Mercury is retrograde again! This time moving from Cancer to Gemini and back again! *Tropical

Here it is again!

Mercury is officially retrograde on June 7th to July 2nd of 2014 we are starting this movement backward in the cosmos in the zodiac sign of Cancer and later will flow back into the sign of Gemini the twins.

We've got 3 weeks, not including the shadow phase which happens prior to the retrograde period and after, to delve into emotional challenges, awareness, issues, mother wounds and any behaviors having to deal with nurturing coming to the shore to be discovered.

Remember that Cancer is a water sign and rules the seas and water in general so this is a highly psychic placement that requires not only our minds (Mercury) but includes the Moon's domain, our nurturing centers and emotional hearts to be engaged.  Since the Moon rules Cancer and is involved in this dynamic affair, anything that comes to the surface can reap huge rewards in giving us permission to heal the Mother wound. If you are not familiar with the mother wound, I've done a couple of blogs on the topic that in my opinion is an issue that should be visited in ones lifetime to heal and left over baggage from our parental upbringing and experiences. Our mother's after all are our first teachers and subsequently provides the foundation for us and our relating patterns in all future relationships.

Mercury in Cancer Retrograde offers us this opportunity to seek understanding and a deeper emotional healing in regards to our relationships with our mothers, ushering in a tidal wave of illumination, mental clarity and healing.

If your mother wound has already been addressed, tapping into our emotions could be a theme of this Mercury retrograde for you. Asking the very real questions of what we need or how we are not nurturing ourselves is paramount here.  Mercury provides us with the flow of energy we need to truly remove some of those Cancer feelings and fuse those feelings with our minds to make sense of it all. Writing down what it is or how it is you desire to be nurtured is a good idea during this retrograde period. For it is when we go direct, we can actually take what it is we've found, those pearls of wisdom, and put them in forward motion.  A wonderful and very important place to start in understanding what your needs are emotionally, for nurturance would be to look at what zodiac sign is accompanied with your Moon at the time of your birth. When we tap into what our moon is saying to us we can truly begin to move forward in authentic expression, emotional healing and true nurturance.

Now let's shift our gears a bit, when Mercury glides back into Gemini we will feel a completely different expression.

Mercury will then be at home in the sign of Gemini as it is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo. Focusing on Gemini's attributes we will find tons of thinking happening from its prior expression in Cancer and may provide us with ways to be able to communicate those "pearls of wisdom" we were gifted with in Cancer, fluently and with accuracy. Gemini loves to communicate and because it rules the early stages of life, it will most certainly be able to make clear sense of out what Cancer brought to the table.

This retrograde phase into Gemini will allow Mercury may instigate a desire for us to seek out any classes or information related to finding exactly what it needs in terms of nurturing, healing, hungers and our unconscious drives. Support groups, friendship pow wows or Goddess circles, calling siblings on the phone and sharing childhood experiences, talking to mother, or just sharing information in accordance to these subjects can more than likely to occur.

Lastly, let's take a brief look at other planetary energies in connection with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, kicking off this backward motion is a Square *karmic* between Mercury in Cancer with the Moon in Libra! Remember the Moon rules Cancer so this is a moment of karmic release or atonement. Libra is about friendships, relationships, business partnerships. This energetic flow is about us, we and our!  This only intensifies the need or inherent potential for issues of nurturing to come to the surface or the need to feel nurtured by a mother figure, our actual mothers, or our partnerships, or romantic relationships.

Briefly the moon is also dredging up karmic issues squaring Pluto in Capricorn which is pulling in those Mercury in Cancer retrograde energies, more like a sprinkling of them at this time, when this happens we've got the task master Capricorn being encouraged by Pluto to destroy any pattern set by our mother's that no longer serves us and to usher in a new way of responding and relating to others in our most intimate and personal relationships.  It's very much like a death and rebirthing. This tells me that many of you will more than likely be going through an important life transition in regards to this experience.

I'll be providing updates as Mercury moves from Cancer into Gemini soon! Keep focused and remember that our emotions are one of the most important gifts of expression we have as spiritual beings having a human experience.

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