Full Moon in Virgo March 16, 2014 (Tropcial) Goddess of Service, Temple & Health! *conjuring segment*

Greetings!  We've got a New full moon is happening on March 16, 2014 (Tropical) and it's going to be all about details, mindfulness, our temple. Virgo the sign of health, tasks, day to day duties and austere mindfulness is encouraging us all to go within and take a look at how we are nurturing ourselves!  Although Virgo is the energy behind this full moon, lets keep in mind that the manner in which we nurture ourselves is through the energy of the moon. 



Virgo coupled with the energy of the Moon is not an emotional contact. Virgo finds pride in being of service to others and often this is linked through work of some kind.  Here is where she blossoms. Virgo loves to be needed therefore she gives with humility and with an open heart. This is the zodiac sign of the Sacred heart and with it she gives of herself fully with almost "religious" like devotion.

  • Virgo can express herself through our need for service or devotion of ourselves or others
  • Virgo can express herself through cleanliness, serenity and our environment (jobs)
  • Virgo can express herself in our minds accentuating the details of life & offering us the opportunity to evaluate our lives and our needs
  • Virgo expresses herself through our personal or impersonal care of our temple (bodies) 

Let's take a  look at each of these expressions in relationship to what this full moon is asking of us. 

  • Virgo is all about service and devotion! Seeking to provide a service to those she loves she will create a space that is devoted to everyone around her getting what they need. This makes Virgo happy, calm and provides her with a sense of duty. Something she is not above liking. Coupled with the moon she is asking how can we be of service either to ourselves or to someone else? What do I need to feel safe, happy, calm and secure? 
  •  Cleanliness is next to Goddess~ness! Virgo can swing between two extremes in terms of keeping their environment clean. A lot astrologers have said that cleanliness to a Virgo is like breathing however, through my own research and practice I have noticed that some are either very clean or very much into creating clutter but know where everything is at! So swinging from two extremes is not rare for Virgo types. However, either way they feel naturally comfortable with the Moon she's asking what needs to be cleaned in our environments or our jobs? This "cleaning" can be a literal one or a mental one. How can be nurtured by taking out the trash, tidying up our clutter or seeking to keep our job in order, our environment in order to experience a sense of order within our minds and bodies? The moon here is calling for us to relieve any unnecessary stress by cleaning up our environment, either on a physical or mental level.

  • Virgo is all about the MIND, after all she's ruled by the planet Mercury and thoughts are always present and shifting with this sign!  Details will come up. Is there something you should be focusing on? Is there something that is calling for your attention? The moon is requesting that you evaluate your needs through the mind and your emotions, you may be getting asking to focus in on some details of your life to cleanse, clear out or remove any obstacles on your path to wellness. You know that human thing we do?! We get so caught up in our daily lives that we often develop habits that do nothing but harm us in the end. The moon is asking that you be more MINDFUL to what those things are and that is by focusing on the details of how things are manifesting in your life! 

  • Virgo is about the body and our health! The full Moon is ripe with opportunity for the fullness of optimum health that our bodies need in order for us to flourish. For many star seeds, light workers and citizens of the light, it's imperative that we take care of our temples in every way possible! Now Virgo can become a fanatic at times in this arena so we don't want to over do it but what we want to do is to seek ways to nurture our bodies by asking those questions about how we are taking care of it.Are we being mindful of the exercises we are doing to keep our bodies in motion? Are we eating properly? Are we getting enough rest? Are we drinking enough water with the life force still in it to lubricate our joints? Are we seeking healthy expressions of our sexual expression! Yes! Virgo rules that too! She's no REAL virgin by any means. But just a side note: Here we go again with Virgo swinging from two extremes, she can either be devoted to so much to spirit that she can become chaste or she can indulge in her sexual power by becoming that sacred sexual priestess. What's the moon really asking? Tap into how your nurturing your temple on all accounts! It's a conduit for healing through caring for our temple. Don't deny yourself its pleasure or your health! You deserve it. 
Conjuring by the Virgo Full Moon ( the basics)

Keep in mind that Conjuring is simply an act of creating magical space through the exercise of intention to bring about a desired result by using ones energy! Nothing more and nothing less! These are only suggestions on what I would do to conjure during this full moon. Please share your own deeds and feel free to share via email or on our face book group! Nothing is ever written in stone and we are FREE to experiment. 

Although when first getting started there will seem to be a lot of things you have to do to get prepared for a ritual I encourage you not to be daunted! Once you begin to do this on a regular basis a lot of it will come naturally and you can play with most of the "rules".  However, I do need to add that somethings need to remain in tact for your protection and to assure the potency of what you are doing is felt by the universe and every being/ancestor that guides you! More on that in detail soon!

When working a spell it's always best to cast it inside, this way you don't have to worry about the elements, animals messing with the items on your alter or the wind blowing out your candles. However, I do love casting spells by the light of the moon in the summer time when I can fully appreciate the warmth of the earth under my feet, the trees at arms length or the night & stars above my head. (speaking of trees they carry their own magic! You can use their energy in your spells! Find out how soon!)

For now though let's focus on indoor magic! After all it's March the "Storm Moon " month, we've still got a lot of changes going on with the weather.

*note*  not my Moon alter~EXAMPLE

I always think it's viable to look for a place within the house where you can actually see the moon and have her light accessible in the room you are going to be working in. This way her energy is infused in the room by her light and presence. If you do not have a window accessible to the Moon then by all means use a representation of her by a drawing, a picture, a poster, a pillow! It doesn't really matter as long as she is represented somehow! I encourage you to find your own representation!

Lastly when conjuring time/space privacy is crucial so that you are interrupted. That means turning off cell phones, not having a land line in your conjure space, not being interrupted by the kids, your partner, husband, friends, dog (animals that want to participate are just fine, they are helpers) etc. Typically you should be at this alone unless you have a participant that is directly related to the ritual and is going to perform with you. (this does not include rules for a coven/house or temple)

Trees representing the 4 directions/elements


We will use the elements a lot during our rituals of magic! After all the elements are alive within us therefore they are perfect tools to use when we either conjure or do magic.  Now to some, and to myself these energies are alive, energy beings that work with the Deva's of nature.  All 4 directions are extremely important when casting spells. The 4 directions or elementals are: North, South, East and West. You can always purchase a compass to find out which direction you are standing in or as my mom says, "follow the sun".

Deciding which direction to face is determined by a number of factors: 
  1. Whether you are naturally linked to a specific direction (usually determined by a high Priestess of an earth based practice)
  2. One that you are truly good at working with 
  3. Or a spell that calls for a specific direction to be used 
How do we use them? 
We use directions by invoking them. Many call them the 4 WINDS. You can bring up the WIND by a request (more on how to do that soon!)

Lastly, it is important to understand that each element, wind or direction corresponds to an element, they are listed below!*

  1.  North----> EARTH
  2.  South---> FIRE
  3.  East---> AIR
  4.  West--> WATER
*More to come soon! 

A good rule of thumb is when you are ever in doubt which direction to stand in Stand to the North as it's the foundation of all things~ EARTH. 

Okay ladies more to come next full moon!
April 15, 2014 is the next full moon and will be in the zodiac sign of Libra

I recommend that for each that are led to go deeper into the magic of conjuring by the Moon that always as a foundation of support and honor to the Mother Moon, the patron of the sacred feminine have an alter with a white cloth, a small glass of water, a white or silver candle (lit on auspicious moon times, including your moon time or the New and full Moon) and a picture or figurine of the Moon. If you know your patron Goddess energies you may include one of her IF she is OF A PARTICULAR MOON PHASE. NOT if she is a solar (sun) Goddess. :) More on that to come.


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