New Moon in Cancer *June 27, 14* Some nurturing is in order! **Tropical

The New Moon is here again! Powerful, potent, and ripe with all the potential we need for our evolution and worldly change!

The New Moon is about those new beginnings, what it is we seek to PLANT in fertile soil, including our souls.  When the moon shows up in the sign that naturally rules Cancer, we've got a cosmic infusion of Mother energy that spins us into the divine feminine energies and the potential of expressing and releasing this archetype.

What is the Goddess encouraging us to do during this NEW MOON?  

With Mercury still retrograde in the sign of the Twins, Gemini, we've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what's going on in our lives, for many on a personal level. The most powerful aspect of this NEW MOON is that when Mercury retrograde began, it started in the sign of Cancer, so the theme of Cancerian needs is still very potent and very much alive. This NEW MOON is encouraging you to pick up those pearls of wisdom that washed onto your shore only a couple of weeks ago and examine them more closely as you begin to find truth in what it is you need to incorporate in your life and what needs to go!   How these themes will be brought to our attention is through the relationships were are currently engaged in. Keep in mind that most of those relationships are going to be of intimate nature, children, mothers, family, close friends, and at some point, lovers and potential lovers.  But I'll get more into that a bit later in the blog!

What is the New Moon in Cancer bringing us?

The NEW MOON in Cancer's energy is calling for a double does of focusing on our need to provide ourselves with SELF CARE, NURTURING, SELF LOVE, WARMTH, PROTECTION, SECURITY and HEALING but also the theme of looking into our past is apparent. After all we can't decide what it is when need in our NOW or our FUTURE if we don't take a look at our past. Keep in mind that we don't want to stay stuck there but to learn from the lessons and move FORWARD. Loving energies are prevalent now, taking care of who you are and living that truth authentically is at our finger tips. For many of us, as women we spend so much time taking care of others that we often don't stop long enough to nurture ourselves! We offer our souls to those we love in hopes that they will receive all that it is they need to grow, to heal and to move in positive directions. On an unconscious level we truly give, give, give and don't find out we have nothing left until something gets our attention. Unfortunately that "something" is usually an illness. Spirit/ ancestors/guides will typically allow a dis-ease to enter into our most sacred space, our bodies before we even realize that we've been depleted, exhausted and just plain 'ol drained. Although not a pleasant thing to discuss as women, it's crucial that we do, burying ourselves in the sand like a crab is not the best way to handle our bodies, our minds, our emotional needs, sure it feels safe for a while, but in the end, we have to come back to the surface to find our truth and deal with it head on.

Depression, breast issues, our womb, our ovaries, our diets, our ability to conceive/inability, our sexual expression all come into play with Cancer and the Moon.   Note that Cancer rules the FEMIINE so the feminine parts of our bodies are a direct representation of and containers of that energy. Cancer is the consummate earth mama!  She carries within her energy the ULTIMATE mother Goddess. Think Shekiniah, Mother Mary, Goddess and Star Maia, these energies connect everything that is divine within the universe to one another and through this energy we are encouraged to not only mother those that come into our universe whether our children, our lovers, friends, family etc but also to turn that light unto ourselves.

Planetary connections in a flash!  The balance of the Divine masculine with the Divine Feminine

We've got the Moon in Cancer (new moon) conjunct or connected to the SUN in Cancer! POWERFUL!  The gift that is present is ALL of creations' energies are at work for us now. Infusing the new moon with a power that supports who we are as human beings.  When you've got the SUN & the MOON working as a team we want to make sure we are present and ready to take action IN TERMS of getting what it is we need.  Cosmic "parenting" is taking place as Cancer is surely the sign of nurturing, the kind that parents who are present provide. You may have men and women in your life who are going through challenges on a physical and an emotional nature, and those who may be willing to offer you support in terms of allowing you to release, cry, vent and share how you are feeling about your current situation.  Lastly, we've got the plant Pluto in Capricorn getting ready to make a connection called an opposition to both the new moon in Cancer and the Sun in Cancer! Pluto is the planet of distraction, destroying anything that no longer serves us that we are not willing to get rid of on our own. It's an energy that is purely subconscious therefore it pulls those shadow aspects of ourselves that our conscious minds do not wish to look at to the surface! I can't say this enough! Please look at what your NEEDS are in terms of healing, self care and self love, and be honest with yourself about them. If you you don't then Pluto will make sure you confront them!  Anything that has become hardened, severe, restricted or limited will be blown to bits and you'll be left picking up the pieces, recreating something NEW (MOON). This can either feel good (if we take the initiative to do it ourselves) or feel not so good (allowing Pluto to do it for us).  

What does this look like? 

Do you need to make an appointment with your doctor for a PAP? How about a Mammogram? Whens the last time you've had a physical?  Do you need to tap into alternative forms of healing?  When is the last time you had a vent and gone to a therapist to work out issues from your past and to clear your emotional closet?  When was the last time you got a genuine hug? Do you need to cry, scream, and release? When is the last time you took in a lover? Have you cleansed your womb from past lovers?  When is the last time you got a spiritual reading or counsel to provide you with soul growth and healing? All of these questions and more are viable to your growth and well being!

How do we seed during this Cancer New Moon?

If you are experiencing a health challenge that connects directly with the divine feminine energies, I give you courage to call on your angels of healing during this new moon! Any issues that you find to be important for you, fertility, sexual expression, womb care, healing your breasts, healing depression, all of these things are within your power to request from the Mother of all! Go into her temple, cross the threshold and find your alter and sit or lay before it and make the request, embody the affirmation and move into the light of her healing and your power. Once we make that journey, whether through journeying, meditation, dancing, crying, singing, dreaming, or even chanting, we have tapped into the primordial goddess! Take the next 3 to 6 days to reflect on your prayer, request and meditate upon it daily, keep it growing within that fertile soil (soul) and see it as DONE!

How to ride the wave of continual healing, nurturing and self love with an alter!

Every day this week you are encouraged to light a soft blue candle, a silver candle, a white candle, if you like you can get a yellow~golden candle. Get a 8 ounce glass of water, a white cloth, a table, matches, incense like sweet grass and your petition written out. Place all of these things on your alter. If you'd like you can get a direct representation of your patron goddess and the new moon, this will infuse the energy and direct it straight to the source.  The incense will clear any negative energies away, but if you like you can use a chime, a Tibetan singing bowl or three hand claps to release the energy.  Say your petition 3x. Give thanks to all that guides you, take a sip of water, put it back on your alter,  and meditate for however long you feel you need too. Envision white light moving from your feet, slowly making it's way up and through your body, where ever you need  the most healing and attention your minds eye (third eye) will stop there and hover, give thanks to all that guides you and KNOW you are healed, you will be met at your point and preference of need! Allow this hot but soothing light to continue to the crown and allow all of it to gather there, pulsating, vibrating and soothing your fears and worries and allow it to give you COURAGE to continue to be self supportive, self healing, self loving. Namaste

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