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Decent into the Underworld by the light of the Moon

We are moving into the portal coming up from the underworld into the realm of light!  We can now release our shadow with the Moon in Pisces in connection with Saturn in Scorpio!  Allow me to share with you what we've got on the line up with the Divine feminine energies of the Moon!

 The New Moon will be upon us around 4:35PM EST.  on March 30, 2014 )0(

We are experiencing the final days of March and moving into April! Spring is finally here and with it comes renewal. IN the cosmos today we've got a beautiful formation with our Moon, she's moving FROM A DARK MOON into a NEW MOON phase on Sunday and in her finally degrees of Pisces, she will be moving into Aries tomorrow. A whole new set of fresh starts and beginnings to come! 

But before we begin to make a list of what to conjure for manifesting during this new moon, I believe we should take a look at what's happening right now. 

Powerful evolution is taking place within each and every one of us being gently coaxed and yet boldly pushed into the realm of dark to merge with the light! 

At this very moment we've got Saturn at 22 degrees of Scorpio making a gentle and easy connection to our Moon in Pisces at 26 degrees. This configuration is most potent as most of us have been FEELING the pull of change, releasing patterns of resistance, self acceptance and giving ourselves permission to move beyond our comfort zones. 22 degrees in numerology is called a MASTER BUILDER. We've been doing just that! Building personal structures that will last. Everything that we are currently creating will manifest and stay with us long after we've chosen to leave this earth. No matter what season of life you are currently in, we are diving in deep into the primordial waters of evolution and elevation. Our DNA is shifting rapidly and we are no longer viewing the world through "dirty" lenses. Many women I've spoken to over the past few weeks have shared with me that it feels like their in a personal HELL going through potent life changes regarding many aspects of sexuality, self loathing, self discovery. I've been blessed to encourage them that Pisces is the energy that is doing the coaxing up from our shadow into the light, cleansing, clearing and cultivating all of that hard work in our shadows, illuminating it with the Divine's compassion and infinite love! The process has been a slow one but it's one that will benefit our evolution immensely. Never forget that this is a JOURNEY, not a destination, the PROCESS of growth is elimination, which is the realm of Scorpio, however, if we are conscious about this growth we will reap the rewards necessary from hard work, diligence and self inspection.

Norse Goddess Hel

The Goddess association I am called to connect you with is that of the Norse Goddess Hel. Not at all what she seems she provides us with the tools to embody where we are at in the moment and embrace who we are despite appearances and perceptions. A Goddess of the underworld she is perfect for this dark moon and is asking that we make sure we are accessing the truth in all we are leaving behind and growing INTO. I agree with her request simply because the truth is the path that leads to authenticity. 

I encourage you to reflect upon these past few days and write down what you've grown from, what truths have you uncovered within your own psyche and look for ways that this gentle, highly spiritually conscious moon has elevated your soul status!

Tomorrow we will be shifting from a Pisces Moon into the warrior Goddess of Aries. Illuminating, Spiritually conscious Pisces Moon is being honored in all of her support straight from the Divine source of Christ Consciousness, supporting each of us with compassion, evolution and intuition to find our path and embrace it. Self love and self acceptance are her gifts.

Aries MOON is leading the way with her warrior cry! Taking out the axe or quiver and bow to get some serious work done. All about tactical approach and a fiery decisiveness that allows you to keep your eye on the prize to obtain victory! Aries NEW MOON is taking no prisoners as she pioneers the way to new beginnings, establishing your truth and defying anyone who dare stand in your way! Know what you need and go after them with a tenacity that screams VICTORY!

So what kinds of energy is the divine Goddess asking us to harness with this Aries New Moon?

  • To acquire a pioneering spirit
  • To go boldly after whatever it is that we need
  • To keep our eye on the prize as we manifest for our goals
  • To fight for causes that support the sacred divine feminine energies
  • To increase our inner power
  • To give ourselves permission to be a warrior when we need to be without regret
  • To allow the flow of passion and desire to sustain us in moving toward what fulfills us
  • To express our passion through the lenses of our feelings and to act on them with our bodies

Suggestions for Conjuring during this Moon time

Personally I love to work with FIRE. Candle magick is one of my favorites tools to use not only to manifest what it is I want or need but to also pay homage to the Goddesses and energies that walk with me in this life time. Fire is an element of support, it provides warmth, allows us to cook our food and it provides us with light.  

PLEASE ALWAYS USE CAUTION: When conjuring with this element I caution you to BE CAREFUL AND USE YOUR SPACE when working with FIRE ENERGY WISELY!  When conjuring with flames we need to be cognizant of the potential for fire hazards! Wear clothing with no hanging sleeves, remove any chemicals and objects such as curtains, clothing, cloth etc. that can catch on fire and always be responsible when leaving candles that are lit unattended!

What to conjure? 

Anything that requires the use of your PERSONAL POWER!
  • Gaining deeper self confidence to positively assert yourself
  • Developing a passion for self love and nurturance
  • Taking the necessary risks that will bring you victory
  • Allowing your sexual energies to enliven and heal your sacral chakra
  • To create movement in all areas of your life where your passion and decisiveness are not being acted upon
These are just a few examples of why you should conjure during this moon. 

Conjure Tools

  • One Red or Orange candle (Aries)
  • One white candle (spirit)
  • One Silver the (Moon)
  • A small container of water (sometimes for affect I put blood food color in mine)
  • A cluster of Tiger agate, Bloodstone, Red Jasper with a Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Incense such as Dragons blood, Coriander, Cinnamon (Aries)
  • Incense such as Sandalwood and Vanilla, amber resin (Moon)
  • Goddess Statue Oya or Athena
  • Sigil of Aries 
  • Sigil of the Moon (Triple Goddess)
Creating a prayer or an invocation for conjure work in my opinion ties it all in and is deeply personal, I will spontaneously create one as I sit and create my altar and allow the energies to flow through me. However there have been times when I've written one. I believe that creating one that correlates to what it is you're personally seeking is best to manifest those results. Stating your intentions in a clear and proactive manner can boost your moon power and manifestation! 

Happy New Moon!

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Author: Moon High Priestess 
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