March 16, 2014…. Full Moon shifting from Virgo to Libra (Tropical) *conjuring tips*

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The Full Moon will begin in Virgo but make a switch in the afternoon to Libra the sign of the scales. 

I felt it advantageous to give consideration to both signs since the full moon is 100% tomorrow and it doesn't stay in Virgo all day long. Please note that the Moon switches signs every 2 days so although a Full Moon phase can last roughly 4-6 days, it will switch signs by the end. So, if conjuring please be mindful of the energy changes. 

The Scales of Libra balancing both heart and feather ensuring a mindfulness of in creating balance

Libra~ The Scales, Balance, Partnership

Libra is the symbolically the sign of COOPERATION. Typically called to bring balance to any situation or relationship Libra is most comfortable with itself and another!  Always about us, we and are! Libra is about 2! 

So what energies does Libra bring to the Fullness of the Moon? Lot's of tender loving care. Our need and nurturing  will shift from that of service, health and devotion to surrender to another.

Libra seeks diplomacy and wants to work with others in order to tap into this need the full moon is requesting that we create balance with Venus the planet that rules Libra! 

Venus is soft, allowing, beguiling and certainly knows how to use all of her sacred charms, if we add Libra into the mix we've got the mental power to think about exactly what our "other" needs during this time. 

The Moon is asking in Libra what we need in terms of building, creating balance within our relationships and how can we best meet the needs of the team instead of the one, which would be ourselves. The moon being about emotions and Libra being an air sign and very much mental is asking to fuse the two of these modalities. When we can think about creating the balance we need in our relating patterns both ours and the "others" needs are met! 

Now please keep in mind that this partnering doesn't have to be with a lover or a marriage. Business relationships are also included. Coming from Virgo energy of our "jobs" or our environment where we excel at being of service, we are being moved into business relationships.

If you are in a business partnership this extends to working together for the good of the business. If you wish to conjure with this moon energy in Libra having two of everything is a good idea. Remember we want balance and Libra knows how to bring it and cooperation.

Let's keep Conjuring by this moon simple!

Add 2 of everything to your alter: 
2 candles white or silver and you can even make one pink to represent Venus
2 small glass of water
2 Full Moons
2 intentions (you) (other)
Give thanks to all that guides you! 


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