Mercury RETROGRADE in Pisces~The focalization of Spiritual transformation

With just 30 days into the New Year of 2014 we've got some heavy hitting energies coming at us. With the New Moon, Super Moon and Black moon from just a week ago dissipating in energies we are now seeing planet Mercury, the cosmic messenger of the Gods/Goddesses going in retrograde motion (backward) in the zodiac sign of Pisces the fish.  This is the first retrograde of the year and one that provides us with a mental and emotional challenge. Why? When dealing with the ever elusive fish Pisces we are always seeking to find some form to what it is we are either feeling or experiencing, fortunately we may have to work a bit harder at finding it this retrograde as Pisces the fish desires to take flight into the world of the unknown, but once we've taken the 3 week journey, we should come out renewed and in some way transformed!  Ruled by King/Queen Neptune Pisces seeks to keep all things without form and boundaries allowing the essence of spiritual forces to ebb and flow with our higher consciousness.  Pisces is the sign of Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Ghandi in ENERGY and this provides us with an idea of where we are headed for this retrograde period. 

Daughter of Neptune holding a Trident of power

Pisces is inclined to seek out those things which we keep hidden within our deeper selves. Always dreamy, altruistic and intuitive it feels more comfortable in the realm of emotions, visions, higher consciousness and divine compassion. Having it team up with Mercury retrograde creates a lot of room for misunderstandings, and misunderstood communication as Pisces is more in tuned to the realm of FEELINGS and PERCEPTIONS, PSYCHIC INSIGHT and SELFLESSNESS.  Because of it's natural inclination toward what it may FEEL this is a perfect time for those who seek to go within for some much needed respite care or who may be seeking some spiritual guidance, this would be the best time to do so.  Mercury retrograde has a knack for bringing up unresolved issues and forcing us to look at them when we'd rather hide them away. When Pisces calls it's time to evolve what we've been ignoring, what we've been putting behind us, putting it in front of us and keeping our spiritual selves (karma) free of unwanted or needed clutter.

The vision in this Mercury retrograde is to evolve! To release all that no longer serves us under the helpful protection of our angels and guides.  This isn't so much about "taking out the trash" as it is with aligning to our higher purpose. Inadvertently that could mean endings but more importantly Pisces is concerned about climbing higher up the rung of spiritual evolutionary ladder than endings. Pisces seeks to float on clouds with angels and sometimes that is exactly what we need!  Most of what we'll be feeling is internal and will pull at us until we are honest with ourselves and allow our souls to fly. Let go and climb higher, once this truth is embraced you can begin to look down and see what's swimming in your ocean of emotions and hidden truths.

Moon in Taurus

You may be wondering how you can pull this off in the sign of Pisces? 
The moon is playing a key role in our first retrograde of the year, feeling right at home  in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is exalted in connection with the Moon so this provides ample opportunity for us to stabilize, build and maintain our emotional focus on what it is we are seeking to transcend. Transcendence is never easy, however with Taurus in the Moon we have every opportunity available to us to succeed.  When feeling confused, when words are just not being articulated as you desire and when feelings get hurt over miscommunication, when things get hazy, take a breath, think about what you need to say and move forward, Taurus is there to anchor your intentions and bring patience and a forthright demeanor to the conversation.

Remember that when Mercury is retrograde we want to move a bit slower when making any decisions, signing contracts, travel, mishaps with technology etc can be thwarted or difficult. Make sure you plan enough time to get to and from work, when going out of town, create a list and check it twice to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Mercury rules our intellect, how we communication and process information, we always want to be clear and articulate with our highest intention, this is especially true when moving "backwards".

How can you get through this retrograde phase without too much upset? 
Be MINDFUL, take the time to MEDITATE, doing gentle exercising of the mind and always seek clarification when communicating. Lastly, tap into your own inner truth as Pisces will bring up some hidden issues, Mercury will force you to THINK about them and hopefully if possible, heal them and evolve.  I am not implying that this process is an easy one but it is one that is well worth it. With the current shift we are experiencing, it is crucial we heal, and get rid of anything that no longer serves our highest good, if we do not actively participate in our own enlightenment and evolution, we will be forced into a pattern of suffering.

 Relax your fears, listen closely to the voice of your angels, release, heal and rise!

Moon High Priestess


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