Disney movie is one that I will be proud to have in my collection!


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