Shopping for the right astrologer! Is there a difference?

 Many people are always shocked to discover that not all astrologers "read" the same way and can offer a plethora of services that are different all though we may be using the basic information.

I am sharing this information because I am an astrologer however not just any astrologer, I am one that has a gift at reading a chart and formulating the analysis of the soul.  So, I want to get the word out so that people will know what to shop for when searching for an astrologer.

I have many clients who are shocked when I do a reading for them, and they end up sharing with me their prior experiences with other astrologers. I am always quick to explain that it's not the astrologers fault, it was just their style and could have been their level of knowledge and experience at that time. My experience, my expertise, my skills and gifts all play a powerful role in how I "read" a clients soul blueprint.

Example of an astrology chart
There are many astrologers who go "by the book" and take what they learn from books or from classes and that is how they read. I call it "straight" reads. There is no intuition, or psychic gifts incorporated. Then again other astrologers, everything is by the book. Another form of "reading" is that an astrologer can take the symbols and read just those what they "sense" and don't truly dig deeper into a chart by the  houses, points, asteroids or even the signs.

Again it all depends on the astrologer.

There are many forms of astrological interpretation the most common are: 

1. Natal -----Birth charts

2. Transits ------ reading the plants as they revolve around your birth chart that creates growth and opportunities

3. Progressions---- reading an aspect of yourself that is an internal reaction

4. Solar Returns -----"Birthday" readings where your Sun returns to the same degree as your birth sun sign.  Every year our growth, development, and opportunities change from year to year and this reading provides clients insight on what to look for year by year to plan and become more aware.

There are many other kinds of readings but these are the most basic.

How do I read astrology?

The manner in which I read charts is what one of my clients called an "Akashic reading", I also termed myself as an soul astrologer.  Upon some further research and having speaking with other clients have always read charts on a deeper level that involves the growth and development of an individual so that they can gain a deeper understanding of who they are, the lessons they came here to learn, what they need to heal, what their destiny/mission in life is.  Upon doing this research, I have come to discover and now can admit that I do read people's "BOOK OF LIFE." In reading a chart, I incorporate all aspects of the meaning of their life, what the emphasis is in any particular life time. Lastly, looking into past lives and comparing it with where a soul is now is crucial so that the client gains an understanding of who they are and how they can make changes to live a fully authentic life.

As a messenger of the Divine feminine as a High Priestess, I am also a reader of the Divine Goddess. I seek to empower and teach women how to connect back to what we intrinsically have within. I do this by using astrological concepts that are easy to understand and practical to use. Not only is astrology used I lift and embody the divine feminine through the energies of the Moon. The energy of the moon connects all women to the rhythms of our very lives, through our menses, our child birth, our ovulation, our mental facilities, our emotions needs, our psyche! Reconnecting women to this wisdom is not only gratifying but it bring me immense pleasure. I am always grateful because it's apart of my mission.

As a keeper of the Sacred Fire this message that I share with you comes from a place of utter devotion and commitment to sacred service. 

I hope you found this blog helpful!

Always ask an astrologer what services they provide in accordance with what you need. If you want to learn about your chart and what it says about you in general terms request that!

If you need a reading about your soul and what your mission is find an astrologer for that!

Remember it's all about communication and the right kinds of questions you ask. If you ever have a question about an astrologer's integrity, do a search and see if you can find another one until you feel comfortable.

I wish you well!

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Author: Moon High Priestess
Goddess Rising LLC

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