Mercury retrograde & Moon Update June 18. 14 *Tropical

Astrological update
When Mercury retrograde began over 13 days ago it began in the sign of Cancer, providing the opportunity for us to purge and go deeper into the Moon’s energies dealing with our emotions,  patterns, intuition, and the early childhood relationship we experienced with our mothers.  We’ve had time for these unconscious pearls of wisdom to have washed onto the shore for us to examine and now it’s time for us to think about them ways that will allow us to make sense out of these experiences, integrate our emotions and to make peace with it and move on. How can this be done? Mercury is now 29 degree in Gemini!  We have the perfect opportunity to take a look at what’s been revealed to us while Mercury was in Cancer.  We may find our mind jumping from experience to experience, with many thoughts in our heads and ideas on how to heal it and cleanse.  

Ideas, internal communication and thoughts concerning how we are feeling about these experiences and how they are either hindering or blessing our lives will become the norm of the next week or so! Be gentle with yourself and allow these ideas and thoughts to move through you so that you can pick out one or two of them to assist you in cleansing your emotions, and gaining a deeper understanding of your particular situation.  Once we see the situation clearly and make a choice to move toward understanding it, the gift will come when Mercury retrograde begins to move forward and flows back into the sign of Cancer, it is then you can finally cleanse and make peace with all of those emotions that we were confronted with.

Numerology gift: Master 11

If you find your mind racing and are unable to lock down and locate that pearl just yet don’t fret! Gemini is at 29 degrees and in astrological terms that is pretty intense and potent.  Numerologically speaking the number 29 reduces to 11 (2+9=11) which is a Master number! Master numbers pack an extra punch in terms of energetic vibration, the Master number 11 promises that in order to move from the height of spiritual understanding we need to reach an even higher and more rounded experience of divine insight while we utilize the spiritual gift of divine inspiration.  With Mercury being 29 degrees in Gemini (the mind) this affords us the gift of spiritual evolution during this retrograde period. Lastly, keep in mind that Mercury is Gemini's ruler, thus providing us an easier experience during this retrograde period simply because these two work well together.

Moon update!

The moon’s face is now in waning formation, moving toward the dark moon phase. No longer in the joyous, buoyant sign of Sagittarius she is now cozying up in the sign of Pisces the double fish!  Very different energy than Sagittarius whose fire illuminates our souls need and desire to explore and to experience life beyond our backyard!  In the sign of Pisces we’ve got increased and diffusive intuition, deep emotions, higher spiritual thought and selfless behavior and intentions.  The Moon in Pisces nurtures us into a haze of spiritual insights, watery depths of compassion, and takes us on a journey to other worlds!  This energy is dreamy, never allowing our feet to touch the ground, but only to dance upon the ethers with our angels to engage in worlds beyond our own, when we engage them we learn, what we learn we create a pattern.  The Moon in Pisces feels the need to purge something, to bring what is just out of reach within our grasp and to lovingly cleanse it and release it to the universe.  When we let go of what ego and tap into our spiritual hearts we find we connect to those pearls that washed up onto the shore when Mercury was retrograde in Cancer! Hold onto them and dive into both the heart and the mind now that Mercury is retrograde in Gemini!

Alert!  Pisces Moon in an easy aspect with Saturn in Scorpio (trine) allowing for a deep cleanse and act of forgiveness to take place concerning any situation that is making you feel down at the moment.  If one is recovering from any form of abuse, addictions, and illnesses, this is the perfect time to connect with your angels, your higher power (Jesus, Buddha, Goddess, Mother Mary etc,) all that guides you, release it and let go!  Practice self-love, self-compassion and most importantly forgiveness![1]


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