Saturn & Mars go Retrograde could it be Karmic? *Tropical placements* March 3rd 2014

Evolution of humans~Retrograde planets provide us opportunity for growth
It's that time of year again, we've got a couple of personal and very powerful planets that have gone retrograde. Saturn and Mars are turning inward to provide us with the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons and to provide us with the gift of correcting any karmic laws. Mars is all about action, there may have been some things you've been moving way to fast on lately. Maybe instead of moving forward you should stop and reassess the situation before proceeding? All of these questions and more are important when determining how any retrograde can work for you or with you. If you are interested in what it means for a planet to go retrograde please check out this blog it will explain in detail all about what going retrograde means from a natal perspective and in transit!

 Being highly intuitive I will always read in a manner that focuses on a clients soul stream, so for me there are always lessons begging to be learned so that we can evolve as individuals and thus as a collective. Saturn and Mars going retrograde are hidden "clean" up gifts or actualization opportunities of us needing to learn a lessons. When we exercise conscious thought about these lessons, when the shadow or retrograde phase is over we can then begin to express via action what we've learned or healed. Briefly in this blog I will be speaking about the general lessons of both of these planets and what it means for each of us. However, it should be properly noted that to know what specific lessons one may experience from either of these retrograde planets, a natal chart reading should be done for you.  You  may sign up for a reading with me on my website www. and see if you have any natal retrograde planets and what these planets are asking you to reevaluate!  Cosmic light and divine blessings! Moon HP.


So what does Saturn retrograde have for us in terms of energy? Let's look at this list below to find out.

SATURN KEYWORDS: Fear, past, karma, patience, contraction (squeezing), effort, discipline, responsibility, restriction, teacher, taskmaster, lessons, hard, father, mother, authority, seriousness, stability, caution, mature, concentration, endurance, hard work and persistence.

Ouch! That's quite a bit! As you can see Saturn is no easy energy to cultivate, it truly requires hard work, discipline and a call for us to begin seeking wisdom through hard work. What is most interesting is that it carries a heavy weight of karmic energy. Now it's necessary to note that not all karma is bad like most think it is. Karma is in fact just energy from past deeds that carry a specific energy signature. If that signature is for your highest good and that of others, it tends to bring balance for you. If however, this karma does not meet your highest good or another, we tend to have to work through our chooses and re correct any energetic patterns that may have caused us more harm than good. It's basically all about evolution. Right now the planet and it's inhabitants are receiving powerful frequency boosts to do just that~ Evolve! If we've been conscious we can begin to see that if we haven't been doing our own inner work, we are faced with a lot of restrictive energies in being able to access our highest good and our mission here on earth. Did I say Mission? Yes, it is of my belief that we all came here to Gaia to learn specific things and to manifest (SATURN ENERGY) MANIFEST our missions here on Gaia. Saturn desires for us to learn the lessons that come with that RESPONSIBILITY.  Not let me say this, not every single soul on this earth has a MISSION, some of us came here to just BE and to have an earth experience, that is perfectly fine, however, if you've got this nagging feeling that you came here to do something specifically, then YOU have a MISSION. Saturn is here to help you find it, refine it, heal it and then LIVE IT authentically.  Is it easy? No it's not but is it WORTH IT? OH YES!

Okay enough with the introductions for Saturn. Karmically, when you are born with Saturn retrograde many spiritual astrologers believe that this is an indication of an old soul who is here to refine and redefine their mission, and to tie up any loose ends in exchanging energies with others and the planet. Now when I say "old", I mean ANCIENT FOLKS, there is nothing "light" or "airy" or "youthful" about these folks at all.  They came here to work and their soul contract means business!  In 2014 Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio.  We couldn't have asked for a more powerful and transformative energetic connection than this one! Saturn in Scorpio will be retrograde from March 3-July 20, 2014.

 Scorpio carries with it a signature of life, death, rebirth, transformation, deep emotional experiences, our subconscious, riveting and demanding sexual expression, power, control, restraint and shadow elements.  Scorpio is here to refine and define like Saturn, but instead of going through the ray of hard work which is an outward expression that everyone gets to witness, this transformation with Scorpio is internal.  Right now in the sky's we've got Saturn in Scorpio retrograde making contact with Transiting Mercury in Aquarius. On a collective level this requires an uncomfortable adjustment to situations that will catch us off guard. These situations will always involve other people to bring to light what we must either work hard for and transform. What do we need to work harder for, show more responsibility in? What do we need to unleash from being restricted? Is it our sexuality? Any hidden anger? Do we need to transform our approach to how we choose to cooperate with other people's finances? Are we being called to adjust how we interact in relationships? How are we sabotaging our success? 

Scorpio is about letting go of the old, what no longer serves our higher selves and becoming reborn into the new! We certainly can not become new if we continually hold onto the old stuff we keep dragging around with us and this includes behaviors, mindsets, patterns, relationships, people. If Scorpio does this for too long, they end up stinging themselves and others continual until the poison takes over and you both die on a spiritual level. Scorpio is carries the energy mark of a deeply emotional yet subconsciously driven individual who must experience in order to be reborn! Saturn in Scorpio is asking that we bring that subconscious expression to the conscious level through the connection it's experiencing with Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is consciousness! Awake, Alive and Free! Mercury rules over intellect, our articulation and assimilation of information! In Aquarius it's all about raising our consciousness! It's about incorporating genius into our situation and using our intellect to bring about a favorable situation for all involved!  Aquarius is a sign that is co-ruled by Saturn, the other planetary ruler is Uranus, The awakener! See the picture unfolding?  It's time we awaken to how we interact with one another on a collective and personal level!  We've got a few months to reconcile and learn this retrograde Saturn in Scorpio! If you've got any planets in Scorpio & Aquarius you will be feeling this retrograde period powerfully!

Mars glyph
Mars the planet of fire and action! This is the symbol of the God of war! Thor, Shango, and Aries! However, currently, Mars is coupled with Venus' Libra therefore is not very much in the mood to be at war, but may be seeking love, diplomacy and mediation! Not a good feel for the Planet of war but one that it must abide by for the time being. MARS IS RETROGRADE and will be for the next few months. From March 1-May 19, 2014 Mars will be asking us to take a good look at OUR RELATIONSHIPS and how we RELATE within them.  Mars expression feisty and hot, lets see how it relates to us:

Sexuality, aggressive, anger, pain, passion, excitement, blood, movement, assertiveness, short bursts of power, the physical body, control, getting what it wants, ego

As you can see Mars is about getting what it wants and does not discriminate on HOW it gets it. It will use force, brutality, sometimes bullying behavior. It's about action! In Libra however, it doesn't exert these tendencies as much as Venus' influence tends to quiet all of that brashness of Mars.

Libra the Scales
Libra the sign of the scales always seeking balance and diplomacy doesn't see the need for such behavior and finds it detestable. She seeks to refine anything she touches and makes it beautiful.  However, the beauty of this combination is that Mars gets an opportunity to see what choices it's going to make and see the beauty in working and cooperating with others to get it's needs met.
The only issue that this can create is the usually active Mars becomes passive aggressive in nature.
It is crucial with this combination that one seeks to fully understand what their needs are in Libra and how to go about getting it. Setting deadlines, time lines and creating goals can keep that Libra indecisiveness in check. I would partner with a friend or a lover to make sure we are meeting our goals, asserting ourselves, and checking in with our partner's on how we are relating.

Remember that Mars retrograde is trying to be active while Libra is keeping the expression passive. This can be frustrating! We've got Mars making a karmic aspect to Venus at the moment and this again involves relationships! How are we relating with one another that is for our highest good. This aspect currently brings into focus relationships that may need to finally come to an end! Venus and Mars to me brings about a magical association as both are representative of the Feminine and Masculine energies. Currently on Gaia many souls are experiencing TWIN FLAME reunions!   When ushering in these gifts such as the return of our souls other half, we need to not be afraid to LET GO of people, places, situations, jobs, relating patterns that no longer serve us or our higher good! There is nothing wrong with allowing room for your soul to expand by letting go of toxic situations. Venus and Mars in connections will create such space, toxicity!  If you are in a "push~pull" dynamic, it may be time to muster courage (A MARS ATTRIBUTE) and say "good-bye" and allow your higher self to find your true love!

You will experience the push~pull dynamic more fiercely with Mars retrograde in Libra. Mars wants to be active~Libra wants to be passive. Thus, any activity such as moving maybe a challenge! Your sexual expression may wax and wane or not be present at all, Passions may die down and you may be left with feelings of regret. Following through on any plans may be challenging at this time and taking any form of action will be a test of wills and your drive.

You want to know if this Mars retrograde will affect you? Contact me on my website for a reading

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