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Moon Mandala

Lunar Phases from an astrological perspective

The moon impacts the female menstrual cycle physically. 
The moon also influences us symbolically on an emotional and spiritual level. As an astrologer who works very strongly with the Moon as a High Priestess, I thought it a good idea to explore how astrology impacts not only the moon's phase but also how it colors your menstrual experience.

From an astrological perspective it is very important which lunar phase a soul is born under, this will set a certain tone for the soul's evolution in this lifetime. I will talk about astrology and the Moon soon! Now lets stay focused on the meaning of the phases.

Each moon phase has a particular function and personality, as well as each phase of the physical bleeding cycle.

Each phase is suited with a particular Goddess energy we can use all this information to better understand ourselves individually, on a monthly or lifetime basis. Although no particular Goddess holds each position, it's a variety of Goddess energies that transforms us as we go through each phase of life as we experience each moon cycle. Simply put, we go from a baby, to a child, to a maiden to a mother and thus to a Crone.

I encourage each of you to learn your lunar fertile time, you can read the description of your phase and meditate upon the themes described within each of  the Lunation cycles, and how they can relate to your life.

What is the Lunation Cycle?

The Lunation Cycle process is basically a description of the birth, maturation and death cycle that all of life must experience. It is a basic Law of Life and it literally applies to all things.  Keep in mind that the moon and her cycles are in relationship to the sun.

In this model the Lunation cycle is divided into 8 distinct phases, which means that two of these lunation phases correlate to one Wheel of Life phases.  Please keep in mind that it's all an organic process.

Women's Wheel of life as portrayed by Elizabeth Davis

You can use this information to see what your life themes are or which phase of the cycle you are fertile during and meditate upon what significance that developmental phase has in your life.  I'll go more into detail about the Wheel of life during up coming blogs, teleconferences and webinars! 

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Crone or Elder phase

The Crone Phase

The NEW MOON   Sun and Moon conjunct. 0-44 degrees
This is the beginning, the symbolic seed (or intention) has germinated underground. The moon is dark, so is the consciousness of the intention or the seed. All is new during this phase and the desire for growth is apparent. This phase has the impulse of the primal urge and its primary function is to intitate and merge. This is primal instinct in action. 
Key meaning: purely subjective, NOT-self-conscious, instinct driven from a body level rather than mental rational level, impulsive, innocent, naive, everything is new, no past, maximum life force, enthusiastic, charm and charisma, a need to be seen and noticed, dissociated, lacking in self confidence, not knowing who they are, overbearing.

The CRESCENT MOON    semisquare 45-89 degrees
The seed is now a young shoot just beginning to poke itself out of the soil - this phase struggles "against the forces of inertia". At this stage there is still very little distinction between the instinctual unconscious and the creative consciousness but a move forward has been made and a sense of commitment to that forward movement is integral. Crescent Moon people feel that they need to break from the past, to forge ahead in life they must persevere, because as they move forward they feel keenly the habits from the past. It can create a dynamic tension - like a piece of string being pulled to tautness in opposite directions. You need to cut this string as a symbol of letting go of  the past and continue with new vision and make a new way of being from what was seeded in the New Moon phase.

Key meaning: highly sensitised and emotionally vulnerable, fledgling bodies are most secure in a comfortable and known environment, old fears and insecurities, growing, learning, toddler/childhood, expanding the boundaries of self and environment, become 'rooted' in their sense of self, use challenges, physically master the environment.

Virgo~The Maiden

The Maiden / Virgin Phase

FIRST QUARTER MOON    Square to Sun 90 - 134 degrees.
During the first quarter phase the Sun and Moon square each other for the first time, this creates a very dynamic tension between the two planets. A lot of energy is released at this point and that is part of the job of a first quarter person; to learn to manage the huge amounts of energy that are released due to the innate crises and conflict that this moon phase provokes. This time promotes action, action to create a structure in the new direction that has been set forth by the previous Moon phases. To correlate to the seed again, the plant is putting out root structure and stem and leaf structure ready to seriously grow out in the world. A person in this stage must be courageous and forward looking, not thinking about the past, all their energy needs to go into the pioneering quality.

Key meaning: shattering old structures by building new, crises, challenge, have to be careful of not creating crises just to get a kick out of it, fearless, can become angry and frustrated when inexperienced in the task of managing the crises energy effectively, people who take a stand and do what they have promised,, shape, manage and control environment, need to develop ability to make a decision and then carry out action based on that decision, commitment.

Gibbous Moon    135-179 degrees ahead of Sun.
This phase is basically about perfecting and refining the structures that were set up in the previous phase. There is a natural analytical and evaluative quality to this phase. The buds are staring to develop, preparing to bloom. There is still a link with the unconscious instinctive talents of the darker moon phases, but now more light "consciousness" is available and one of the challenges here is to balance the two modes of being. 

Gibbous moon people realise that there is a certain 'point of no return', a decision and structure has been commenced in the first quarter phase, and now it is up to the gibbous to fulfill the promise. They must overcome any physical resistances and obstacles in achieving their goals, and realise that they can and must refine and perfect the plan as they manifest it into concrete reality.

Key meaning: drive for perfection, flexibility, honing of skills, paring down to essentials, apprenticeship, training, bettering themselves, artisan, understand themselves through finding better ways to do things, perseverance, eliminate the useless and superfluous, attention to detail, becoming more objective.

Mother Goddess~Earth

Mother Phase

Full Moon    180-224 degrees Opposing the Sun.
The Full moon phase is where meaning and purpose is given to the structure - "the discovery of what it means to live a purposeful life with conscious intention is the crux of the Full moon phase function" (Finding our way through the Dark). People here are learning to use their minds, realise meaning, become even more objective rather than the subjectivity of the dark moon phases. 

Inherently also in this phase is the need to balance polarities, in this case symbolised by the Sun and the Moon being in opposition to each other.. here we have the greatest tension that there will ever be, and the individual will feel the pulls of these two separate beings, the Sun being the souls purpose and the Moon being the personality: the vehicle through which the sun may express its purpose ..when they work together there is a conscious awareness of life purpose. Full Moon phases need to be aware of this polarity within themselves and overcome the urge to find the "other" out in the world to create that synthesised union of opposites.
Flowering of the symbolic seed.

Key meanings: Culminate, illuminate, fulfill, think before acting, integrate polarities, objectivity, clear sightedness, recognition of other as separate to self: yet tolerating these differences within the larger whole, whole structure up to now can be seen for good or bad, will either contain its purpose or collapse. This will connect to this individuals self esteem and meaning for their lives giving them the urge to merge.

Disseminating Moon    225-314 degrees.
Here we see that a life can be lived in a meaningful way and that this message and sense of meaning can be conveyed to others, it carries with it a sense of powerful meaning. The fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. A need to live out the purpose and walk authentically without any explanation.

Key words: communication, distribute, convey, network, exchanging, working with others, group vision and purpose, guard against fanaticism, talking, writing, open, non judgemental, raising conscious of society, bettering the world, meaning and purpose are very important to this individuals sense of self, starts to receive new information which leads to a crises in consciousness in the next phase as they are called to re evaluate themselves.

Egyptian Enchantress~*artist unknown

Enchantress Phase

Last Quarter    270-314 degrees.
Re-evaluation and re-organisation are important here. Last quarter types often experience a crises in consciousness as they are pushed to re-evaluate the meaning and purpose of their lives, and to integrate what they have learned in their mingling with the others during the disseminating phase. It is a time of tossing out what doesn't fit in their own developing consciousness. This phase correlates to the First quarter in the energy that is released and must be used, but instead of the energy being directed outward, here it is directed inward. This is a very contemplative inward turning phase, like a turning away from the purely objective and the return to the instinctive, where sense of purpose is still unknown.
Harvest is reaped and whatever fruit is left on the tree is left to rot, "the new seed that is forming must begin the process of severing itself from its parent plant"

Key meaning: Rebel, turn away, revises, questioning of previous thoughts and values, discard the old and useless, disillusionment, can be secretive, angst, anger and frustration as they sometimes do not know what to replace the old with, destructive, restructuring, seed starting for the next cycle.

Balsamic Moon
315- 359 degrees. Coming up to meet the sun again.
This final phase of the Moon as its light wanes and goes dark, as the Moon prepares to join the sun once more and start the lunation cycle anew, it is the bridge between the death of the old cycle and the birth of the new. Whatever has been learnt during the entire cycle or lifetime is now distilled and condensed, the seed, to take into the next cycle. Whatever is not needed must be released, loose ends in all manner of speaking must be tied up usually relationships. This type of person may often have short intense relationships, having many opportunities to heal old hurts from lifetimes evolved.

Key meaning: Distill, transform, envision, special destiny, break with old patterns and consciousness, encode visions into seed ideas which are scattered into the future,, ahead of their time, out of synch, different, finish old karmic business, straddle the past and the future, specialists in endings, closures.
So what does this all mean?
These different energies are not so clear cut at one particular time, there is a definite overlapping of phases and moods as we experience the moon and our cycles. We can use this information as a guide.

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