A path of Authenticity: My personal journey into astrology! My evolution with both Tropical and Sidereal systems

The planets in the Cosmos and Astrological Constellations

It's been argued for Millennia by astrologers of old and the new on which Zodiac is more viable to use when interpreting an astrological chart. Sidereal vs. Tropical is the question. Many astrologers do not agree on which one is the BEST and that is because they are coming from two different perspectives and these perspectives do not indicate which one is the best, but which one any astrologer prefers to use for various reasons. 

I one day discovered upon doing research that I could purchase an astrology reading online! That was a move that changed my life forever!  10 years ago I was in utter jaw dropping amazement that there were 10 planets and 12 signs that accurately spelled out my soul and my personality, how I responded to the world and how I could make changes based on my own free will!  I have always been "into" astrology, as young as 9 years of age when my mother would take me to the book store in the mall on the weekends, she would go to her section and I would go to mine. My two favorites where the astrology magazines, which were quite limited in the 1980's but held my fascination. I should probably thank her for those experiences, they helped to shape and define a large part of my mission here on earth, the discovery and authentic expression of the Self! After all that's one of the many powerful things you can do with astrology, DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE.  That is what I bring to my clients, an opportunity to figure themselves out and within their environment! Oh the layers we can peel back are magical, all I tell my clients are listen to your soul, it will guide you into your own map to discover what needs to be uncovered. Anyway, I digress..
Reading astrology books as a youth transformed my life from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Online readings are still available today, they are mostly computer generated and very general descriptions of who you are in terms of what the reading is focused on. Is it love, money, career, marriage, children etc. This one was my natal or birth chart and the day I purchased my computer reading my consciousness definitely expanded!!!  I was on my way to spiritual growth and authentic self expression and understanding! Something I was in great need of. Needless to say I did more research and found a local astrology school, founded by two sisters who have been in the metaphysical community in my area since I was a child! I signed right up! Got accepted for a scholarship and I never looked back! The zodiac system that I cut my teeth with was Tropical astrology. 

For the next 4 years I would delve into the Tropical placements within my chart and always feel as though something was not "right".  I've always been exceptional at astrological interpretation and symbol interpretation and when I got to the advanced levels pretty quickly I was encouraged by my instructors to seek other forms of astrological interpretation or systems. I was encouraged on one particular evening to get a Vedic reading from a gentleman that was here from India. So, I did! He was reading me and all the placements were Sidereal and they all seemed to FIT perfectly! I told him he must have the wrong chart! He checked my birth information for accuracy and indicated it was indeed my chart, my heart beat was heard in my ears and I wept. I told him that my tropical astrology chart had always seemed "off" he indicated to me that this is normal reaction when people get a Vedic reading. 

Astrological Glyph for Planet Uranus ruler of Aquarius "The Water Bearer"

Needless to say I was off and running! I went to my school and drilled my school instructors on the accuracy and validity of Sidereal astrology and why wasn't it being taught at the school? * For you astrologers; I have Uranus ON my Mid heaven conjunct my MC exact so I am a rebel and have no issues with initiating awakening and shaking up the status quo, please note I did so passionately but respectively, most times*  The answer? They indicated the world was accustomed to Tropical and no one would understand it or take classes if they changed it! Whoa! I am huge on integrity and needless to say from someone who isn't afraid to take risks, I ended up leaving the school. However, I still love the founders dearly, it's just I had some growing up to do and Uranus does it alone. 

Growing up! Yes, I did. I went through a tyraid of sidereal astrology, seeking information like a fiend, I realized there hardly was any, frustrated I sought out famous astrologers asking them the accuracy of sidereal vs tropical and all of them said sidereal was the most accurate! My mind was blown. If you'd like to know the argument I encourage you do some research on both systems! This blog is more about my personal journey with this argument than the facts about the argument!

For 5 years I've been on a sidereal astrology ride, I've learned a lot of things along the way that have increased my power in accepting this form of interpretation, for instance our time line is skewed. The Gregorian calendar is the calendar "out of time", that is at least what I call it, it's not our natural rhythms, it puts our bodies and our consciousness in some aspect "out of time", speaking of which there were 13 moons, not 12 full moons within a calendar year and the months were even, not chopped up like they are now! I still support that valid truth! We ARE out of sync, which is why we try so hard to get back into alignment by performing rituals as Priestesses, conjurers, Seers, Witches… but again I digress.

Tropical astrology for me was and still is the MATRIX, not completely providing the WHOLE story of who we are as souls. Now that is a profound comment! I mean that. But for 5 years I did sidereal readings on my clients and they were always spot on and accurate! I never had one complain, not one. However, what I learned last summer blew my mind so much I had to take a step back and meditate to what the universe was sharing with me! It was time to make a shift! The ancients were calling out to me to rethink and reassess this process and it's meaning for me as an astrologer.

The Sirius Star System in alignment with Egyptian Pyramids

Having made friends with a few Indian astrologers who are also Vedic astrologers I learned the entire concept of the sidereal chart. I learned what it's used for by spiritual vedic astrologers and how I've been pulling in this information psychically for years. Being a soul that (from a dear friend says that I have the power of accessing the akashic records in my readings) can tap into the essence of a soul and pull out past lives, reincarnated events, other worlds, and current life challenges for our evolution they were not surprised I would jump in and only use this ancient yet very powerful way of reading a chart! 

Sidereal astrology was discovered and used by the ancient Egyptians which later improved upon by the Chaldean's. This is a system of  interpretation I am very much accustomed too since I have had many, many past lives in ancient Egypt as royals. The Royal court had access to all of this astrological information. I have Sirius conjunct exact my Sun in my Sidereal Chart. Sirius is the Star of ISIS who is one of my patron Goddesses. Sirius is the star system of the Egyptians and the blue people (think Avatar)! Wow!  I am honored to have had this information shared with me! 

So for an entire summer I immersed myself into sidereal and tropical astrology systems and was enlightened to a whole new way of thinking and SEEING how these two different, yet similar systems work.  
The eye of the universe

I have been transformed, and renewed.  I see both systems as having some form and function to reading a soul and a personality. I do not believe that one is better than the other like I once did. I DO however believe it's crucial to use both systems for past life reference and for current life reference! Before I validated my findings I requested 5 of my clients to undergo an experiment of sorts, what I did was redo their natal readings using both the Sidereal and Tropical systems and have a complimentary consultation! My results were mind blowing! I had so much positive feedback that I was in shock! I had 4 clients tell me I am now their life time astrologer and new clients are saying the same!  

Astrology is truly a journey into the cosmos of all life, not just our own. By being open to the wonders of how it can be used and interpreted provides each of us with a deeper and more concise understanding of who we are and what we came here to earth to do. Being a Shamanic Cosmic Astrologer is exciting but more importantly it floods me with humility to be an agent of assistance to so many who are willing to dig deep into who they ARE.  I have begun to embrace my tropical chart and placements now, but mind you only from a past life, current life perspective. Because we are in the Matrix I had to learn how this too plays out.  I can SEE them more clearly and how they function within my life. It's truly been a humbling experience. 

You may be wondering why I am sharing this? As an astrologer, teacher, spiritual life coach, I believe integrity is extremely important! I have been a co-host of a radio show sharing information on sidereal astrology vs tropical astrology caught up into a life stream that had not fully awakened. It is imperative that I explain why I am changing my system of analysis to my current clients and to those that are new!

For now my journey leads me to use both charts during readings and it's truly been a gift that is constantly unfolding! I always will encourage anyone on a spiritual path to be open to change and to gaining new insights, that is what EVOLUTION is all about. For now I am no longer on the fence of who is right and who is wrong, what is best and what is not. I think for every astrologer the journey into this ancient practice has as much to do with were each of us are at within their own journey. It's important to remember that it shapes how we interpret the charts. I believe it is always best to remain OPEN to spirit and allow the information to flow through you, when you do this, it provides one with the ability to access and channel the stars with amazing accuracy. 

Giving Thanks!**I would like to thank my Vedic astrologers who I was told see true talent and giftedness in my astrological interpretations and Readings. You stood with me the entire time I tried to argue with you about these two systems and how they SHOULD be used. True friendship begins with true love of self and thus of others. You all have led me deeper down the "worm hole" of life and the cosmos and I am and will be forever grateful! ~Your cosmic astrologer Moon!

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