The illumination of the sacred number 13

Did you know that the number 13 to the Egyptians believed that there are thirteen steps upon the ladder that leads to eternity? Upon the thirteenth step it is said the soul reaches the source of itself and attains spiritual completion. The God Osiris’s story of his Goddess Isis searching for his body parts after he had been chopped up into pieces by Typhon, were 13 were found, his penis being the last resurrected piece before he was briefly brought back to life, copulated with Isis and gave her his seed to create Horus, also known as Jesus in Christianity.

Moon Glory!

Did you know that there are thirteen moons in a calendar year? The calendar that we currently use has been tampered with by the Catholic Church, we are OUT of real time, what’s called “natural time”, each month had 1 full moon. This is where the ancient energies of the Sidereal Constellations hold their power within our DNA and the cosmos!  But I digress.  As such, the symbolic meaning of number thirteen deals with moon associations such as:
            Women’s Mysteries

Sacred Numerology! 

From the sacred numerological perspective, the number 3 is first recognized.  The symbolism of the number three is both vast and powerful. By itself the number three vibrates to the energy of:

Looking at the power of the sacred number 1 is needed when completing the energy of 13.  This number amplifies the power of the number combination as the number one vibrates too:

Did you know that the number 13 is in direct association to many myths and legends from Zeus in Greek mythology, to Jesus and the last supper, to Loki in the Norse tradition? The number 13 is revered by the Mayans and offers us deeper insights into their calendar and our original time line, not unlike the disaster compilation of energies we are currently  living under in unnatural time with the Gregorian calendar.

Goddess of the Orisha Oshun

Let’s not forget that Friday the 13th carries with it the energy of the Goddesses Oshun, Venus and Freya!  Friday are these Goddesses day universally. This is the energy of love, union, desire and what it is we want or desire. The number 13 offers us the gift of physical attraction (#3) and the ability to initiate that attraction (#1).  This attraction can be the focus of a thing, a person or a desire! The 13 is all about attracting to us what it is we desire, enticing it into our lives to bring us pleasure.  That vibration to me is not bad luck at all!  However, the key is to use the power of this attraction, the number 13 wisely lest it come back to destroy you.

So on this auspicious Full moon in Sagittarius, Friday the 13th we should be in the presence and understanding of New beginnings, opportunity for exploration, we have the gift of personal, spiritual expansion at our feet, let’s use this energy for the advancement of our souls so that humanity can benefit from the outcome!

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