New Moon In Gemini *Tropical* May 28, 2014~Emotional Communication that promises magic!

Gemini New Moon will be gracing us with its presence on May 28, 2014. This is an exciting New moon simply because it allows us to flex our mental capacities alongside the emotional nature of the Moon Goddess.

So, what exactly do we have to look forward too if we tap into these Mercurial energies?

The sign of Gemini the sacred Twins, ruled by the planet Mercury is all about communication! Communication in all forms. Gemini is often quite about 2 different minds, however, these two minds are always challenging the other to reach new insights and to seek new frontiers in terms of communicating information. Not in opposition to one another but back to back cosmically exchanging information symbiotically, pulling in all the cosmic babble of the universe and mere humans here on earth. For Gemini's this that makes receiving and sharing information pleasurable. The twins of the zodiac are not always in cooperation with one another they see too different views and therefore can be of two different mind sets. If you've ever asked a Gemini what they think about something, they can provide you with one answer, and turn right around and give you a completely different concept or conversation about the same topic. Maddening really for those who like clear and precise answers. If you are looking for that in a Gemini you'll be forever frustrated because by their very nature is duality of the minds! They are supposed to absorb and seek all forms of information and then communicate it the masses, that means their mind will always be  sharp, versatile and alert!

Communication, communication, communication!  Gemini loves to talk! They literally absorb information from their environments, people and relay that information back out into the world. Not to be confused with its zodiac polar opposite Sagittarius which loves to seek higher forms of information known as knowledge and then preach or teach it to the masses, Gemini is content to take any kind of practical, mundane information and share it with you.  What does this conversation look like? Gossip, the local news, the "issue" with the neighbors 5 houses down, their kids elementary school drama and what happened on reality TV! Gemini is all about seeking and gathering information right in their very own backyards, not like Sagittarius that needs to leave the backyard and explore the world! How do Gemini's communicate this information? Through any form of technology of course, you name it, cell phones, computers, walkie talkies, by talking (their favorite) and texting. Any form of viable communication will do, as long as they can talk about it.

The challenge with Gemini that Mercury leads this sign,  and because of that can become so bogged down in information that they will forget the details, loose sight of what, where, when and why! You may only get half the story, or there may be inconsitancies when recalling an event. Gemini's are not communicators just for the sake of communication, they are wired to provide information for people to open their minds, wet their appetites and to become curious about the world you live in, it's up to you to do something about it. The details and the seriousness of it all, Gemini's will gladly leave to Sagittarius.  This is something to consider when conjuring by the moon in Gemini, it's important to know the details of what one is conjuring or the outcome may not look like we intended.

The New Moon is all about new beginnings, fresh start, seeding something we want to bring into fruition. Gemini can be a powerful combination with the new moon simply because the moon is about feelings, not thinking. Gemini provides the emotional side of the moon to create labels as to WHY one is feeling the way that they are, however, there won't be any deep digging, all of those mental acrobatics will be superficial at best, but at least Gemini got you to start thinking about it.

I can't say this enough... the New moon in Gemini is all about communication. Fun communication. Communication that allows us to be free, curious and witty! This freedom comes from releasing the inhibitions of our minds thus allowing us to consider the possibilities of all things we've ever desired. Gemini offers anyone who desires to conjure during this moon to tap into the cosmic voice of the Goddess and seek a direct connection with her energies. Clear communication, an open phone line if you will. Sitting down during this time and thinking about how you've been feeling about things, or what's been on your mind a lot lately and to discover how you're feeling about it are all wrapped up in this moon/sign combination.

So what to seed?

You can seed more curiosity in your life! Be curious as a child, remember Peter Pan? The proverbial child that never wanted to grow up? Well, that's Gemini in all of its glory! Who wants to become a boring adult when life holds so many possibilities? Allow your curiosity to roam free, allow your mind to explore as you think about what you'd like to cultivate with this new moon. Open up and allow your mind to trigger your FEELINGS. Once you get a handle on what you are feeling by thinking about it, then ask yourself what you want to gain from this moon/sign combination. This new Moon has the potential to seed magic into your life!

Is it better communication skills? Do you desire to be a more effective communicator amongst other people? Do you want to become more social? Do you want to create more fun relationships that allow tons of ideas to flourish between you? Do you want to be a curious about life?  Whatever it is you desire to conjure, include communication into the mix, TALK to your patron Goddess, sprinkle some pixie dust, (found in metaphysical stores) or your ancestors and anticipate only magical and amazing things will happen!

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