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Mixed Blog of goodies: Goddess Hel~Moving from Pisces to Aries New moon~Conjuring by the Moon in Aries *Tropical*

We are moving into the portal coming up from the underworld into the realm of light!  We can now release our shadow with the Moon in Pisces in connection with Saturn in Scorpio!  Allow me to share with you what we've got on the line up with the Divine feminine energies of the Moon!

 The New Moon will be upon us around 4:35PM EST.  on March 30, 2014 )0(

We are experiencing the final days of March and moving into April! Spring is finally here and with it comes renewal. IN the cosmos today we've got a beautiful formation with our Moon, she's moving FROM A DARK MOON into a NEW MOON phase on Sunday and in her finally degrees of Pisces, she will be moving into Aries tomorrow. A whole new set of fresh starts and beginnings to come! 

But before we begin to make a list of what to conjure for manifesting during this new moon, I believe we should take a look at what's happening right now. 

Powerful evolution is taking place within each and every one of us being gently coaxed and yet …

Goddess Rising LLC~ Moonology *Connecting the Moon's phases with your MOON TIME

Please share my blog, post on Facebook, google+Lunar Phases from an astrological perspective The moon impacts the female menstrual cycle physically.  The moon also influences us symbolically on an emotional and spiritual level. As an astrologer who works very strongly with the Moon as a High Priestess, I thought it a good idea to explore how astrology impacts not only the moon's phase but also how it colors your menstrual experience.
From an astrological perspective it is very important which lunar phase a soul is born under, this will set a certain tone for the soul's evolution in this lifetime. I will talk about astrology and the Moon soon! Now lets stay focused on the meaning of the phases.
Each moon phase has a particular function and personality, as well as each phase of the physical bleeding cycle.
Each phase is suited with a particular Goddess energy we can use all this information to better understand ourselves individually, on a monthly or lifetime basis. Although no…

A path of Authenticity: My personal journey into astrology! My evolution with both Tropical and Sidereal systems

It's been argued for Millennia by astrologers of old and the new on which Zodiac is more viable to use when interpreting an astrological chart. Sidereal vs. Tropical is the question. Many astrologers do not agree on which one is the BEST and that is because they are coming from two different perspectives and these perspectives do not indicate which one is the best, but which one any astrologer prefers to use for various reasons. 
I one day discovered upon doing research that I could purchase an astrology reading online! That was a move that changed my life forever!  10 years ago I was in utter jaw dropping amazement that there were 10 planets and 12 signs that accurately spelled out my soul and my personality, how I responded to the world and how I could make changes based on my own free will!  I have always been "into" astrology, as young as 9 years of age when my mother would take me to the book store in the mall on the weekends, she would go to her section and I woul…

March 16, 2014…. Full Moon shifting from Virgo to Libra (Tropical) *conjuring tips*

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The Full Moon will begin in Virgo but make a switch in the afternoon to Libra the sign of the scales. 
I felt it advantageous to give consideration to both signs since the full moon is 100% tomorrow and it doesn't stay in Virgo all day long. Please note that the Moon switches signs every 2 days so although a Full Moon phase can last roughly 4-6 days, it will switch signs by the end. So, if conjuring please be mindful of the energy changes. 

Libra~ The Scales, Balance, Partnership
Libra is the symbolically the sign of COOPERATION. Typically called to bring balance to any situation or relationship Libra is most comfortable with itself and another!  Always about us, we and are! Libra is about 2! 
So what energies does Libra bring to the Fullness of the Moon? Lot's of tender loving care. Our need and nurturing  will shift from that of service, health and devotion to surrender to another.
Libra see…

Full Moon in Virgo March 16, 2014 (Tropcial) Goddess of Service, Temple & Health! *conjuring segment*

Greetings!  We've got a New full moon is happening on March 16, 2014 (Tropical) and it's going to be all about details, mindfulness, our temple. Virgo the sign of health, tasks, day to day duties and austere mindfulness is encouraging us all to go within and take a look at how we are nurturing ourselves!  Although Virgo is the energy behind this full moon, lets keep in mind that the manner in which we nurture ourselves is through the energy of the moon. 

Virgo coupled with the energy of the Moon is not an emotional contact. Virgo finds pride in being of service to others and often this is linked through work of some kind.  Here is where she blossoms. Virgo loves to be needed therefore she gives with humility and with an open heart. This is the zodiac sign of the Sacred heart and with it she gives of herself fully with almost "religious" like devotion.
Virgo can express herself through our need for servic…