Scorpio Full Moon with Sun in Taurus *Tropical Energy* May 15, 2014 Healing our divine feminine selves

Full Moon time!

What does lady Luna in Scorpio have to share with us for the next 7 days?  Healing!  She is offering us healing. The divine feminine has been powerfully present this year. Themes of uncovering all that has been in our subconscious minds, hidden away, lurking somewhere in the shadows.  Scorpio to me is a very feminine energy, although astrology seems to attribute masculine energy to most of the planets and signs, rest assured this was not always the case. In ancient days of old, feminine traits were assigned to the planets and the signs, the patriarchal culture just decided to change it.  Scorpio in all of her feminine power offers us the cycles of death and re birthing as her gift. With Transiting Saturn currently in Scorpio we have a massive planetary combination that will virtually knock many of us on our butts and force us to awaken hidden aspects of ourselves that we have chosen to keep unconscious. You may ask, why would I do that? The answer simply is out of fear. Saturn rules fear and as I am sure you know, fear is not something that many of us want to confront. This Full Moon in Scorpio however, is offering us the opportunity, whether we want it or not, to heal a part of our true selves so that we can continue or begin, depending on where you are in the awakening process to evolve.

Full Moon's are moments in which we are pregnant from the prior moons seeding, the new moon.  Full moons leave us heavy with the anticipation of release! When a full moon occurs in any sign, we are carrying the energy and the "burden" of what's been seeded. Scorpio is a sign that deals in the shadows of our psyche. It is deeply feeling, highly intuitive and very emotionally deep. The depths of the murky waters is Scorpio's dwelling, the underworld or what's known as "hell" is the place one must go to find our true self, to pull it back to the light, this is her energy. Walking the long, hard road that has been destroyed because it no longer serves you.  Her feet carry her into tribulation, trials and soul destruction! She realizes on her journey that something must be given up before she may enter into the realm of higher wisdom,  self mastery and finally change!

A significant factor is that during a full Moon the opposing sign is also reigning supreme giving off a polarity in energies to bring balance. Taurus is the Sun's position at the moment. Taurus and Scorpio are a natural polarity and offer one another so much balance in terms of the healing theme we've got this month. Taurus is rock solid earth, grounded, protective and sensual, Scorpio is emotional, psychic, powerful and sexual. When these two get together there is a strong possibility of some twin flame energy being ignited, along with some sexual fire works that would put any one to shame! However, there can be down side as there most always are with polarity. Polarities are opposites and opposites require a give and take experience/expression. Therefore while Scorpio is doing the healing, Taurus should be present to provide that rock solid support! The  key is to make sure that you are aware to pay Taurus homage when accessing the deep recesses of Scorpio's path down into the shadow.

So what can be called upon to heal during this full moon phase? I had a sweet and powerful poster in  my face book group indicate that she was going to heal her womb! She was spot on as the WOMB is apart of Scorpio's realm! Healing our womb as women is one of the most powerful gifts we can ask the Mother Goddess (Moon) for! When we tap into this energy we find that we are more available to create what we need in our lives in multiple ways.

Another possibility is to refine (death) and elevate (rebirth) our sexual expression! This Scorpio full moon is offering an ability for all women to heal their wombs in terms of sexual choices and sexual practices. Keep in mind that the planets Pluto (power and sexual expression) and Mars (sexuality and passion) are the ruler of Scorpio, and with these two planets taking the full moon spot light the focus can be on revamping how we choose to have sex and with whom.  Remember that Scorpio holds the power of shadow gifts, allowing us to dig deep into our subconscious so that we can bring what ever needs to be healed to the surface! Illuminated shadow will bring you much evolution! It's all about that growth and self understanding so that we can live authentically.  Scorpio could be asking you to be more mindful to your sexual expression and sharing.

This full Moon is offering us much in terms of healing ourselves and others. Understanding how the energies work in the dual representation of the polarity and the unique individuality of Scorpio can and will usher in much benefit! The Moon in all of her divine feminine strength is the supporting role. She's willing to assist you, support you and illuminate your purpose all for the growth of your authentic self. The needs of the Scorpio moon are healing, sexual expression, womb cleansing and embracing your own psychic powers from within, to begin sharing them without!


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